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Samsung Patents Square Shaped Smartphone with Display

Square Shaped Smartphone

Samsung is creating a brand-new, Square Shaped Smartphone gadget with an extending screen on both ends. Since smartphones are not specifically mentioned in the patent, it’s possible that other gadgets like smart TVs, augmented reality devices, or whole new gadgets might also be covered by it.

A laptop with a rolling design and a third kind of foldable smartphone with a dual-folding display are among the other display innovations that Samsung is investigating.

Since the standard glass slab smartphone has reached its peak, manufacturers are being forced to innovate with their products. Leading South Korean companies in these developments include Samsung and LG. Nevertheless considering that LG has discontinued the smartphone industry, Samsung keeps paving the way in introducing cutting-edge gadgets.

Samsung is now working on a new Square Shaped Smartphone with an extended display, after its successful leadership of the foldable smartphone trend in the market.

Extendable sliding display

An internet search turned up a recent patent for a tiny, Square Shaped Smartphone gadget with a sliding screen that can be accessed from either end. This occurs after Samsung was granted patents in Europe around a month ago for two technologies, Flex Magic and Flex Magic Pixel. Screens on smartphones were said to be expanding thanks to these technologies. Samsung is currently developing a same concept in the US, however their patent does not use the same terminology.

David Kowalski from xleaks7 and Website Rating made the finding of this patent. The patent is shared in PDF format in the article, which notes that Samsung Display is the applicant and that the filing date is June 22, 2023.

Samsung is attempting to secure a novel display technology, which is a screen that can stretch in many directions, according to the patent. The metal coating at the sliding display’s end, which will prevent it from bouncing back too much, seems to be the main improvement here.

This will strengthen the gadget by preventing the screen from breaking from repeated strikes by the metal. Additionally, according to the patent, this technique is compatible with LCD and OLED screens.

Remember that the patent mentions cellphones with square shapes only indirectly. It implies that it may potentially be used to AR gadgets, smart TVs, or brand-new technology.

New Device from Samsung with an Extendable Display

Display Technology

Samsung’s Additional Innovation in Display Technology In addition, Samsung is developing a variety of additional display technologies for its laptops and smartphones. A brand-new Samsung laptop was just listed on the patent marketplace World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

According to pictures and descriptions posted on the WIPO patent website, Samsung is planning to release a laptop with a roller design. This means that the laptop will be placed within a rolling case.

Additionally, the massive South Korean company is developing a third kind of foldable smartphone that has a dual-folding display. A new Samsung gadget that surfaced on the same WIPO platform recently raises the possibility that the business is developing a smartphone with a screen that extends to the right.

Samsung phones

Introducing its Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5, a South Korean tech heavyweight remains at the top of the emerging foldable smartphones market. nevertheless seems consisting of an alternative type of smartphone one that emphasizes an extended screen over a flexible one might be in the works. A Samsung patent that shows off a phone with an extensible screen and Square Shaped Smartphone form was discovered. Some of the problems with foldable phones may potentially be resolved by such an inventive design.

An extended phone’s screen would resemble that of a regular phone, making it more user-friendly or long-lasting. For those who don’t know, a normal smartphone is still more resilient than a foldable one since both have moving components that may break. This might be contested, however, by a new Samsung patent that uses a different kind of flexible display. The extending panel on this folding phone is simply a little portion that can be dragged out for more screen space, as opposed to the standard foldable phone that has a tall flexible panel.


Does Samsung have a patent on flip phones?

A new patent has been granted to Samsung for a foldable smartphone design. A clamshell form that slides out and flips open is seen in the patent.

Does Samsung have patents?

Approximately 1% fewer U.S. patents were awarded to Samsung Electronics in 2018 than in the previous year (6,165). With 3,854 patents, TSMC had 3,687, IBM had 3,658 and it was well ahead of Qualcomm. Canon, Apple, Samsung Display, LG, Micron Technology, and Intel completed the list of the top 10 patent grantees.

What is the Samsung flip called?

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

What is Samsung Patents Square Shaped Smartphone with Display

A square-shaped smartphone with an extensible display that slides above or below the phone is hinted at in Samsung’s most recent patent filing. The technology is referred to as “expandable screen for smartphones” by the business.

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