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Exclusive Peek: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 FCC Approval

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6

Samsung leads the foldable phone revolution. Tech fans are excited about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6, which improves on the popular clamshell foldable design. The phone’s battery was revealed during a recent FCC visit, however the official unveiling is still pending. According to leaks and rumours, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 may be capable.

What the FCC Says

FCC, an independent US government organisation, regulates radio and communications. All US-marketed mobile devices must be FCC-certified for safety and interoperability. Submission of technical parameters, including battery capacity, is required for this process.

The dual-battery setup for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 is revealed in the FCC filing, which is typical of foldables because of their particular design limitations. The file lists the 1,000 mAh and 2,790 mAh capacities of each battery. Although these figures may not be ground-breaking, a combined 3,790mAh is a slight improvement over the 3,700mAh battery found in the Galaxy Z Flip5.

It’s crucial to realise that the average capacity an industry standard for illustrating battery life is probably disclosed in the FCC file. The marketed capacity may be 3,800mAh, 3,850mAh, or even 3,900mAh, which is a little higher. This is a typical marketing strategy used to give customers a more round figure.

Energy Efficient Practices and Possible Advancements

Even if the increase in battery capacity might not seem like much, it’s important to look at the wider picture. Battery life is determined by a complicated formula that takes power usage and capacity into account. Here’s how Samsung could approach this problem:

An Improved Processor

It is expected that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 CPU, which is speculated, will power the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. This next-generation processor may offer considerable increases in power efficiency over its predecessor.

Display Technology Advancements

Samsung may also be making progress in this area with the Galaxy Z Flip 6’s display. Even with an identical battery capacity, a more power-efficient display panel would result in a substantial boost in battery life.

Software Optimisations

The software team at Samsung is always trying to maximise battery life. To extend the battery life of the Z Flip 6, new features or background process management strategies may be included.

How Does Galaxy Z Flip 6 Compare?

The market for foldable phones is still in its infancy, and businesses continue to have similar concerns about battery life. The reported battery capacity of the Z Flip 6 is quickly compared to those of its main rivals here:

  • 2,800mAh in the Motorola Razr 5G (2022)
  • Mate XS 2 from Huawei: 4,600mAh (On the other hand, the Xs 2 unfolds to resemble a tablet, providing greater room for a larger battery.)

Although the Z Flip 6’s battery may not be the largest in the foldable category, its potential for efficiency gains from a potent processor, improvements in displays, and software optimisations might make it a competitive option when it comes to actual battery life.

Galaxy Z Flip 6 Features

Although the FCC application mostly concentrates on battery information, rumours and leaks provide hints about further possible Z Flip 6 features:

Better Hinge Design

The Z Flip 6’s hinge, an essential part of any foldable phone, is said to be more resilient and well-designed, reducing creases and providing a smoother folding experience.

Greater Cover Display

The phone’s cover display, which is visible when it is folded closed, may get bigger to facilitate greater interaction without fully unfolding the device.

Camera Upgrades

Upgrades to the camera technology are anticipated for the Galaxy Z Flip 6, despite the lack of specifics. These upgrades could result in better low-light and image quality.

Fast Charging

Although charging rates aren’t specifically mentioned in the FCC filing, other certifications imply the Z Flip 6 will probably offer 25W fast charging, same like its predecessor.

Samsung is demonstrating its ongoing dedication to developing foldable phone technology with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. Although efficiency and possible increases in other areas are intriguing, the increase in battery capacity may not look like much on paper. It seems likely that Samsung is trying to find a compromise between the thickness of the phone, battery life, and general functioning.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Specs

DisplayMain: 6.7″ AMOLED (rumored) <br> Cover: 3.4″ – 3.9″ AMOLED (rumored)
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (rumored)
RAM12GB (rumored)
Storage256GB (rumored), not expandable
Battery3790mAh (typical capacity, FCC filing)
Charging25W fast charging (rumored)
Camera (Main)50MP (rumored)
Camera (Front)10MP (rumored)
Operating SystemAndroid 14 (rumored)
HingeImproved design with potentially reduced crease (rumored)
OtherFingerprint sensor (in display, rumored), NFC (FCC filing)
Note: Based on FCC Filings and Rumors

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 Release Date

Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6‘s official release date is still unknown, leaks and rumours indicate that it will probably happen in July 2024.

Here’s why July appears to be a very likely date

Previous Release Schedule

Usually, in late July or early August, Samsung hosts an event called Summer Unpacked whereby the company displays its flagship foldable phones. July 26, 2023 saw the announcement of the Galaxy Z Flip5.

Current Rumours

It has been suggested that Samsung may hold their next Unpacked presentation earlier than usual possibly on July 10, 2024, with the Z Flip 6 as the highlighted product.
It’s critical to keep in mind that this is all still conjecture. To find out the precise release date, we’ll need to wait for Samsung to make an official announcement.

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