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Nodeshift Offers Affordable AI Cloud with Intel Tiber Cloud!

A San Francisco-based firm called Nodeshift is making waves in the industry with its ground-breaking cloud-based solutions at a time when AI development is often associated with exorbitant costs. Nodeshift is democratising the development of AI by providing a worldwide cloud network for training and running AI models at a fraction of the cost of market leaders like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure.


Terraform can help automate deployments

Thanks to its integration with Terraform, you can automate the deployment of GPU and Compute virtual machines, as well as storage. This place is a great fit for your AWS, GCP, and Azure expertise.

Steps x NodeShift on GitHub

To generate resources on it and launch your code straight into GPU and compute virtual machines, utilise the GitHub Actions pipeline.

What People Say About NodeShift

With its new decentralised paradigm, it is poised to reshape cloud services, altering the dynamics of the market and opening up new avenues for innovation.

The NodeShift founders have been chosen to participate in Intel’s startup accelerators, Intel Ignite and Intel Liftoff. Their goal is to build a strong foundation for growth by collaborating with seasoned business owners, mentors, and engineers. This will facilitate in expediting the advancement of decentralisation technology and expanding its operations worldwide.

Developing business apps in the cloud securely and at a significant cost savings is made simple for developers by the NodeShift platform. By applying applied cryptography to distributed computing, it is possible to leverage technical breakthroughs.

With years of experience implementing Palantir’s business SaaS platform in the cloud, KestrelOx1 is excited to support the NodeShift project and team as they push the boundaries of what is possible in the cloud and ensure data security.

It is revolutionary that Nodeshift is a component of the Intel Liftoff Programme. It will always be able to improve their cloud services thanks to this strategic partnership, which gives them unrestricted access to state-of-the-art hardware and software.

Intel Liftoff

“The close collaboration with the Intel Liftoff Programme has significantly improved and accelerated our own development and success in the market.” The co-founder of Nodeshift, Mihai Mărcuță.

Developing and training cloud-based AI systems can be extremely expensive for small and medium-sized businesses. Leading suppliers’ exorbitant prices frequently strain budgets to the breaking point, inhibiting innovation. With savings of up to 80% over popular cloud services from Google, AWS, and Azure, Nodeshift takes on this challenge head-on.

The Cost-Cutting Method of Nodeshift

Nodeshift’s creative utilisation of already-existing, underutilised processing and storage resources is the key to its incredible cost effectiveness. As an alternative to building their own data centres, it makes use of a network of geographically dispersed virtual machines that are purchased from both major and small telecom providers. This model improves scalability and flexibility in addition to cutting expenses. Here at Nodeshift, security and data protection come first.

Because Nodeshift is SOC 2 certified and follows strict standards like GDPR, it guarantees the highest level of data security and privacy.

Nodeshift Compute pricing and configuration
Image Credit to Intel

Strengthened by the Tiber Developer Cloud at Intel

As a participant in the Intel Liftoff Programme, it has unmatched access to the Intel Tiber Development Cloud. You may easily find cutting-edge hardware components and necessary software tools for developing AI here. Because of this collaboration, Nodeshift engineers can make sure that their products are always at the forefront of technology by thoroughly testing and improving them.

Max security and performance for AI applications are ensured by Nodeshift because to its access to the newest AI accelerator technologies, such as Intel Gaudi 2 or Gaudi 3, and contemporary CPU developments, such Intel SGX. It keeps its solutions one step ahead of the competition by utilising Intel’s expertise to further develop them.

Gaining More Recognition and Trustworthiness

Apart from the technology assistance, it gains from the powerful startup acceleration apparatus of Intel. In addition to increased media presence, this entails introductions to mentors, prospective clients, and important industry people. Being present at Intel events helps it become more visible in the market and improves its standing with investors, staff members, and clients.

The story of its demonstrates how creative thinking and smart alliances can revolutionise the tech sector. It is opening up AI development to a wider audience at a lower cost and opening doors for new kinds of technical breakthroughs by utilising Intel’s resources and their distinctive approach to cloud infrastructure.

Intel Ignite

“Decentralisation will be the foundation of NodeShift’s new paradigm, which will redefine cloud services and alter the dynamics of the market. This will present new opportunities for innovation.” The NodeShift founders have been chosen to participate in Intel’s startup accelerators, Intel Ignite and Intel Liftoff. Their goal is to build a strong foundation for growth by collaborating with seasoned business owners, mentors, and engineers. As a result, NodeShift will be able to expand its operations internationally and quicken the advancement of decentralised technologies.

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