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Boost AI Workflow: See Dell Precision Workstations in Action

Dell Precision Workstations in AI

This era of AI-driven organisational transformation offers many interesting new opportunities. From efficiency improvements to new user experiences, AI is transforming several sectors. Dell Technologies World 2024 is the perfect place to see this amazing marvel.

Now let’s move on to the demonstrations.

Digital Concierge Assistant

This isn’t your normal helper for an event. With the use of AI LLMs, speech-to-text, and real-time 3D graphics technologies, digital assistants are painstakingly designed to provide you individualised support, respond to your AI queries, and improve your overall attendance experience. Significant AI and graphics processing power is needed to create this experience, and the dual NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada GPU-equipped Dell Precision 7875 Tower provides it.

However, what is a digital assistant exactly?

Consider digital assistants as a cross between cutting edge technology and human-like communication. They are lifelike visual representations brought to life by advanced rendering techniques, not just chatbots. Imagine being able to navigate the event with ease, all while having a friendly concierge who appears as a 3D figure on a monitor.

The two components of this digital assistant demo are user interaction with the assistant and an overview of the “back office” that provides the assistant’s functionality. You’ll get a peek into how Dell feed content into the digital assistant using retrieval-augmented generation during the “training” phase of AI models.

The future of customer service, support, and event concierge services lies with digital assistants. They skillfully blend information, AI technology, and a hint of endearing humanness. So, look for Dell’s digital assistant at Dell Technologies World, pose any queries, and take in the wonder!

Generate Gen AI Images at Scale Using IP Protection

Within the dynamic realm of creative content creation, businesses are always looking for novel approaches that combine state-of-the-art technology with smooth workflows. This presentation demonstrates how Invoke, powered by the Dell Precision 5690 mobile workstation, revolutionises creative pipelines by integrating with NVIDIA AI Workbench, a development environment for exploration, testing, and prototyping of AI and machine learning workloads.

You will also see how Invoke, NVIDIA, and Dell incorporate AI technology into creative pipelines so that businesses can use prompts to create beautiful photos or improve text-to-image content. With its single canvas, IP protection, and optimised processes, Invoke transforms the process of creating visual content while guaranteeing complete ownership of intellectual property.

The future of creating visual content could be drastically changed by the combination of Invoke, AI Workbench, and Dell Precision AI-ready workstations. Get ready to see the dawn of a new creative age when IP protection is still crucial but technology enhances human inventiveness.

Discover GenAI in Real-Time with Streaming Diffusion

Dell Precision 7960

Enter the world of streaming diffusion at Dell’s Modern Workplace event expo, where four NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPUs in a Dell Precision 7960 enable creativity and technology meet.

Imagine having your reality streamed in real time onto a 75-inch screen as artificial intelligence creates a magical environment around you, transporting you to the fabled city of Atlantis, the verdant embrace of a rain forest, or a nostalgic trip back to 1984. Put on amusing headgear, embrace your inner star with chic shades, and experiment with the prompts to quickly share your experience with a QR Code on social media.

An amazing experience is promised by this trip above the norm!

Dell Precision 3280

Sometime in the not-too-distant future, something extraordinary happens in the sacred corridors of the smart hospital. This is where innovative technology and humane care come together to create a game-changing idea: the Digital Twin Simulation, which is powered by the Dell Precision 3280, the smallest workstation in the world with support for Tensor Core GPUs with NVIDIA RTX 4000 Ada Generation GPU.

In the near future, compassion and innovation will be the smart hospital’s greatest assets.

And at the centre of it all is NVIDIA Omniverse, where innovators craft a tasteful fusion of algorithms and empathy. Digital twins of operating rooms and labour and delivery rooms come to life within its walls. Wearing augmented reality glasses, nurses traverse surroundings abundant with data. The dance of life is arranged by the foetal monitor.

Put on an Oculus VR headset and explore the Digital Twin Simulation to get a firsthand look at the smart hospital of the future.

Are You Prepared to Take Off with AI?

Within the thrilling field of artificial intelligence, where creativity and accuracy meet, Dell Technologies is arranging a symphony of opportunities supported by fundamental security and manageability. With best-of-breed infrastructure, Dell’s partnership with NVIDIA enables organisations to fully realise the potential of AI, from unmatched performance to customisable pretrained models. Dell cordially invite you to join Dell in creating a future where artificial intelligence (AI) transcends all boundaries and is powered by Dell Precision workstations and an unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Come along with Dell in Las Vegas from May 20–23, 2024, as Dell set off on an AI journey unlike any other. Dell’s grand stage, Dell Technologies World, is where Dell show off AI live and uncensored on Dell’s entire lineup of Precision workstations. Dell don’t simply talk about it.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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