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Samsung Display Uses LEDoS Technology for AR Devices

Samsung Display is focusing on developing LED on silicon (LEDoS) microdisplay technology to meet the increasing demand for augmented reality (AR) devices. Gong Min Kim, vice president and head of the technology strategy team at Samsung Display, believes that LEDoS will surpass OLED on silicon (OLEDoS) as the dominant display technology for AR devices in the near future.

Kim acknowledged the limitations of OLEDoS in terms of brightness, form factor, and lifespan when used in AR applications. He expressed confidence that LEDoS has the potential to overcome these challenges. However, the main obstacle lies in reducing the size of the LEDs while maintaining their essential characteristics.

Samsung Display is actively working on developing LEDoS using LEDs smaller than 10 micrometers, and even as small as 5 micrometers. One of the major challenges in this endeavor is the silicon wafer technology. Previous attempts to shrink LEDs using semiconductor processes resulted in LED chips with significantly different characteristics compared to those used in lamps.

Efforts to reduce LED size to 20 micrometers and 10 micrometers in the past led to unsatisfactory performance and significant deviations in characteristics. Kim emphasized that such LEDs are actually MicroLED, while the ones used in TVs and LED chips should be classified as MiniLED.

Kim also stated that AR and other near-eye display technologies necessitate a different approach than bigger screens. Microdisplays prioritize pixels per degree (PPD) above pixels per inch (PPI) in traditional flat panels. People with 0.8 to 1 vision require 30 to 40 PPD, whereas those with 1.5 to 2.0 vision require 50 to 60 PPD.

It’s important to note that while Samsung Display is actively working on LEDoS, Apple currently utilizes OLEDoS technology in its Vision Pro reality device.

In conclusion, Samsung Display is committed to advancing display technology by developing LED on silicon (LEDoS) microdisplays for AR devices. LEDoS aims to overcome the limitations of previous technologies and achieve improved performance and characteristics. LEDoS is expected to become the leading display technology for augmented reality applications as the industry progresses.



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