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MediaTek Pentonic 800 Engines For Powerful Premium 4K TVs

Premium 4KTVs are empowered by the MediaTek Pentonic 800 integrated AI and cutting-edge technology.

The Pentonic 800 is a new, premium 4KTV SoC that adheres to Pentonic’s core principles of powerful TV technologies: AI, audio, broadcasting, connectivity, and display. It is perfect for a wide range of applications, including large HDR-enabled TV-like displays, commercial displays, and smart home TVs that are great for entertainment.

MediaTek Pentonic 800

This all-in-one chip contains a very powerful quad-core CPU, a powerful GPU, and a MediaTek NPU that speeds up artificial intelligence for a variety of in-house MediaTek picture enhancing technologies. In contrast to other smart TV platforms, the MediaTek Pentonic 800 has an integrated 4K MEMC engine, an all-region demod, and TCON to handle media frame-rate conversion and timing management precisely and efficiently. This helps product designers save money on materials and development time.

As one might expect, the chip supports a wide range of state-of-the-art audiovisual standards. It supports global HDR standards, including the most recent versions of Dolby Precision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive, and it features new Dolby Atoms Flex Connect, which allows for multi-speaker sound setups that are more flexible and can be precisely adjusted for the room in which you find yourself.

Of course, AI is a crucial component. With generational improvements to image upscaling and noise reduction, along with gaming-specific enhancements, MediaTek’s 3rd generation AI-Super Resolution means that you can still enjoy stunning 4K visuals on the Pentonic 800 even if your favorite game doesn’t support various upscaling technologies in-engine. While the latest scene and object identification technologies offer greater control over picture quality parameters to optimize experiences, AI-Contrast 2.0 offers real-time SDR-to-HDR conversion.

A number of technologies are available to enhance the game experience. Superfast VRR 165Hz screens are available for product designers to use, resulting in fluid gaming experiences when combined with compatible PCs or consoles. Naturally, HDR is also required, so the processor supports the new HDR10+ Gaming standard and is compatible with Dolby Vision-enabled content and devices.

One of those crucial technological elements is connectivity. In this case, the MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6/7 choices offer dependable low-latency high-speed wireless connectivity, together with seamless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth hybrid coexistence technology to accommodate wireless gamepads, headphones, earphones, and other peripherals.

It even go beyond the chip with our job. See how MediaTek technology can bring creative visionaries like Tony Hawk and Jimmy Chin to your home by viewing our recent collaborations.

The next-generation 4KTV SoC, the MediaTek Pentonic 800, offers class-leading picture quality, 165Hz displays, and powerful AI.

The Goal of Exceeding to Pentonic 800

The amazing experiences you have are shaped by the potent TV technologies in Display, Audio, AI, Broadcasting, and Connectivity found in MediaTek Pentonic TV platforms.
When combined with VRR screens up to 165Hz, the MediaTek Pentonic 800 is a high-end 4KTV SoC with worldwide application that offers gaming experiences beyond compare as well as class-leading audio and video experiences.

It is perfect for a variety of uses, such as embedded big displays, smart monitors, commercial displays, and next-generation smart TVs. It combines MediaTek’s potent AI processing unit with TCON, whole region demod, high resolution audio processing, and MEMC to deliver industry-leading AI-based picture quality technologies.

Faster Processors and a Highly Integrated SoC

MediaTek Pentonic 800 has greater peak clock speeds than Pentonic 700 and incorporates a more potent CPU, AI, GPU, and co-processors within its SoC. These improvements improve performance, making the Pentonic 800 a great option for smart TVs. They also guarantee excellent software compatibility and provide an exceptional user experience.

Clear and Crisp 4K User Interface

MediaTek Pentonic 800 graphics technology optimize power-efficiency while delivering breathtaking 4K visual quality and effective resource utilization.

Strong Artificial Intelligence Engine with Leading Image Enhancement

Synergy between compute elements is ensured by the completely integrated MediaTek AI processing unit, enabling quicker and more power-efficient processing. The Pentonic 800 NPU offers 50% quicker processing performance and 60% less memory bandwidth usage than the previous generation chip.

With its industry-leading super resolution and image quality improvements, MediaTek’s AI-display technology turns any material into a premium viewing experience. Enabling the removal of noise or artefacts from broadcasting or internet streams and the almost flawless restoration of material or features.

3.0 AI-Super Resolution

  • AI-SR stands for generationally improved upscaling.
  • AI-SR optimized for gaming
  • AI-NR (Artificial Noise Reduction) AI-Contrast 2.0
  • AI-Picture Quality Scene Recognition 2.0+ – SDR-to-HDR
  • MEMC based on scenes and expanded worldwide PQ restrictions
  • AI-Object Recognition 2.5+ with High Picture Quality
  • Using AI-objection detection (depth & face) to enhance PQ overall.

Leading Video Decoding Engine in the Industry

Popular essential codecs like HEVC, AV1, AVS3 High Profile, and VVC (H.266) are supported by the hardware video decoding engine, guaranteeing stable and power-efficient 4K video playback. This feature makes sure that streaming and broadcast content are supported, offering better entertainment value.

Quick & Stable Wi-Fi 6/6E/7 Networking

Intelligent Television OEMs have the option to incorporate MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi 6, 6E, or 7 wireless connectivity chipsets, which offer blazingly fast internet access fit for smoothly streaming 4K content in addition to the dependable connections and low latency required for cloud gaming.

Coexistence technology in MediaTek Filogic Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo solutions makes it possible for accessories like wireless headsets and game controllers to function with internet connectivity.

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