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InsightIQ 5.0 AI Efficiency’s Ultimate Solution

InsightIQ 5.0 Driving AI Efficiency

Maintaining optimal file storage performance can be a difficult undertaking. Performance management issues with unstructured data stem from a variety of variables, such as data volume and growth, application needs, and security. For instance, almost 90% of data globally is unstructured, requiring storage administrators to handle massive volumes of data with a wide range of specifications.

In addition, unstructured storage is facing new performance requirements and opportunities due to the development of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI (GenAI). Maintaining optimal file storage performance is essential for obtaining business insights from artificial intelligence. With the most recent iteration of InsightIQ, which is already accessible for download, enterprises may now simplify the administration of unstructured data performance and unleash benefits for applications.

The NAS on the market, Dell PowerScale is the most adaptable, secure, and efficient scale-out NAS system available. Dell innovated the latest generation of file storage performance manager, InsightIQ 5.0, by leveraging its leadership in the industry. Dell’s software called InsightIQ is made expressly to track and regulate PowerScale storage performance.

Unlike CloudIQ, which offers extensive health status and monitoring to the wide range of Dell data center infrastructure, InsightIQ is not the same. By boosting productivity, the new InsightIQ 5.0 software enhances PowerScale’s monitoring capabilities for file storage performance activities. For instance, InsightIQ 5.0 has enhanced security, an automatic email alert system, and a new user interface. All current and potential PowerScale customers can now get InsightIQ 5.0 for free. With regard to PowerScale performance monitoring for AI, GenAI, and all other workloads, these advances aim to streamline management, increase scale and security, and automate processes.

Streamlined Administration

Dell developed InsightIQ 5.0 to use proactive performance management to streamline processes. The software has an entirely new user interface, a glimpse of which is provided below, that is intended to help IT administrators with daily performance monitoring. Numerous tiles on the dashboard allow you to quickly view important information. One status tile, for instance, summarizes how many clusters the program is in charge of.

A tile that shows the most recent alerts is also present. A different tile displays the total capacity for all monitored clusters together with the amount of storage that is still available. To quickly get an overview of cluster performance and spot any performance bottlenecks, there are additional summaries of cluster performance and the percentage of capacity used. These functions are intended to make work easier and file storage performance management more efficient.

Increased Security and Scale

With the new Kubernetes platform upon which the InsightIQ 5.0 software is built, PowerScale performance management is now possible with ease. The improvements enable InsightIQ 5.0 to handle a much larger number of PowerScale systems by improving its scalability. Up to 504 PowerScale nodes can now be managed by a single InsightIQ instance via a single user interface. Additionally, enhanced, secure communications for PowerScale infrastructure management are provided by InsightIQ 5.0. Infrastructure security is enhanced by InsightIQ 5.0’s use of TLS 1.3 and LDAP-S for secure connectivity to the PowerScale systems. Modern performance features offered by these InsightIQ 5.0 infrastructure enhancements help IT administrators save time while also enhancing security.

Automated Processes

InsightIQ 5.0 was created with automation in mind, relieving users of menial activities. For instance, new Key Performance Indicator-based alerts with configurable thresholds are available in InsightIQ 5.0. Instead of continuously monitoring the software, administrators can now get automated notifications as soon as issues arise. With InsightIQ 5.0’s alerting features, customers will be able to quickly fix performance problems. Furthermore, InsightIQ 5.0 provides comprehensive analysis of file storage performance with customizable report management. The program is also designed for easy installation and upgrades. Installers of InsightIQ 4.3, 4.4, and 4.4.1 can upgrade to 5.0 to get the latest features.

Performance management of Dell PowerScale nodes is now faster and easier than ever thanks to InsightIQ 5.0. The increasing volume of AI workloads makes it necessary to address any storage-related performance issues, and Dell’s latest software offers strong capabilities to maintain PowerScale’s peak performance. All PowerScale customers may access InsightIQ 5.0 for free, and it is a prime example of Dell’s commitment to making IT management easier.

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