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Samsung Introduces Monitor for Color Blind Users

Samsung Electronics has announced the inclusion of the SeeColors mode Monitor in its 2023 TV and monitor lineup, introducing a new accessibility feature for individuals with color vision deficiency (CVD). This feature offers various color settings based on the degree and type of CVD, enhancing the viewing experience for affected users.

SeeColors mode provides nine picture presets, allowing users to choose the option that best suits their specific condition. By adjusting the red, green, and blue levels, the feature ensures that viewers with CVD can easily discern colors displayed on the screen.

Samsung Colormode Monitor

Initially launched as an application in 2017, SeeColors aimed to enable individuals with CVD to enjoy their screens in a way that aligns with their vision. Now integrated into the accessibility menus of Samsung TVs and monitors, this feature is more easily accessible to users. For those who have already purchased a 2023 model, a software update will be provided to add SeeColors to the accessibility menu.

Samsung has received the “Color Vision Accessibility” certification from TÜV Rheinland, recognizing the efficacy of SeeColors mode in enhancing content enjoyment for individuals with CVD. This certification further reinforces Samsung’s commitment to accessibility, in line with their vision of “Screens Everywhere, Screens for All.”

Seokwoo Jason Yong, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed enthusiasm about introducing additional accessibility features in their 2023 TV and monitor (Access 3000 Games) lineup. He highlighted the inclusion of SeeColors and Relumino mode, designed to assist individuals with color blindness and low vision. Samsung remains dedicated to innovation and the advancement of inclusive technologies for the benefit of their consumers.

What is color vision deficiency?

Color vision deficiency, also known as color blindness, is a condition in which people have difficulty distinguishing between certain colors. It is caused by a defect in the way the eyes perceive color.

What are the different types of color vision deficiency?

There are three main types of color vision deficiency:
Red-green color blindness: This is the most common type of color blindness. People with red-green color blindness have difficulty distinguishing between red and green, as well as shades of these colors.
Blue-yellow color blindness: This type of color blindness is less common than red-green color blindness. People with blue-yellow color blindness have difficulty distinguishing between blue and yellow, as well as shades of these colors.
Achromatopsia: This is a rare type of color blindness in which people see the world in shades of gray. People with achromatopsia have no color vision at all.

What are the causes of color vision deficiency?

Color vision deficiency is usually inherited. It is caused by a defect in the genes that control the way the eyes perceive color. In some cases, color vision deficiency can be caused by eye injury or disease.

How Monitor or TV effects on Color vision deficiency on EYE?

The effect of a monitor or TV on color vision deficiency depends on the type of color vision deficiency and the settings of the monitor or TV.
In general, monitors and TVs with a wide color gamut can be helpful for people with color vision deficiency. This is because a wide color gamut allows for a wider range of colors to be displayed, which can make it easier for people with color vision deficiency to distinguish between different colors.
However, the settings of the monitor or TV can also play a role. For example, if the contrast is too high, it can make it difficult for people with color vision deficiency to see the difference between different shades of color.

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