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The Top 11 AI Tools That Designers Must Use

Enhance Your Creativity with Top AI Tools(Design tools)

AI tools are essential for innovation in today’s fast-changing design world. These tools redefine design by improving efficiency and creativity. Automating tasks and unleashing creativity, AI is changing how designers work.

Canva AI magic design

Canva’s AI Tools magic design, a graphic design platform, emphasizes user-friendliness over Photoshop. Canva helps anyone create beautiful designs for social media, infographics, and presentations without design experience.

Canva’s AI-powered Background Remover AI Tools removes backgrounds with one click, eliminating the need to outline the object to keep. Canva offers new AI-powered tools like:

  • Magic Media,
  •  Magic Eraser
  •  Magic Edit
  • Magic Grab 
  • Magic Expand 
  • Magic Morph 
  • Magic Write
  • Magic Design
  •  Magic Animate 
  • Instant Presentations
  • Beat Sync
  • Magic Design for Video
  • Translate
  • Magic Switch

Canva makes it easier than ever to create stunning designs with AI Tools.

Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer, also known as MS Designer, uses advanced AI technology to create stunning graphics and templates for a variety of purposes. MS Designer makes it easy to create stunning flyers, invitations, and social media posts.

MS Designer AI Tools are essential for designers looking to improve their skills due to its intuitive interface and powerful features.

Some great features are:

  • Friendly interface
  • Design customization
    • Templates predefined
    • Your media or suggested images
    • Create captions
    • Typography
  • Design navigation.
    • Size and crop images
    • Background Take out and replace
    • Background blurring, brightness adjustments, etc. 
  • Download up to 30 images.
  • Include videos and animations
  • Post and hashtag on social media

Adobe Sensei

Adobe Sensei is a powerful AI and ML technology that works across Adobe Experience Cloud, Creative Cloud, and Document Cloud. Adobe Sensei works in many Adobe applications, but video editors are most likely to use it in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Adobe Sensei-powered Experience Manager features:

  • Smart Tags
  • Smart Crop
  • Visual Search
  • Automated Text Summarization
  • Expert Scoring

Adobe Experience Manager empowers digital marketers to reach audiences and delight customers by implementing digital designs, creating and managing digital content across channels, and personalizing the user experience on the fly.


DALL-E 3’s nuance and detail recognition improve, allowing you to easily turn your ideas into precise visuals. Traditional text-to-image technology misses words or descriptions, so users must improve prompt engineering.

DALL-E 3 has improved context understanding, precision, and image generation, according to OpenAI. DALL-E 3 has improved its ability to match textual descriptions with visuals.

This was done to simplify image generation by providing more detailed information that meets user needs.

Key features and capabilities include:

  • Ability to create creative images from text.
  • Ability to comprehend intricate language.
  • Can create images of non-existent objects, animals, and scenes.
  • Create new images by manipulating or combining concepts.
  • Ability to create images in various styles and techniques.
  • Recognition and adaptation to input context.
  • High-resolution, detailed image generation.
  • Create multiple versions of a concept.
  • Ability to match input images.
  • Machine learning algorithms enable learning and improvement.

WOMBO Dream- AI Art Maker

Wombo Dream, simple text-to-image generator AI Tools, turns your image description into digital art. It is ideal for creating digital art for NFTs, social media, marketing, or personal enjoyment.

Wombo Dream is easier to use than Midjourney, a GenAI image generator. To use Wombo Dream AI Tools, enter your prompt and choose an art style (realistic v2, Horror v2, anime, or Steampunk). The tool does the rest. If you’re unfamiliar with different art periods, this method is helpful.

A light/dark theme switch and pleasing minimal design. Notable features include:

  • Wombo has a free, open-source mobile frame app.
  • Choose from 90+ art styles, from Buliojourney v2 to Ukiyoe.
  • Wombo offers “edit with text”. Add and edit your own images with text prompts.
  • To create unique designs without repetition, Wombo offers six text prompt ideas and customizable options.
  • This tool allows NFT remix, minting, printing, and watermark-free image and video downloads.
  • The discord community is for members.

Deep AI

The Deep AI Suite – software AI Tools that uses machine learning to generate images from text prompts. Enter a prompt to create a Cyberpunk-inspired robot image. The free version of the tool has limited capabilities and may not produce photorealistic images. DeepAI warns users not to expect high-quality from the free version.

The AI Tools helps beginners understand AI reinforcement learning and image generation.

Some key features are:

  • Data dimensionality reduction speeds up machine learning algorithms, especially for complex or large datasets.
  • Reducing features can improve algorithm performance by removing noise and irrelevant details.
  • When a model has too many features, it may overfit and not generalize to new data.
  •  Feature extraction simplifies the model and prevents overfitting, improving its generalization to new data.
  • Extracting key features can reveal data processes.


OpenArt is a groundbreaking platform that uses Stable Diffusion to make art creation more accessible. Users can experiment with AI-generated art and express themselves in new ways with help of these AI Tools.

The platform has many tools and features to help users realize their artistic visions. From beginners to experts, OpenArt has something for you. OpenArt lets you explore art like never before.

Some key features are:

  • Openart AI gives artists, influencers, and web designers many art styles to create unique AI-generated art.
  • No tutorials are needed with Openart AI’s intuitive interface. Its simple design makes it suitable for beginners and experts.
  • Users can customize their artwork to the last detail with Openart AI’s unique colors, themes, and advanced features like stable diffusion effects.

Neural Canvas

Neural Canvas is a cutting-edge AI-powered digital illustration generator. This tool uses advanced algorithms to create unique, high-quality illustrations for many uses. Create captivating images for blog posts, e-books, and comics.

Its intuitive interface and powerful features make it easy to create stunning illustrations that will captivate your audience and help you stand out in today’s crowded digital landscape.

This has key features:

  • 100 styles and characters: Use different styles and characters to make unique illustrations.
  • Illustration moods and styles: To convey the right message, choose the right illustration mood and style.
  • Main character choice: Choose and customize your main character.
  • Make AI Comics: Use AI to create comic strips from your inputs.
  • Publishing AI-written e-books: Write and publish e-books with AI.

 AI Comics Factory

If you like comics and manga and creating new storylines, you’ve probably struggled to draw well. Maybe character proportions or background design overwhelm you. But don’t worry a solution is coming.

The AI Comic Factory is revolutionizing cartooning.

Features that make comic design fun and easy:

  • Write scenes to create a comic book with AI Tools.
  • Customize characters, backgrounds, speech bubbles, and fonts in various comic genres.
  • Change text, panels, elements, colors, and filters to improve AI-generated comics.
  • Your comics can be exported as PDFs and viewed and rated in the app’s gallery.
  • AI Comic Factory is a free, open-source app that showcases AI models with help of AI Tools.

RunwayML Gen-2

Runway ML, an advanced AI system, creates unique videos from text, images, and video clips. Runway announced on X in 2023 that Gen-2 was upgraded. It improves text-to-video and image-to-video algorithms, but it is not Runway Gen-3. These enhancements will boost video quality.

The new features are:

  • The new Motion brush uses image prompts to animate images.
  • Unique to Gen-2, you can synthesize videos in any style with a text prompt.
  • Create a video based on an image and text prompt.
  • Single-image content-guided video synthesis.
  • Make every video frame match any image or prompt.
  • Render mockups in style and animation.
  • Use simple text prompts to change video subjects.
  • Apply an image or prompt to untextured renders to make them realistic.
  • Customize the model for higher fidelity results to maximize Gen-2 power.

GetIMG.AI is an AI-powered tool that makes stunning images easy. It has amazing AI art tools to create, modify, and expand images.

This image generator AI Tools and editor can help beginners and pros create visually appealing content quickly.

Some key features are:

  • For personalized results, DreamBooth will train custom AI models.
  • Outpainting creates seamless scenery or elements.
  • Inpainting easily removes text, watermarks, and other objects from images.
  • Image-to-Image uses text prompts to change images.
  • ControlNet lets you precisely edit pose and lighting.
  • Portrait Fix Faces automatically enhances facial features and expressions.

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