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Innovative Features of MSI SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD

The gaming industry is no stranger to fierce competition, where milliseconds can make or break a victory. Recognizing the need for cutting-edge storage solutions, MSI, the world’s leading gaming PC hardware brand, is thrilled to unveil its latest innovation – the SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD. This remarkable SSD harnesses the power of the revolutionary PHISON E26 PCIe Gen 5 SSD controller and state-of-the-art 3D NAND flash, propelling storage performance to new heights and setting new industry standards.

 Introducing the SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD

As pioneers in their respective fields, MSI and PHISON have joined forces to push the envelope of what is possible. Their strong collaboration and shared passion for technological advancement have paved the way for groundbreaking achievements. K.S. Pua, CEO of Phison Electronics, highlights the beginnings of this fruitful partnership, stating that it originated from their mutual interest in the SSD product line. With MSI’s expertise in computer system integration and Phison’s prowess in NAND controller technology, the two companies found common ground and embarked on a journey to redefine storage capabilities.

Power of the SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD

The SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD( check ADATA SSD features) is a testament to MSI’s commitment to gamers and professionals alike. Utilizing the Lightning Gen 5 M.2 slot on the cutting-edge MPG X670E CARBON WIFI motherboard, this SSD showcases exceptional performance. Powered by PHISON’s PS5026-E26 controller, it achieves unprecedented sequential read speeds of over 14 GB/s and write speeds of up to 12 GB/s. These blazing-fast speeds enable gamers to gain a competitive edge by reducing latency, while professionals can process larger files at lightning speed. MSI’s dedication to delivering ultimate performance products remains unwavering, ensuring that users have the tools they need to excel.


The MPG X670E CARBON WIFI motherboard is the perfect companion to the SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD, offering not only exceptional performance but also a visually striking design. Its carbon black appearance, adorned with captivating RGB lighting, immediately captivates gamers’ attention. With an 18+2+1 Duet Rail Power System boasting 90A Power Stage and a premium thermal solution, this motherboard reveals the true potential of Ryzen 7000 series processors. Moreover, the patented Screwless M.2 Shield Frozr eliminates the need for troublesome screws during M.2 installation, streamlining the building process. Equipped with cutting-edge features such as PCIe 5.0 slots, M.2 connectors, 2.5G LAN, Wi-Fi 6E, and USB 3.2 Gen2 x2 connectors, the MPG X670E CARBON WIFI ensures that users are equipped with the latest advancements.

MSI’s SPATIUM M570 PRO Series SSD, in collaboration with PHISON, redefines storage performance by delivering unrivaled speeds and reliability. Powered by the PHISON E26 PCIe Gen 5 SSD controller and state-of-the-art 3D NAND flash, this SSD shatters records and sets new industry benchmarks. Combined with the MPG X670E CARBON WIFI motherboard, users can unlock the full potential of their gaming rigs or professional workstations. With MSI’s unwavering commitment to excellence, they continue to lead the way in providing top-tier performance products that meet the evolving needs of gamers and professionals alike. Experience the future of storage technology with MSI and elevate your gaming or professional endeavors to unprecedented heights.

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