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Amazon Braket Direct: Your Gateway to Quantum Excellence!

Amazon are pleased to announce the launch of Braket Direct, a new Amazon Braket initiative designed to support quantum researchers in their exploration of quantum computing. Through this program, you can conduct cutting-edge research on today’s noisy quantum devices by getting early access to features and devices with limited availability, connect with quantum computing specialists for expert guidance on your workloads, and get dedicated, private access to the full capacity of various quantum processing units (QPUs) without any queues or wait times.

With its 2020 launch, Amazon Braket has made quantum computing more accessible by providing shared public availability windows for on-demand access to many QPUs, you simply pay for the time you reserve.

With IonQ Aria, QuEra Aquila, and Rigetti Aspen-M-3 devices, you can now use Braket Direct to reserve the entire dedicated machine for a specific duration of time. This allows you to run your most complex, time-sensitive, and lengthy workloads or run live events like training workshops and hackathons, where you only pay for the resources you reserve.

You may now speak with Braket’s specialists directly to continue your study by taking advantage of our free office hours or one-on-one, in-person reservation prep sessions. For more in-depth research partnerships, get in touch with experts from quantum hardware suppliers like Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, their committed professional services team, IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits, QuEra, and Rigetti.

Lastly, starting with IonQ’s highest fidelity, 30-qubit Forte device, you can use experimental capabilities that have limited or decreased availability to really push the boundaries.

By not needing any upfront costs or long-term commitments, Braket Direct builds on AWS dedication to speeding up research and innovation in quantum computing.

How to Use Braket Direct at First

Go to the Amazon Braket console and select Braket Direct from the left pane to get started. You may view new features including the ability to reserve quantum hardware, obtain professional guidance, and access features and hardware of the upcoming generation.

1. Make a reservation for quantum hardware

Choose Reserve device and pick the device you want to reserve to make a reservation. Give your name, email address, and contact details. AWS also need any information about the task you would like to have completed with your reservation, like the length of the reservation, any applicable restrictions, and the timetable you would want to follow.

Braket Direct guarantees that your workloads will be executed predictably when your reservation starts, and that you will have access to the QPU’s full capability at that time.

After your appointment is confirmed, you can choose to have a free one-on-one reservation prep session with a Braket expert if you’re interested in doing that.

To finish requesting a reservation, select Submit. In two to three business days, a Braket team member will send you an email, subject to request verification. You might decide to pre-create your jobs and tasks before making a reservation in order to make the most of the time.

2. Seek assistance from authorities in quantum computing

You can consult with quantum specialists to receive guidance regarding your workload. Braket professionals are available throughout office hours to assist you in moving more quickly from inspiration to implementation at no extra cost. Learn how to use Braket for your algorithm, explore your device to suit your use case, and receive advice on how to utilize specific Braket features like Braket Pulse, Hybrid Jobs, and Analog Hamiltonian Simulation.

Select Sign up and provide your contact details, work details, and any topics you would want to discuss in order to reserve a time slot during the next Braket office hours. An email with a calendar invitation for the next available time window will be sent to you.

To leverage professionals from quantum hardware providers, select Connect and look through the AWS Marketplace listings for their professional services.

Experts in quantum computing work at the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, a collaborative research and professional services team. They can help you better understand quantum computing, conduct research on it, and evaluate its performance as it stands now. Choose Connect and enter your contact information and use case data to get in touch with the Quantum Solutions Lab. The group will send you an email with the next steps.

3. Having access to cutting-edge resources

You can obtain early access to cutting-edge new features to advance your research more quickly. You may quickly request access to cutting-edge features, including newly available quantum devices, using Braket Direct, right from the Braket interface. You can now access IonQ’s highest-fidelity Forte QPU with a reservation. This device is currently only accessible through bookings made through Braket Direct due to its restricted availability.

Now available In all AWS Regions where Amazon Braket is offered, Braket Direct is now widely accessible.

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