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Crucial LPCAMM2: 32GB LPDDR5X 7500 Professional Memory

LPDDR5X 7500

Professionals and creators may now experience higher laptop performance with the revolutionary next-generation laptop memory form factor, Crucial LPCAMM2, which includes LPDDR5X mobile memory. With a single module, LPCAMM2 offers dual-channel capability and better bandwidth than DDR5 SODIMMs while consuming up to 58% less active power and conserving 64% of the available space. Compatible with the robust and adaptable Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 mobile workstations, LPCAMM2 is the perfect high-performance memory solution for managing AI PC and sophisticated tasks.

According to Jonathan Weech, senior director of product marketing for Micron’s Commercial Products Group, LPCAM2 is a game-changer for mobile workstation users who want the latest mobile high performance memory technology without sacrificing performance, upgradeability, power efficiency, or space. “They are providing a future-proof memory solution with LPCAMM2, enabling faster speeds and longer battery life to support demanding workloads in AI and creativity.”

Yasumichi Tsukamoto, vice president and distinguished engineer, Commercial Product Solutions Development at Lenovo, stated, “Lenovo’s ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 is the first laptop available in the market that can leverage the newest LPCAMM2 form factor to enable higher performance, faster AI workflows, scalable memory capacity, and improved battery life for mobile workstations and thin and light laptops.” “This potent combination not only improves user experience, but also lowers laptop energy consumption overall thanks to the low power memory found in LPCAMM2 modules.”

LPCAMM2 can achieve lightning-fast speeds of up to 7,500MT/s, which is 1.3 times faster than DDR5 SODIMMs, by employing LPDDR5X memory. In addition to lowering power consumption, this memory form factor increases battery life. As compared to DDR5 SODIMMs, these modules utilise up to 80% less standby power, allowing users to work longer on the road without sacrificing performance.

The 128 bits of CPU bus width are filled by a single LPCAMM2 module, optimising bandwidth for AI workloads and apps and enabling AI-enabled PCs to reach new heights. Based on PCMark 10 tests, users can improve productivity tasks by up to 15% and increase performance by up to 7% for workloads involving the creation of digital material. Since LPCAMM2 is upgradeable, users can quickly change out their modules and expand their memory capacity as needed, in contrast to soldered-down memory. It also has a sleeker, more portable design with a thinner, fan-less construction.

What is LPCAMM2 ?

A new form factor for laptop memory is called LPCAMM2 (low-power compression attached memory module 2). It makes use of LPDDR5X mobile memory, which is a low-power, high-speed version of LPDDR5 memory commonly used in smartphones. This novel strategy offers the following significant benefits:

Lightning-Quick Speeds

The LPCAMM2 can transmit data at up to 7500 MT/s, which is approximately 1.3 times quicker than the DDR5 SODIMM (Small Outline Dual In-Line Memory Module). This results in improved responsiveness for taxing tasks like video editing, 3D rendering, and AI workloads, as well as more seamless multitasking and faster application loading.

Superior Power Efficiency

The lower power consumption of LPDDR5X RAM is one of its main advantages. The LPCAMM2 provides a startling 80% reduction in standby power and up to 58% lower active power usage than DDR5 SODIMM. This leads to greater laptop battery life, enabling users to operate for longer periods of time between charges.

Compact Design

When compared to DDR5 SODIMM modules, the LPCAMM2 has a lower footprint. Laptops that are lighter and thinner can be made thanks to this space-saving architecture without sacrificing memory performance. Furthermore, by being smaller, there is more room within for other parts, which could result in better heat management.

Present Accessibility

A relatively new device, the Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X 7500 was only announced by Micron Technology in May 2024. With their ThinkPad P1 Gen 7 mobile workstation being the first to use this technology, Lenovo appears to be the launch partner.


How much better is the battery life with LPCAMM2?

Laptop batteries last longer thanks to LPCAMM2’s reduced power consumption, which can be as much as 58% lower while using active power and 80% lower when using standby power. The specific enhancements vary based on the general setup and usage habits of the laptop.

Will the LPCAMM2 improve my laptop’s gaming performance?

While some games can benefit from quicker memory, the overall performance of games is largely dependent on components like the graphics card and CPU. Applications such as video editing and 3D rendering, which largely depend on memory bandwidth, may benefit more from the LPCAMM2.

Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X 7500 Memory Specs

Memory TypeLPDDR5X
Form FactorLPCAMM2
InterfaceNot specified (likely adheres to specific LPCAMM2 standard)
VoltageNot specified (expected to be lower than DDR5 SODIMM due to LPDDR5X focus on low power)
Speed7500 MT/s
ChannelsNot officially confirmed, but potentially supports quad-channel
CAS Latency (CL)Not officially specified (may vary depending on manufacturer)
Error Correction Code (ECC)Not confirmed (availability of ECC versions may depend on specific model)
On-Die CompressionYes
Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X 7500 General tech specs
CompatibilityCompatible with your ThinkPad P1 Gen 7
DIMM typeUnbuffered
Module quantity1
Module typeLPCAMM2
Die Density16Gb
Crucial 32GB LPCAMM2 LPDDR5X 7500 Default and performance recovery profiles
XMP 3.0 Profile 1N/A
XMP 3.0 Profile 2N/A
EXPO Profile 1N/A
EXPO Profile 2N/A
Warranty & returns
WarrantyLimited Lifetime
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