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TCL Monitors(27R83U): Where Performance Meets Value

TCL Monitors

The 27R83U is a new Mini-LED gaming monitor from TCL that boasts cutting-edge features. With sharp display quality, TCL’s newest 27R83U Mini-LED monitor are designed for high-end gaming performance. The TCL 27R83U gaming monitor is intended for a wider range of applications and is aimed at the higher-end market.

QD-Mini LED Display

The best high-end display technology available worldwide. The QD-Mini LED from TCL transformed the conventional backlight into pixel-level precise illumination by combining the best features of QLED and OLED technologies. It also makes use of the most advanced QLED technology available today, which provides contrast and colour gamut comparable to OLED but with a longer lifetime and a greater peak brightness. This is the display technology of the future.

Pixel by pixel, bringing the truth back over 1100 Dimming Zones Locally. 1100+ independent light control zones at the pixel level. It achieves pixel-level light control, offers 65,000 levels of exact dimming, and faithfully recovers the original picture.

HDR 1600 lm

Extremely strong peak illumination with highest degree of professional HDR certification. It achieved VESA DisplayHDR 1400, the highest level of the Video Electronics Standards Association, thanks to its 1600 nits high peak brightness. It can precisely recover every bright and dark detail thanks to its outstanding 1600W:1 ultra-high dynamic contrast ratio display capabilities.

QLED Technology

Professional colour technique that won the Nobel Prize. It uses ultra-precision technology, novel quaternary quantum crystal materials, and Nobel Prize-winning QLED colour technology to provide 97% DCI-P3 ultra-high colour gamut and 100,000 hours of non-fading colour display performance, enhancing the realism and vibrancy of the image.


Approximately one in three gaming displays have a TCL Quick-HVA display. The screen technology used in the best e-sports monitors worldwide is called TCL CSOT Fast-HVA. The gaming screen has richer levels, the scene restoration is more realistic, and it increases immersion thanks to its high static contrast, quick LCD reaction time, and high refresh rate.

4K at 160 Hz

Clear and flowing, without a lingering afterdeal. The ideal fusion of an ultra-high refresh rate of 160Hz with 4K resolution creates a visual experience that is more subtle, fluid, and authentic.

Every action is a step forward

The 1 ms (GTG) quick reaction. The lightning-fast reaction minimises smearing and blurring of images, enabling you to seize targets on the battlefield with more speed.

Various Game Scene Modes expert game modes for role-playing, shooter, and role-playing games. And game modes may be switched with a single click. Start your gaming tale by smoothly integrating yourself into the game universe.

Targeting Games raise your firing accuracy with their four distinct styles of game crosshairs, these crosshairs will quickly assist you in locating the optimal shooting or operating areas.

Control of Dark Field no space for the adversary to hide nothing can elude your sight in the dark thanks to its ability to recognise and brighten dark features with intelligence.

Completely Working 90W Type-C

Consolidating charging, data transfer, and display into one. The feature-rich 90W Type-C interface allows 90W reverse charging and can transmit data at up to 10Gbps at high speed. This interface allows accessories, like laptops, to be connected to the display so they may be charged while working or playing games. This eliminates the need for tangles of unnecessary data wires and improves the comfort of both work and play.


Several computers may be controlled by a single keyboard and mouse set. You can operate numerous computers with a single set of keyboard, mouse, and TCL monitors, which not only reduces the need for extra devices but also neatens up the desktop.

Increasing output by twofold

One TCL monitors may show screens from many jobs at once, and it supports picture-in-picture and left-and right-split-screen modes, which reduce moving between screens and increase productivity by twofold.

All-purpose Stand

Adaptable and scalable pedestal it is adaptable to a range of use circumstances, with the ability to do vertical lifting, pitching, horizontal rotation, and multidirectional adjustment according on your demands.

Side Hook

More comfortable and fulfilling with a simple pull, one may access the headphone hook concealed inside the body. with a high-end miniature LED logo. combining elegance, usefulness, and quality.

Joystick Button

Joystick button with five settings five separate directions are detected by the integrated sensor to provide versatile control and five-way follow-up.


Rheinland Certification for Low Blue Light top-tier accreditation for eye care has an integrated eye protection mode capability and has earned the top Rheinland low blue light eye protection certification. It may always shield your eyes from dangerous blue light when you activate the eye protection mode.

TCL Gaming Monitors Specs

Panel TypeMini-LED
Screen Size27 inches
Resolution3840 x 2160 (4K)
Aspect Ratio16:9
Refresh Rate160Hz
Response Time1ms (GTG)
Brightness1600 nits (peak)
Contrast Ratio4000:1
Local Dimming Zones1152+
HDR SupportVESA DisplayHDR 1400
Color Gamut97% DCI-P3, 95% Adobe RGB, 99% sRGB
Color Depth8-bit+FRC
Viewing Angles178° (horizontal & vertical)
FeaturesG-Sync & FreeSync Compatible, Type-C Power Delivery (90W), Low Blue Light Certification, Pantone Validated
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