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AWS helps Owkin careers precision medicine generative AI

Owkin careers(Owkin), a tech-bio company that uses artificial intelligence and human judgment to match each patient with the best course of treatment, announced today that it is collaborating with AWS to develop AI diagnostics, de-risk and expedite clinical trials, and revolutionize drug discovery. Owkin intends to utilize AWS’s dependable, secure, and expansive cloud platform in addition to its proven global infrastructure to improve data operations, achieve operational excellence, and further precision medicine research.

“Owkin was founded on the belief that technologies that securely and privately extract insights from hospitals and research facilities’ massive amounts of patient data will be key to precision medicine’s future,” says cofounder and CEO Thomas Clozel. Collective intelligence through teamwork and cutting-edge technology are our greatest assets. They can expand their research by working with AWS to leverage the cloud’s strength, security, and adaptability.

By utilizing machine learning and high-performance computing, Owkin careers and AWS hope to spur biotech innovation. Through the integration of AWS’s secure and scalable cloud infrastructure and services with Owkin’s specialized biotech research and development, the company is able to meet its storage needs up to petabytes develop generative AI applications, and create and modify foundation models. In order to improve patient health outcomes, Owkin careers will use Amazon SageMaker to develop, train, and implement machine learning models, optimize the processing of high-quality data at scale, and advance the deployment of its portfolio of AI solutions through research partners, pathology labs, and biopharma.

In order to solve important precision medicine challenges and determine the best course of action for each patient, Owkin careers and specialists from AWS’s Healthcare and Life Sciences team, who bring practical experience from the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and government health and regulatory organizations will collaborate to leverage technology. Owkin careers and AWS hope to use their respective areas of expertise to support groundbreaking discoveries and propel the creation of game-changing solutions for global healthcare issues.

“The cloud and the advent of computational biochemistry significantly accelerated the pace of innovation in healthcare and life sciences, and applying generative AI enables another huge leap forward,” stated Dan Sheeran, General Manager of Healthcare and Life Sciences at AWS. They are thrilled to work with Owkin to provide flexible, safe, and scalable infrastructure as well as purpose-built generative AI tools to help them reduce costs and find and develop better, more targeted treatments more quickly.

Owkin intends to leverage AWS’s cutting-edge networking and scalability, along with its high-performance, affordable, and scalable infrastructure, to develop and implement its applications. These applications will include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) UltraClusters of P5 instances, which are driven by NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs. Using second-generation Elastic Fabric Adapter (EFA) technology, these instances support networking rates of up to 3,200 Gbps.

This allows Owkin to scale up to 20,000 H100 GPUs in EC2 UltraClusters for on-demand access to supercomputer-class performance. Machine learning model training times are sped up with P5 instances, going from days to hours. Additionally, Owkin Careers plans to test out AWS chips designed specifically for cloud computing, such as AWS Graviton, a general-purpose CPU that offers the best value performance for a variety of workloads, and AWS Trainium, a high-performance machine learning accelerator.

According to the AWS Digital Sovereignty Pledge, Owkin will have complete control over their data by utilizing some of the most robust sovereignty controls available today, such as data residency guardrails, specialized hardware and software to prevent outside access during processing on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, and data encryption whether the data is in transit, at rest, or in memory (Amazon EC2). As a result, Owkin careers will be able to maintain its solid and safe partnership building while producing and working with the best possible data. Additionally, Owkin careers will gain from AWS’s extensive compliance controls, which support 143 security standards and compliance certifications and assist partners in meeting global regulatory requirements.

Concerning Owkin Careers

A TechBio company called Owkin makes sure every patient receives the best care possible by fusing artificial and human intelligence. AI helps us comprehend complex biology, which helps us find new treatments, expedite and reduce risk in clinical trials, and create AI diagnostics. Owkin unlocks the potential of artificial intelligence to power precision medicine by leveraging privacy-enhancing federation to access current multimodal patient data. We combine cutting-edge AI methods with wet lab experiments to build a potent feedback loop for accelerated innovation and discovery.

MOSAIC, the largest multi-omics atlas for cancer research worldwide, was founded by Owkin.

Through investments from prestigious biopharma companies (including Sanofi and BMS) and venture funds (including Fidelity, GV, and BPI), Owkin has raised over $300 million.

MOSAIC & Owkin: Building the World’s Largest Spatial Omics Dataset in Oncology

MOSAIC and Owkin are two entities working together on a groundbreaking initiative: creating the largest spatial omics dataset in oncology. Here’s some key information:


  • Stands for Multi Omic Spatial Atlas in Cancer.
  • It’s a large-scale research project led by Owkin with partners like NanoString and research institutions.
  • Aims to collect and analyze 7,000 tumor samples across seven different cancer types (e.g., lung, breast, glioblastoma).
  • Uses cutting-edge spatial omics technologies to map cancer cells and their surrounding environment at high resolution.


  • An AI biotech company specializing in artificial intelligence and data science for oncology research.
  • Provides foundational expertise in AI, data science, and oncology for the MOSAIC project.
  • Develops the data platform and applies AI/ML to analyze the MOSAIC data and unlock new insights.

What makes MOSAIC unique?

  • Scale: 100x larger than existing spatial omics datasets, offering unprecedented depth and granularity.
  • Multimodal: Combines various data types like gene expression, protein levels, and spatial information.
  • AI-powered: Leverages Owkin’s AI expertise to extract meaningful insights from the vast dataset.

Potential impact:

  • Advanced drug discovery: Identify new drug targets and develop more effective therapies.
  • Personalized medicine: Understand individual tumors better and develop tailored treatment approaches.
  • Improved diagnosis: Develop non-invasive methods for early cancer detection and more accurate diagnoses.
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