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AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs, AM5 Motherboards & USB4

AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs, GIGABYTE-specific AM5 motherboards are able to achieve USB4 capability

When combined with AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs, GIGABYTE-specific AM5 motherboards are able to achieve USB4 capability. AMD Ryzen 8000G APUs that enable USB4 are also available for various AM5 mainboards.

It has been stated that manufacturers want to include USB4 interfaces onto AM5 motherboards that are built for AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs desktop central processing units. A number of different sources have indicated that it is possible that firms like Gigabyte will soon be releasing motherboards that will provide support for USB4 transmission for the very first time. AMD has not been completely up to speed in this particular field up to this point.

AMD has not yet been represented in this area, despite the fact that Intel has already included the transfer standard into its 11th generation. Despite the fact that expansion cards with USB4 capabilities, such as those manufactured by MSI, were able to be used, the AM5 platform has not yet acquired native support for USB4.

When AMD CEO Lisa Su visited numerous Taiwanese manufacturers to push USB4 compatibility on desktop CPUs, rumors began to circulate that USB4 was enabled on AMD AM5 motherboards. These rumors began to appear a few months ago. It was speculated that the Taiwanese business As media would be the one to provide Thunderbolt 4 capability to the AMD platform however, there have been no further advances since the initial speculation.

Additionally, it is speculated that the AORUS B650E ELITE X AX ICE motherboard manufactured by Gigabyte may include compatibility for USB4 for AMD’s forthcoming Ryzen 8000G “Hawk Point” APUs. AM5 motherboards that are compatible with AMD’s Hawk Point APUs have already received the AGESA BIOS firmware upgrade from Gigabyte, which was issued earlier today. However, the corporation is not only intending to provide support for new architectures, it is also seeking to make advancements in the area of technology known as “connectivity.”

Thunderbolt 4 (USB4) allows for transfer rates of up to 40 gigabits per second (Gbps) and provides the potential of port extension, which enables many devices to be linked to a single Thunderbolt 4 dock that is concurrently connected to several devices. It is now merely a rumor, however there is conjecture that USB4 might make its debut on AMD’s AM5 platform with the imminent introduction of the Ryzen 8000G “Hawk Point” APU series. However, this is simply stating the possibility.

There are facilities for high-speed transfer of USB4 data that are accessible on the APU

It should be unlikely that average people will choose X670 or X670E to match AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs. AMD has launched Hakw Point’s Ryzen 8040 series processors in the notebook computer segment. Additionally, AMD will launch AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs codenamed Phoenix in the desktop computer segment. These processors will be paired with DDR5 memory and AM5 pin motherboards.

Based on the information that can be found online, it seems that the high-end Ryzen 8700G will be fitted with Radeon 780M Graphics, while the Ryzen 8600G will be equipped with Radeon 760M Graphics.

As far as the I/O connection is concerned, AMD Ryzen 8000G series CPUs will not put a particular focus on 40Gbps USB4. However, according to reports, some motherboard makers are now aiming to offer USB4 transmission capabilities for select AM5 motherboards, as seen in the picture. The GIGABYTE AORUS B650E ELITE X AX ICE motherboard gives consumers the ability to continue using Ryzen 8000G series CPUs while simultaneously using high-speed transmission devices that are compatible with USB4.

In the month of August 2019, the USB-IF group made the announcement of USB4. Thunderbolt 3 protocol standard serves as the primary foundation for this product.

At the moment, it is not obvious if ASUS and MSI will follow suit and let consumers to make advantage of the USB4 capability with a combination of Ryzen 8000G and AM5 motherboard.

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