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How Real Artists Face AI Risk

AI has changed healthcare, entertainment, and everything else. It’s upending the creative business, forcing real artists to reassess their professions and roles. AI is actively engaged in the creative business, not only demonstrating its skills. It involves producing stunning artwork, ingenious product designs, melodic compositions, and even award-winning novel writing.

Take AIVA, for example, an AI composer of music. And then there’s GPT-4 from OpenAI, which can write whole books. Industrial design is also being revolutionized by tools like Autodesk’s Project Dreamcatcher. The way people create and consume creative content is rapidly evolving due to AI. AI is comparable to an extremely productive artist who never stops creating new concepts.

Real Artists’ Challenges in an AI-Powered Environment

His experience with artificial intelligence in the creative industry has been nothing short of revolutionary as a seasoned art major and marketing professor at Texas Christian University. At first, he was certain about the value of human creativity being unique. AI questioned their views that art is a human activity that is shaped by culture, emotion, and experience.

He had an unwavering belief in the special ability of human imagination to produce art. Next came artificial intelligence (AI) and a tsunami of change. AI’s ability to create intricate, inventive masterpieces with such accuracy and efficiency was both astounding and unsettling. The emergence of AI in art initially seemed like an encroachment and a danger to the sacredness of human creation. He was watched intently and the intersections of innovation and other sectors were covered in reports. But at first, he found it disconcerting that AI would be encroaching on the field of art, which he always considered to be deeply personal and fundamentally human.

Being a starving artist is not a novel challenge. However, this work has become even more difficult as AI has taken over many creative duties. The competition for real artists is severe since AI-powered tools can produce content far faster and more economically than people. These instruments are always getting better, which could result in more pay decreases, less employment opportunities, and more unstable finances.

Today’s creatives struggle to understand where they fit into this new society. What happens to the abilities or distinctive voice of an artist if technology are able to mimic or even exceed human creativity? For his pupils studying art and creative marketing, who have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to perfecting their skills, this is especially concerning. With AI dominating the globe, they’re questioning their education, abilities, and career prospects. To study, adapt to new technologies, and stay ahead can cause stress and burnout.

Deeper investigations into the nature of creativity itself are also sparked by the integration of AI in art. It poses important queries on uniqueness, the worth of art, and the changing role of the artist. These conversations are not only scholarly but also essential to comprehending how his world is evolving.

Is It Possible to Work Together?

His viewpoint keeps changing as he delves more into this new digital realm. It’s possible that artificial intelligence in art aims to augment rather than replace. These resources offer a fresh perspective on creativity. Instead of rivals, they may be creative partners. AI lets real artists focus on their work. The goal is to enhance the artistic process and bring thoughts from the mind to life.

He uses AI as an artist and educator to enhance his abilities and express himself. His transition from doubt to acceptance and excitement for artificial intelligence in art is representative of a larger social story. It’s about growing, changing, and striking a balance between innovation and tradition. In the modern day, real artists should welcome rather than fight the changes brought forth by AI. They can increase his creativity by using these instruments, stretching the bounds of what is feasible and reinventing the art of the possible.

Real Artists must adapt, learn, and try new things to succeed in this environment. Even in the AI age, human touch is priceless. AI’s skills combined with the distinctive voices of real artists will allow them to thrive.


Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.

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