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Logic Pro for iPad 2: A New Era of Music Creation with AI

Logic Pro latest version

Logic Pro iPad 2

With amazing studio assistant capabilities that enhance the music-making process and give artists support when needed, Logic Pro for iPad 2, which will be available on Monday, May 13, ensures that musicians retain complete creative freedom. These features include Stem Splitter, which allows you to extract and deal with individual elements of a single audio recording, ChromaGlow, which quickly adds warmth to recordings, and Session Players, which build on Logic’s well-liked Drummer skills to include a new Bass Player and Keyboard Play.

iPad Pro and the Natural World

100% recyclable aluminium in the case, rare earth components in every magnet, and gold plating and tin soldering in many printed circuit boards make the new iPad Pro eco-friendly. New iPad Pro satisfies Apple’s energy efficiency standards and is mercury-, PVC-, and brominated flame retardant-free. New all-fiber packaging brings Apple closer to plastic-free packaging by 2025.

As of right now, Apple’s global corporate activities are carbon neutral. The company wants carbon neutrality in its manufacturing supply chain and product life cycle by 2030.

Logic Pro 11

The all-new Logic Pro for iPad 2 and Logic Pro for Mac 11 were announced by Apple today, offering cutting-edge professional experiences for beat-making, mixing, producing, and songwriting. The new Logic Pro, which is driven by artificial intelligence, offers amazing studio assistant features that enhance the creative process and provide musicians support when they need it while preserving their complete creative autonomy.

These additions include ChromaGlow, which quickly adds warmth to recordings, Stem Splitter, which allows you to extract and deal with individual parts of a single audio recording, and Session Players, which extend the well-liked Drummer capabilities in Logic Pro to include a new Bass Player and Keyboard Player. Starting on Monday, May 13, the App Store will offer Logic Pro for iPad 2 and Logic Pro for Mac 11.

Brent Chiu-Watson, senior director of Apps Worldwide Product Marketing at Apple, stated, “Logic Pro gives creatives everything they need to write, produce, and mix a great song, and they latest features take that creativity to a whole new level.” “With the unmatched performance of iPad, Mac, and M-series Apple silicon, along with Logic Pro’s new AI-backed updates, creative pros can create music like never before in the industry.”

  • In a music studio, a Logic Pro user is shown using a MacBook Pro.
  • A 13-inch iPad Pro is being used by a Logic Pro user.

Players in Sessions: An AI-Powered Customised Backing Band

Session Players give artists revolutionary experiences by acting as a personalised, AI-powered backup band that reacts to their input. Drummer, one of the first generative musicians in the world, revolutionised the music creation industry more than ten years ago. With significant updates and the addition of a new virtual keyboard and bass player, it gets even better today.

Session Players enhance the live performance experience while guaranteeing that musicians have complete control over every stage of the songwriting process.

With the use of cutting-edge AI and sampling technologies, Bass Player was taught in conjunction with the finest bass musicians of today. Users can select from eight distinct bass players and use sophisticated settings like slides, mutes, dead notes, and pickup hits to direct their performance with controls for intricacy and intensity. In order to get fresh ideas, users can select from 100 Bass Player loops or play along with chord progressions. Users can specify and modify a song’s chord progressions using Chord Track, and the virtual bass player will play along flawlessly.

Logic Pro for iPad 2
Image credit to Apple

Additionally, users of the Studio Bass plug-in can access six newly recorded instruments, ranging from electric to acoustic, that are precisely modelled after the sounds of the most well-liked bass tones and genres of today.

Users of Keyboard Player have a choice of four distinct styles, each created in collaboration with professional studio musicians and intended to complement a broad range of musical genres. A keyboard player has access to almost infinite permutations, ranging from basic block chords to chord voicing with extended harmony.

Keyboard Player follows along as Chord Track adds and modifies the song’s chord sequence, much like Bass Player does. Users can choose additional sound-shaping choices, including release samples, sympathetic resonance, pedal noise, key noise, and three mic placements, by using the Studio Piano plug-in.

Stem Splitter: Retrieve Excellent Tapes

Most musicians work best when they are not under the pressure of a formal recording session. These moments are frequently found on old demo cassette tapes, Voice Memos recordings, or live performance recordings. When these recordings are played back, they can show off enchanted performances that are almost hard to recreate and are therefore lost to time.

With the use of Stem Splitter, an artist may now extract inspiration from any audio file and divide almost any mixed audio file into four independent sections, directly on the device: drums, bass, vocals, and other instruments. It’s simple to add additional parts, alter the mix, or apply effects when these songs are divided. With the help of AI and M-series Apple technology, Stem Splitter operates incredibly quickly.

ChromaGlow: Select the Ideal Hue

ChromaGlow uses AI and the capability of M-series Apple silicon to simulate the sounds made by a combination of the most renowned studio hardware available. With five distinct saturation styles, users may customise the exact tone to give any track an ultrarealistic punch, warmth, and presence. Additionally, they have the option of selecting between more severe styles that can be tailored to taste, nostalgic vintage warmth, or contemporary clean sounds.

Driven by Mac and iPad

Creatives have embraced Logic Pro for iPad quickly since its launch last year. Logic Pro, which was created from the ground up to fully utilise touch, turns the iPad into practically any instrument that can be imagined. Because of the iPad’s portability, it also becomes a fully functional studio on the go.

Musicians can finish intricate multitrack compositions, design unique software instrument sounds, use a fully functional professional mixer, and experiment with the app’s extensive effects plug-in library thanks to the strength and performance of Apple silicon.

Project round-tripping makes it simple to work between an iPad and a Mac, enabling users to continue refining their project when they return to the studio and continue making music while on the move.

Logic Pro Price

The App Store offers Logic Pro for iPad 2 as a subscription service:

  • Subscription cost each month: $4.99 (USD)
  • Subscription cost: $49 (USD) annually

Logic Pro Free trail

To try it out before committing, there is also a free trial that lasts for one month.

Logic Pro price for Mac 11

  • Depending on whether you currently own Logic Pro, there are two distinct price and availability possibilities for Logic Pro for Mac 11:
  • New Users (Paid Purchase): The price of Logic Pro for Mac 11 is $199.99 (USD) for those who have never used it before. It is available for purchase on the Mac App Store.
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