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Legendary boAT Immortal Katana Blade Revealed

Beast Experience With boAT Immortal Katana Blade

In the last five months, I have experimented with almost five different earbud models, and they all offer unique features. Some were quite sensitive to touch and had great sound quality, while others had a certain vibrancy that would make them a durable pair of earphones for many years to come. My ears had become used to the in-ear TWS headphones that delightedly stayed in place and completely engrossed me in music while I was on the run. The boAT Immortal Katana Blade earbuds were recently launched, so I had the chance to test them out beforehand. It was the unusual name, Katana, which piqued my interest since it has long been connected to lethal sword fight.

Ultimate Performance

I have reservations about headphones that don’t fit inside your ear canals, to be honest. They aren’t my thing. While comfort is a question of personal taste, for others this may primarily be about it. When I finally had a chance to open the box, I was impressed by how innovative and progressive everything was. That made me believe that the people who created it took great effort to create something unique that would satisfy the visual tastes of video game enthusiasts.

The case is one of the most distinctive and alluring features of the boAT Immortal Katana Blade. There’s a chance that it holds the Tesseract, and it resembles a little silver chest (a small reference to the Marvel Cinematic Universe). The “schiing” sound effect that the case makes every time it is opened would startle someone who had never used the device before, as I discovered when I slid it open.

Gamer’s Paradise

A lot of attention to detail must have been needed on the side of the developer to replicate a scabbard and produce the sword effect. Essentially, the sounds make use of the essential theatrical elements to prime players for action-packed gameplay every time they open the case. This made me feel as if it was done very carefully to draw in players. Adding to the device’s striking design are dynamic RGB LEDs adorning the case.

Features of boAT Immortal Katana Blade

  • A fully wireless earbud with a latency of about 50 milliseconds is among the lowest available. Being able to ensure that there is no lag between the sound you hear and the activity on screen makes this feature essential for gaming.
  • Has one of the longest battery lives of any true wireless earbuds, with a maximum of fifty hours of use. This is an important feature for gamers who want to play without worrying about their earphones dying while playing for longer stretches of time.
  • To enhance the immersiveness of your gaming experience, turn on the low latency and turn up the audio. Another name for Beast Mode is Beast Option.
  • The Gliding Blade Sound is a unique sound effect that helps to the overall immersive aspect of the gaming experience. It sounds whenever the charging case is opened.
  • lighting in the RGB spectrum: The RGB lighting on the earbuds may be customized to your preference.
  • A powerful, full-bodied sound may be produced by the 13mm drivers.
  • An assortment of ear tips is included with the earbuds so that you may adjust the fit to ensure a snug and pleasant fit.
  • Touch controls on these earphones make it easy to change the music and call volume as well as the earbuds themselves.
  • Water resistance: The IPX4 rating for the earphones means that even in the event of heavy rain or perspiration, you won’t have to worry about them breaking.

And specifically, how does it sound?

It doesn’t take me long to notice the relative difference when there is a 50 millisecond lag, which the company specifies as being in their Beast Mode. I don’t play video games on a daily basis. I’m rather impressed with the sound. The earbuds provide great sound quality for music lovers as well as features that are advantageous for gamers. When the earbuds were tested with Call of Duty, they reproduced footsteps, gunfire, and explosions with impressive precision. The 13mm driver allowed one to hear every last detail.

While the mids and highs are crisp and clear, the bass in music is deep and slightly subdued. The outcome has been great. I have performed numerous songs from Surf Rock Is Dead in addition to the songs I usually play from Illayaraja. Moreover, I streamed movies from Netflix using the headphones; the result was engrossing and may allow anybody to view many episodes of a show at once. With the Immortal Katana Blade, there is a feature called ASAP Charge. Once charged for ten minutes, this capability may provide 180 minutes of playback.

What it costs and what’s available:

The boAT Immortal Katana Blade costs $99.99 and is available for purchase on both the boAT website and Amazon.

The judgement

BoAT Immortal Katana Blade are earbuds made especially for gaming. For any dedicated gamer seeking the best audio experience within their budget, these earbuds can be relied upon. The earbuds have an extended battery life, excellent sound quality, deeply immersive lighting, and very low latency.

boAT Immortal Katana Blade Specifications

ConnectivityBluetooth 5.2
Latency50ms (Beast Mode)
PlaytimeUp to 50 hours (with charging case)
Earbud BatteryUp to 8 hours
Charging Case BatteryUp to 42 hours
ChargingASAP Charge (10 min charge for 100 min playtime)
Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
Water ResistanceIPX4
Touch ControlsYes (play/pause, volume, next/previous track, answer/end call)
Voice AssistantYes (Siri, Google Assistant)
LED LightingRGB, customizable
Weight (Earbuds)5.5g each
Weight (Charging Case)53g
Included Eartips3 sizes (S, M, L)
Price$99.99 USD
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Gowri Priya
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