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ROG Keris II Ace – The Gaming Mouse for Esports Pros

ASUS ROG gaming mouse

Introducing the Robust II Ace: lightweight, precise, and prepared for competition.
Because every millisecond counts in the fast-paced world of eSports games, we at ROG are constantly working to build gadgets that will give you an advantage over your competitors in the game. To that end, ASUS are pleased to present the ROG Keri’s II Ace, an incredibly light wireless gaming mouse designed specifically for eSports athletes and competitive players. The ROG Keris II Ace is a fantastic tool for any competitive gamer, weighing in at a just 54 games and supporting the brand-new standalone ROG Polling Rate Booster.

A gaming mouse called the ROG Keris II Ace: Ergonomic, ultralight, and superior
In competitive games, reaction time is crucial, therefore we worked with eSports pros to ensure that every aspect of the Keri’s II Ace was precisely built.

ASUS ROG gaming mouse pad

It all begins with the weight: Even though this is a wireless gaming mouse, They’ve trimmed 25 games from the original design so that it slides over your mouse mat with ease.

The chassis is available in two lovely colorways: Moonlight White and traditional black. It has an ergonomic design and is constructed of environmentally friendly nylon derived from renewable castor oil. If you require a little extra friction to maintain the ideal grip, the ROG Keris II Ace even comes with anti-slip grip tape.

ASUS ROG gaming mouse software

With an astounding 42,000 DPI and a variation of less than 1%, the ROG Aim Point Pro optical sensor, a brand-new addition to the Keri’s II Ace, provides exceptional in-game precision. We advise against attempting to track on glass during your next eSports competition, although it is so accurate that it can do so. Along with that, a new Polling Rate Booster is included, enabling the ROG Keris II Ace to poll at 4K in wireless mode and 8K in connected mode.

With a 100 million click lifespan, ROG Optical Switches provide sharp and instantaneous actuation, enabling you to ping the target as many times as necessary to capture your team’s attention. Additionally, we equipped the ROG Keris II Ace with tri-mode connectivity, enabling wired USB, Bluetooth, and our ultra-low latency 2.4GHz wireless with ROG Speed Nova technology for connections. Using our state-of-the-art ROG Omni Receiver technology, the last option allows you to free up a USB port on your PC and maintain a pristine desktop by connecting both the ROG Keris II Ace and a compatible keyboard with a single dongle.

ASUS ROG gaming mouse wireless

The ROG Keri’s II Ace

The ideal travel companion for professional gamers

It’s okay if you’re preparing for a tournament far from your house. Without adjusting DPI or macros, you can quickly switch between settings right from the ROG Keris II Ace thanks to intelligent internal memory. In addition, the ultralight mouse’s 100% PTFE feet allow it to glide over any kind of desk mat, and its ROG Paracord structure prevents the USB charging cable from snagging. For those who want to advance their gaming career, the ROG Keris II Ace Ace could be the ideal companion. Just a tiny portion of the new items we unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show this year include the ROG Keri’s II Ace.

ROG gaming mouse: ROG Keris II Ace

Pro first-person shooter players examined the form of the 54-gram, ultralight, ergonomic ROG Keris II Ace gaming mouse. With the ROG Polling Rate Booster, which supports polling rates of up to 4,000 Hz in wireless mode and up to 8,000 Hz in wired mode, the Keri’s II Ace can further improve gaming performance in addition to its 42,000-dpi ROG Aim Point Pro optical sensor, ROG Optical Micro Switches, and ROG Speed Nova wireless technology.

Ergonomic design:

The Keri’s II Ace’s ergonomic design makes it easy to hold in your hand. During extended gaming sessions, its form aids in reducing hand fatigue.

54-gram gaming mouse that is lightweight:

Experts in first-person shooter e sports have evaluated and certified the ergonomic shell design.

RG Booster of Polling Rate:

When using the mouse receiver in wired mode, you can drive polling rates up to 8000 Hz and up to 4000 Hz when it is attached directly to the device.

Aim Point Pro by ROG optical sensor:

For maximum accuracy, a 42,000-dpi optical sensor with a variation of less than 1% and the capacity to track on glass.

ROG Micro-Optical Switches:

Three-mode connectivity Flexibility with low-latency 2.4 GHz RF, wired USB, and Bluetooth mode which can pair with up to three devices.

Wireless technologies ROG Speed Nova:

Dependable Wi-Fi with low latency RF performance at 2.4 GHz and enhanced energy efficiency.

RG Complete Receiver:

Using a single receiver, wirelessly connect to numerous compatible devices.

Anti-slip mouse grip tape:

Ensures a secure grip while incorporating some style.

RG 100% PTFE mouse feet and paracord:

Superior materials enable seamless and swift motions.

On-board command:

By pressing various mouse-button combinations, frequently used mouse settings can be directly changed.


Is the ROG Keri’s II Ace compatible with all gaming platforms?

Indeed, the ROG Keri’s II Ace works with a number of gaming systems, including consoles, PCs, and Macs.

What is the weight of the ROG Keri’s II Ace?

Because of its lightweight design, the ROG Keri’s II Ace provides better comfort and maneuverability for longer gaming sessions.

Does the ROG Keri’s II Ace offer wireless connectivity?

Indeed, the ROG Keri’s II Ace boasts blazing-fast wireless networking that frees up space and minimizes cable clutter.

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