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With IBM Consulting, Casper Labs Builds Blockchain Solution

Blockchain-Powered Solutions by Casper Labs

Casper Labs, a provider of enterprise blockchain software and services, and IBM Consulting have announced their partnership to assist clients in utilizing blockchain technology to enhance the transparency and auditability of their artificial intelligence systems. In collaboration with IBM Consulting, Casper Labs and the latter will create a new Casper Labs solution that will be built on top of blockchain technology and utilize IBM Watsonx.governance to create an extra layer of analytics and policy enforcement for managing AI training data across enterprises.

From the original model creator to the end user organization, several organizations are involved in the training, development, and deployment of generative AI models. The outputs of various organizations change as a result of new data sets being integrated or models being altered, and numerous organizations must be able to monitor, audit, and correctly identify and fix problems in addition to tracking these changes. By minimizing the possibility of unneeded data sharing across organizational boundaries and facilitating the sharing of trusted context information through metadata in the ledger indicating model changes, blockchain technology can assist organizations in sharing their knowledge.

The goal of Casper Labs’ solution is to train generative AI systems throughout organizations by monitoring and measuring highly serialized input and output data. It will be built on Casper, a tamper-resistant and highly serialized ledger, and utilizing IBM Watsonx.governance and

Organizations can anticipate being able to better protect sensitive data stored in the solution from being accessible to external actors because of the hybrid nature of the Casper Blockchain and its permissioning system, which gives them control over who can access what data. Additionally, the solution will be designed to support version control by utilizing blockchain’s serialization capabilities. This will enable organizations to quickly and effectively roll back AI system iterations in the event that performance problems or biased outputs arise.

Casper Labs will build the solution with help from IBM Consulting’s AI governance and technology experts. The solution is anticipated to be made available to clients in beta in the first quarter of 2024, and then more widely through Casper Labs’ channels and the IBM Cloud Marketplace.

“An AI system’s efficacy is ultimately as good as an organization’s ability to govern it,” said Shyam Nagarajan, Global Partner, Blockchain and Responsible AI Leader at IBM Consulting. Businesses require solutions that reduce risk, improve explainability, and cultivate trust. IBM said that they are excited to work with Casper Labs to develop a new solution that adds a crucial layer of transparency and risk mitigation for businesses implementing AI at scale, by bringing IBM Consulting and technology to the table.

The new solution is intended to assist businesses in deploying AI responsibly at scale throughout their ecosystem of technology and service providers, including financial services, healthcare, and retail. In addition, the solution seeks to provide:   

Compliance Dashboard: A centralized dashboard designed to help organizations monitor and manage AI systems used throughout the organization in order to support their processes for adhering to ethical standards.

Tools to track the effectiveness and quality of AI systems, as well as an interface to improve the comprehensibility and transparency of AI outputs, comprise the Quality Control Toolkit.

Version control refers to the capability of “rolling back” to earlier versions of an AI system that did not exhibit problems in order to address performance or other issues.

A system for auditing AI procedures and producing thorough reports using context metadata gathered by Casper Labs’ ledger is called the Audit and Reporting System.

The CEO of Casper Labs, Mrinal Manohar, stated, “While generative AI has rightfully excited organizations for its transformative potential, its practical applications have been severely limited by an inability to monitor and react to the data feeding AI systems.” With IBM’s assistance, we’re dedicated to providing a clearer path for correcting behavior in the event of hallucinations or performance problems, as well as a better means of understanding why AI systems behave as they do. AI’s long-term potential will be determined by how well organizations comprehend, manage, and respond to ever-larger AI training data sets.

IBM Consulting and Casper Labs to Present AI Governance Solution in Davos

Mrinal Manohar and Shyam Nagarajan will present a live demonstration of this solution at The Hub in Davos on Tuesday, January 16.

Concerning Casper Labs

The industry leader in enterprise blockchain software is Casper Labs. In order to meet the scale and operational requirements of businesses, Casper Labs created the first layer-1 blockchain, which completely transparently recorded all business transactions. Casper Labs provides businesses and governments with software and services that increase revenue and drastically improve efficiency. Their goal is to construct the fundamental framework required for a completely new era of client value and commercial success.

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