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IBM Consulting and Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity Partnership

IBM Consulting and Palo Alto Networks Collaboration

Palo Alto Networks and IBM Consulting currently declared that they will broaden their strategic alliance to better assist clients in fortifying their end-to-end security postures and navigating dynamic security threats. Leading global cybersecurity company Palo Alto Networks will be one of a select few strategic IBM Consulting partners, and IBM Consulting will be Palo Alto Networks’ go-to source for security services.

“With cloud, data, and technology serving as the lifeblood of most businesses today, cybersecurity threats now represent an existential risk to organizations’ core operating models – making it crucial for security leaders to work together for the good of our mutual clients,” said Mohamad Ali, CEO of IBM Consulting. The fact that Palo Alto Networks is one of IBM chosen strategic partners is evidence of IBM’s transparent and cooperative approach to cybersecurity. IBM can help clients build a robust security program that can scale and adjust to new threats by combining best-of-breed AI, security technology, and consulting knowledge from both firms.”

Palo Alto Networks President BJ Jenkins stated, “The speed and scale of threats are accelerating, with many attackers exfiltrating data in less than 24 hours from the initial compromise of an organization.” Today’s organizations require the right cybersecurity partners to stay up to date with the constantly evolving threat landscape. They are excited to further their long-standing collaboration with IBM in order to provide their joint clients with cutting-edge, AI-powered solutions, cloud security, and services that help them reduce risk and safeguard important data assets.”

As part of this partnership, the businesses will work together to provide improved security solutions that integrate Palo Alto Networks security technology and are provided by IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services. The enlarged partnership’s initial priorities will be to secure cloud conversions and assist businesses in modernizing their security processes.

Managing and Transforming Security Operations Centers of the Next Generation

In order to give customers advanced and independent managed security operations, the first new service will integrate Palo Alto Networks Cortex platform with IBM Consulting Cybersecurity Services experience.

The product will make use of several tiers of sophisticated automation and AI from Palo Alto Networks and IBM Consulting. Particularly, Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSIAM, an AI-driven security operations platform for the modern SOC intended to streamline security operations, aid in stopping threats at scale, and expedite incident remediation, will be jointly offered with IBM Consulting’s Threat Detection and Response Services, which support a wide range of security technologies. Notably, users may now contribute their own unique AI models to the Cortex data lake in addition to the 1,300+ models that are already there thanks to Cortex XSIAM’s most recent feature.

IBM Consulting will offer round-the-clock security alert monitoring, investigation, and automated remediation as part of this service. Additionally, resources to promote ongoing advancements in cyber threat intelligence, threat hunting skills, and cyber risk mitigation will be provided. IBM will assist clients with the planning, development, and modernization of their security operations centers.

IBM Consulting has already trained its sales, technical support, and delivery teams on Cortex XSIAM and plans to conduct further trainings in the upcoming months to further expedite client success.

Safeguarding Hybrid Cloud Migration

By combining Prisma Cloud by Palo Alto Networks with IBM Consulting services, the two businesses will hasten their clients’ transition to the cloud even more. Prisma Cloud offers a comprehensive security posture assessment, secure application development and implementation, as well as ongoing protection and investigation services. Prisma Cloud assists in identifying risks and addressing them before they affect production settings by protecting cloud-native applications across their whole lifespan, from Code to Cloud. Prisma Cloud promotes engineering and security team cooperation by fostering a common knowledge of application security and performance optimization. By collaborating closely with top industry partners, this new joint solution will strengthen IBM Consulting’s robust ecosystem approach and assist businesses in securing their hybrid cloud transformation.

Companies will be able to take advantage of customized education and training programs as well as IBM Consulting‘s extensive and deep experience in cloud and enterprise application security.

The statement made recently that IBM X-Force and Palo Alto Networks have joined to enhance its current, industry-leading capabilities with the Cortex product range is expanded upon by the news of today.

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