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Unveiling NS1’s Seamless DNS Migration Procedure

Mission-critical systems like authoritative DNS are always risky to migrate. Downtime is always a possibility when switching infrastructure providers.

Unfortunately, many network managers use this risk potential to keep utilizing an authoritative DNS service that no longer benefits company. Fear of the unknown frequently appears worse than the daily indignities of their DNS platforms.

IBM NS1 Connect prioritizes customer migration for this reason. IBM’s DNS expertise and hands-on customer service are their strengths. IBM have perfected a migration method that allows a smooth switchover without downtime.

IBM improve your authoritative DNS during onboarding so you can start right away. NS1 Connect capabilities should be familiar enough to help your business achieve better network performance, reliability, and delivery costs.

IBM use this approach for complete changeovers and adding NS1 as a second provider. When employing several authoritative DNS providers, verifying labor division and failover procedures is crucial. Thus, IBM treat it as a de facto migration.

The NS1 migration

Customers commonly ask about migration times. They want to know how IBM will make the transfer smooth. Doing no harm is IBM’s top priority, but IBM also want to make the transition quickly and easily.

Six steps comprise IBM authoritative DNS migration method. These stages’ timing depends on a customer’s DNS architecture’s scale and complexity and business needs. IBM have done “emergency” migrations in a day, but IBM prefer a few weeks to give clients time to test functions.

Step 1: Start and discover

IBM scope the migration project with your DNS team at this step. IBM will ask about business needs and success metrics. IBM will map your DNS infrastructure and ask about business-specific configurations. IBM should agree on your goals and how to achieve them before the end of this phase.

Step 2: Establish the basics

IBM normally jump into building after scoping. IBM create DNS records and zone files alongside your team. IBM export DNS zone files to NS1 to replicate them. NS1 will be connected to your primary server and handoffs configured if you add it as a secondary provider. IBM also explore the NS1 link API and link to your automation platforms like Terraform or Ansible. The core DNS architecture should be operational by the end of this phase.

Step 3: Advanced setup

IBM will optimize DNS setups in this phase to build on phase two. IBM work with your team to set up traffic steering logic, automated functionality, resilience, and monitoring frameworks based on application or business performance indicators. You should have a tightly tuned DNS architecture that meets your performance and resilience needs after this step.

Step 4: Check consistency

This step checks your configurations for accuracy and reliability. IBM upgrade the NS1 system as needed to cover 100% of the original configuration throughout this phase. To avoid missing anything, including Phase 2 updates that may need replication, this step is necessary. IBM verify your DNS replies with analytics. To guarantee the system meets project requirements, we double-check its performance using real data. This step should yield a functioning DNS architecture ready for deployment.

Stage5: Migration

It’s great to switch it on! This phase involves gradually shifting traffic onto NS1 systems and monitoring performance. It starts modest to reduce risk and avoid enterprise-wide damage. IBM usually prioritize low-impact application workloads. IBM gradually switch over more parts of the organization until you’re on NS1.

Step 6: Optimize

Network fine-tuning never ends. Onboarding and migration teach you a lot, but success measures change over time. Applications come and go. Every change requires DNS adaptation. Thus, IBM maintain contact after migrations. The authoritative DNS IBM construct for you should fulfill your long-term demands.

Getting started

Your authoritative DNS migration can be simple. Risk is managed. Not much time or resources are needed. The reward an authoritative DNS that meets business demands and provides outstanding user experiences is worth it.

Someone who has been there and understands what to look for is crucial. DNS professionals from NS1 offer value there. IBM have moved hundreds of customers large and small, sophisticated and simple from every authoritative DNS system. Customers love us because of that. IBM specialize in the DNS infrastructure your business uses daily.

No matter how old, proprietary, or complicated your authoritative DNS system is. IBM work equally effectively with self-hosted BIND clients for decades and cloud DNS customers. IBM have moved so many customers that nothing surprises us anymore.

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