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Intel Computex Unveils AI : Xeon 6, Gaudi, Lunar Lake CPUs

Intel Computex 2024

In order to make AI affordable and available to everyone, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger announced at Intel Computex 2024 the newest technologies that combine state-of-the-art performance and power efficiency in data centres, acceleration, and the AI PC experience. Intel is dedicated to driving AI potential for partners and customers, while also empowering open ecosystems. Intel is still at the forefront of driving the industry towards a sustainable and scalable future with its increased processing power, cutting-edge power efficiency, and affordable total cost of ownership.

Gelsinger gave a keynote address at the June 4–7 event in Taipei, Taiwan, where he introduced the Intel Xeon 6 processors with Efficient-cores (E-cores), revealed the cost of the Intel Gaudi 2 and 3 AI accelerator kits, and unveiled the ground-breaking Lunar Lake client processor architecture a ground-breaking design that expands the AI PC category even further.

Lunar Lake

For its forthcoming Lunar Lake client computing processor, which was completely rebuilt to deliver industry-leading core and graphics performance with unparalleled AI, Intel unveiled the architecture specifics.

In comparison to the previous generation, the new Performance-cores (P-cores) and Efficient-cores (E-cores) give incredible performance at up to 40% reduced system-on-chip power. Compared to the previous generation, a new neural processing unit is up to 4 times quicker, allowing for equivalent advancements in generative AI. Moreover, performance in gaming and graphics is 1.5 times better with the new Xe2 graphics processing unit cores compared to the previous version.

Starting in the third quarter of 2024, Lunar Lake will power more than 80 new AI PC designs from more than 20 partners.

Lunar Lake Structure: A Motion Picture

An animated film demonstrates the various technological levels that comprise Lunar Lake. Intel unveiled Lunar Lake architecture at Intel Computex in Taipei on June 4, 2024. When compared to the previous generation, the thin-and-light PC processor offers notable gains in performance and efficiency in the neural processing unit, central processing unit, and graphics processing unit. Intel Corporation is credited.

Pictures of Lunar Lake

Pictures of Lunar Lake
Image credit to Intel

Lunar Lake Provides the AI PC with a New Architecture

Intel unveiled the Lunar Lake architecture at Intel Computex 2024, revealing the flagship chip for the upcoming AI PC generation. Lunar Lake focuses on power-efficient compute performance for the thin-and-light segment while providing a significant boost in graphics and AI processing capabilities. Intel Corporation is credited.

Intel Core 6

The Intel Xeon 6 family of processors, which comes with E-core and P-core variants, was introduced by Intel to handle a wide range of workloads and use cases, including scalable cloud-native apps and high-performance computation requirements for artificial intelligence.

The first member of the series, code-named Sierra Forest, is the Intel Xeon 6 CPU with efficient cores, making its debut at Intel Computex 2024. When compared to 2nd Gen Intel Xeon processors on media transcoding workloads, it offers a performance per watt boost of up to 2.6x and a rack-level performance gain of up to 4.2x. Its high core density and remarkable performance also allow for rack-level consolidation of 3-to-1.

The third quarter of 2024 will see Intel Xeon 6 processors with P-cores increase AI, high-performance computing, image processing, and data analytics.

Xeon 6 Picture

Xeon 6 Picture
Image credit to Intel

An Overview of Intel Xeon 6 Processors in 60 Seconds

Three key points concerning Intel Xeon 6 processors with Efficient-cores (E-cores) are outlined in this one-minute summary. Known by the code name Sierra Forest, they were introduced on June 4, 2024, at Intel Computex in Taipei, Taiwan. Designed with E-cores, they enhance performance and reduce power consumption for applications that require high densities and scaling. The Intel Xeon 6 processors with Performance-cores (P-cores), code-named Granite Rapids, will shortly trail this initial member of the family. Workloads requiring additional computation, such AI and computer vision, will be supported. Intel Corporation is credited.

Kulim, Malaysia; San Jose, Costa Rica: Intel Manufacturing (B-Roll)

The Intel Kulim Assembly Test (KuAT) plant in Kulim, Malaysia, and the Costa Rica Assembly Test (CRAT) site in San Jose, Costa Rica, are depicted in B-roll film from May 2024. It features footage of Intel Xeon 6 processors with efficient cores (code-named Sierra Forest) and Intel personnel inside the buildings. Intel Corporation is credited.

Gaudi Intel

With a price-performance advantage that offers customers options, quick deployment, and a lower total cost of operation, the Intel Gaudi architecture delivers the generative AI performance they desire.

Intel revealed at Intel Computex that a typical AI kit, which includes eight Intel Gaudi 2 accelerators and a universal baseboard (UBB), is expected to cost system providers about one-third as much as comparable competition systems. The kit is available to system providers for $65,000. Eight Intel Gaudi 3 accelerators with a UBB will be included in a kit that will retail for $125,000, which is roughly two-thirds less than comparable competitor platforms.

Additionally, Intel disclosed that the launch of Intel Gaudi 3 systems is anticipated from six new system vendors. With plans to sell Intel Gaudi 3 systems, ASUS, Foxconn , the Gigabyte, Inventec, Quanta, and Wistron join Dell, HPE, Lenovo, and Supermicro.

Intel Tech Tour

Intel held its third-annual Technology Tour in Taiwan just a few days before Intel Computex, providing worldwide media and analysts with presentations on Xeon 6 and Gaudi accelerators as addition to an in-depth look at Lunar Lake architecture. Bringing next-generation technologies to life is the responsibility of business and technical leaders from throughout Intel, and these leaders delivered keynote addresses and technical deep dives over the two-day event.



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