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Intel Adds PCs AI Software and Hardware Developer Program

Intel AI pcs

PCs AI Software

As part of the AI PC Acceleration Program, Intel Corporation today announced the launch of two new artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives: the AI PC Developer Program and the inclusion of independent hardware manufacturers. These are significant turning points in Intel’s journey to empower the ecosystem of hardware and software to optimize and maximize AI on over 100 million Intel-based AI PCs by 2025.

The AI PC Developer Program is intended primarily to provide a seamless development experience and facilitate the large-scale adoption of innovative AI technologies by independent software suppliers (ISVs) and software developers. It gives users access to development kits that feature the newest Intel hardware, which includes the Intel Core Ultra CPU, as well as tools, processes, and frameworks for AI implementation.

Developers now have easy access to AI PC and client-focused toolkits, documentation, and training via the new developer resource website. The purpose of these compiled materials is to assist developers in optimizing AI and machine learning (ML) application performance and accelerating new use cases by fully using Intel Core Ultra CPU technology.

Developers who want to more about Intel’s worldwide partner network and how it is maximizing AI performance in the PC market should sign up for Intel’s AI PC Acceleration Program.

Independent hardware vendors (IHVs) now have the chance to get their hardware ready, optimized, and enabled for Intel AI PCs thanks to their inclusion in the AI PC Acceleration Program. Partners who meet the requirements may visit Intel’s Open Labs, where they can get co-engineering and technical assistance early on in the process of developing hardware solutions and platforms. Furthermore, Intel makes reference hardware available via this initiative to eligible IHV partners so they may test and enhance their technology in order to ensure optimal performance at launch.

The AI PC Accelerator Program has now onboarded 150 hardware providers worldwide, according to Matt King, senior director of Intel’s Client Hardware Ecosystem. “They can’t wait to expand their cutting-edge software and hardware solutions and share this momentum with their large, open developer community.”

The AI Acceleration Program for IHVs is open to developers and IHVs. In order to develop and elevate the AI PC experience to new heights, Intel is collaborating with its hardware partners. Come along with Intel as we accelerate innovation.

Why It Matters: AI will radically alter a wide range of facets of human existence, including creation, learning, employment, and relationships. By using Intel’s cutting-edge platform’s central processing units, neural processing units, and graphics processing units together with optimized software and hardware, anybody may take advantage of artificial intelligence with an AI PC. Intel works with a wide range of partners in an open ecosystem to provide improved performance, productivity, innovation, and creativity for end users. Intel is enabling ISVs and IHVs while spearheading innovations in the AI PC era.

Intel provides developers with extra value via various initiatives, such as:

Enhanced Compatibility: Developers can make sure their applications and software operate seamlessly on the newest Intel processors by having access to the most recent Intel Core Ultra development kits, optimization tools, and software. This improves compatibility and the overall end-user experience.

Performance Optimization: Software may be made more efficient and perform better if it is optimized for certain hardware architectures early in the development cycle. Better performance will be possible if AI PCs are broadly accessible thanks to this.

Global Scale and Increased Market Opportunities: Working with Intel and its large, open network of AI-enabled partners offers chances to grow your business internationally, penetrate new markets, and succeed in a variety of sectors.

With Intel Core Ultra processors spanning 230 designs from 12 worldwide original equipment manufacturers, Intel is bringing over 300 AI-accelerated capabilities to market by 2024 and provides a broad range of toolkits for AI developers to use.

About the AI PC Acceleration Program: Launched in October 2023, the program’s goal is to link independent software and hardware providers with Intel resources, such as training, co-engineering, software optimization, hardware, design resources, technical know-how, co-marketing, and sales opportunities.

PC Acceleration Program for AI

Through the AI PC Acceleration Program, Intel will make artificial intelligence (AI) toolchains, training, co-engineering, software optimization, hardware, design resources, technical expertise, co-marketing, and sales opportunities available to independent hardware vendors (IHVs) and independent software vendors (ISVs).

Use Intel Core Ultra Processors on your PC to experience the power of AI. You might be able to increase your creativity, productivity, and security with the AI PC. We’re transferring AI apps from the cloud to PCs in response to market trends, enhancing privacy and lowering reliance on pricey data centers. Intel simplifies AI software development so you can concentrate on what really matters.


What is the AI PC Developer Program?

A project by Intel to support AI technology research and adoption for personal computers. It goes after independent hardware vendors (IHVs), independent software developers, and ISVs.

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