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SoftServe News on Continental Drive with OpenUSD AI

SoftServe News

This article details how NVIDIA’s Omniverse platform is being used for industrial applications through a partnership between technology company SoftServe and car parts manufacturer Continental.

The main conclusions are:

Generative AI for virtual factories:

“Industrial Co-Pilot” is a system being developed to increase industrial efficiency while maintenance is being performed. It makes use of 3D visualisation with generative AI. Envision a virtual engineer assisting engineers with problem-solving and troubleshooting on the production line.

OpenUSD for data interchange:

This is made possible in large part by OpenUSD, a format that facilitates easy data interchange between various software programmes. This implies that engineers can communicate information with ease and utilise a variety of applications.

Advantages of Omniverse usage:

These AI-powered applications are built on top of the Omniverse platform. It provides resources, tools, and features that speed up development, such as real-time rendering.
All things considered, this partnership serves as an illustration of how businesses are utilising cutting-edge technologies to enhance and optimise industrial operations.

Automotive innovation is being propelled by industrial digitalization.

SoftServe, a top provider of digital services and IT consulting, partnered with Continental, a top German automaker, to create Industrial Co-Pilot, a generative AI-powered virtual agent that helps engineers optimise maintenance procedures, in response to the industry’s growing need for seamless, connected driving experiences.

By incorporating the Universal Scene Description, or OpenUSD, framework into virtual manufacturing solutions like Industrial Co-Pilot that are created on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, SoftServe assists producers like Continental in further optimising their operations.

OpenUSD provides the adaptability and scalability businesses require to fully realise the benefits of digital transformation while optimising processes and boosting productivity. Developers may incorporate OpenUSD and NVIDIA RTX rendering technologies into their current software tools and simulation workflows with ease thanks to the Omniverse platform, which offers application programming interfaces, software development kits, and services.

Acknowledging the Advantages of OpenUSD 

SoftServe and Continental’s Industrial Co-Pilot combines immersive 3D visualisation with generative AI to support manufacturing teams in boosting output during production line and equipment maintenance. Engineers can monitor the operation of individual stations or the shop floor, as well as manage production lines, with the help of the copilot.

In order to perform root cause analysis and obtain detailed work instructions and recommendations, they can also communicate with the copilot. This can result in streamlined documentation processes and enhanced maintenance protocols. It is anticipated that these developments would lead to higher output and a 10% decrease in maintenance effort and downtime.

Benjamin Huber, who oversees advanced automation and digitalization in Continental’s user experience business division, emphasised the importance of the company’s partnership with SoftServe and its implementation of Omniverse at a recent Omniverse community livestream.

Developers at SoftServe and Continental now have the resources at their disposal to usher in a new era of AI-powered industrial services and apps thanks to the Omniverse platform. Additionally, SoftServe and Continental developers enable engineers to collaborate effortlessly across disciplines and systems, promoting efficiency and innovation throughout their operations, by dismantling data silos and promoting multi-platform cooperation using OpenUSD.

Huber stated, “Any engineer, regardless of the tool they’re using, can transform their data into OpenUSD and then interchange data between tools and disciplines.”

Vasyl Boliuk, senior lead and test automation engineer at SoftServe, echoed this sentiment when he discussed how SoftServe and Continental teams were able to create custom large language models and integrate them with new 3D workflows thanks to OpenUSD and Omniverse, in addition to other NVIDIA technologies like NVIDIA Riva, NVIDIA NeMo, and NVIDIA NIM microservices.

“We can add any feature or piece of metadata to our applications using OpenUSD,” Boliuk said.

SoftServe and Continental are assisting in transforming the car production industry by embracing cutting-edge technologies and encouraging teamwork.

Connect With the NVIDIA OpenUSD World

View Continental and SoftServe’s on-demand content. NVIDIA GTC talks about their virtual factory solutions and their experiences using OpenUSD to develop on NVIDIA Omniverse.

Modernising Digital Mega Plants’ Factory Planning and Manufacturing Processes
How to Begin Using OpenUSD and Generative AI for Industrial Metaverse Applications
NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s 7 p.m. COMPUTEX speech on Sunday, June 2. Taiwan time will cover the latest advancements driving the next industrial revolution.
View a recent series of videos that demonstrate how OpenUSD may enhance 3D workflows. Check out the Alliance for OpenUSD forum and the AOUSD website for additional resources on OpenUSD.

“Into the Omniverse: SoftServe and Continental Drive Digitalization With OpenUSD and Generative AI” is described in full below.

The Participants:


It is a technology business that offers services for digital transformation and IT consultancy.


A well-known producer of auto parts.

NVIDIA Omniverse:

A virtual world and real-time simulation development platform.

The Objective:

Using real-time visualisation and generative AI on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform, revolutionise factory maintenance.

Industrial Co-Pilot is the Solution

  • This artificial intelligence (AI) system combines captivating 3D visualisation with generative AI.
  • Picture a virtual helper inside a three-dimensional model of your factory.

Regarding Factory Teams:

  • Keep an eye on each station and oversee the production lines.
  • Communicate with the Co-Pilot to determine the source of equipment problems.
  • Obtain detailed work instructions and maintenance suggestions.
  • This means that fewer physical manuals will be needed, and maintenance procedures will be simplified.

OpenUSD is the secret ingredient

  • A data format called OpenUSD serves as a global translator.
  • It makes it possible for data to be seamlessly transferred between various engineering software programmes.
  • Engineers can use any software to convert their data to OpenUSD and share it with other engineers using other technologies.
  • This dismantles data silos and promotes disciplinary collaboration.

The Omniverse’s Power

  • The basis for developing AI applications like Industrial Co-Pilot and others is provided by Omniverse.
  • It provides materials and tools for developers such as:
  • API access: To combine NVIDIA’s RTX rendering technology with OpenUSD.
  • SDKs, or software development kits, are used to create unique features for the Omniverse platform.
  • Capabilities for real-time rendering: To build dynamic and lifelike 3D industrial settings.


  • Enhanced output as a result of quicker and more effective maintenance.
  • Enhanced cooperation between engineers specialising in different fields.
  • workflows that are more efficient since there are less paper manuals used.
  • Possibility of innovation via the creation of fresh industrial AI applications on the Omniverse platform.

All things considered, this partnership shows how cutting-edge technologies like real-time simulation platforms, generative AI, and data interchange formats are revolutionising industrial processes. It sets the stage for a day when artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistants are frequently used on factory floors to aid human workers and maximise output.

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