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IBM and TCS collaborate to promote the Hybrid cloud

With its headquarters in Mumbai, India, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is a multinational provider of consulting and information technology services. TCS has been offering top-tier services and consulting to clients and achieving transformational results for more than 50 years because to its extensive expertise in engineering, business and digital solutions, and IT infrastructure services. TCS was chosen for the list of the World’s Most Admired Companies published by FORTUNE magazine in 2023. The list, which is used as a gauge of corporate reputation, is based on a poll of global business executives, directors, and analysts. TCS has 150 operations in 46 nations and employs 600,000 people worldwide.

IBM and TCS’s collaboration

Global partnerships between IBM and TCS encompass numerous technologies, sectors, and regions. Our more than 48-year-old cooperation benefits from TCS’s expertise in digital transformation, consulting, and cloud-engineering services as well as IBM’s expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and analytics. Through this relationship, clients can take advantage of both technical resources and transformational services to address challenging issues and deliver value.

With over 400 engagements and a large staff of workers that specialize in IBM technologies, TCS has a dedicated IBM practice with a wealth of experience managing Power infrastructure and workloads, including effectively transferring Power workloads to IBM Power Virtual Server. With more than 3,500 associates with expertise in IBM i and more than 8,500 associates with expertise in AIX, TCS has more than 25 years of experience managing IBM i and AIX workloads for its clients. TCS offers services like application development and maintenance, re-engineering, migration, screen scraping, and web enablement. TCS is a dependable partner for migration because of their knowledge of the Power platform, commitment to the IBM i and AIX Center of Excellence, and SME community.

“IBM and TCS have a strong strategic alliance. With its Power Virtual server and Financial Services cloud products, IBM has carved out a niche for itself among the various hyperscalers in the market as businesses increasingly move workloads to the cloud. Enterprises are finding that moving some AS400 and AIX workloads to the Power Virtual Server platform is very advantageous and ideal. — CTO for TCS’s Business Group, Babu Unnikrishnan.

Financial firm cuts annual investment on IT infrastructure by a total of $300

Along with specific consumer expectations, financial institutions must also meet complicated regulatory, compliance, and security requirements. It is essential to pay close attention to the architecture, controls, and testing in order to meet these requirements. The banking industry operates in extremely complex and delicate IT and application settings, and both IBM and TCS have the knowledge to manage these kinds of regulatory-driven requirements. Such tasks and workloads must be completed with accuracy, dedication, and extensive experience.

To help clients accelerate their digital transformation and produce greater business results, TCS and IBM have teamed. We worked with a financial institution in the UK that wanted to lower the cost and enhance its on-prem infrastructure’s capacity for disaster recovery. The client’s capacity to satisfy user and market expectations was constrained by this infrastructure. The customer came to TCS with the request to update their AS400 environment and transfer their data and apps to a new cloud-based architecture while keeping users’ access to the Citrix network intact.

To solve the client’s problem, TCS and IBM worked closely together. The teams finished a proof of concept (POC) in four weeks, and the customer approved it. Following that, TCS committed to using IBM Power Virtual Server and IBM Cloud for a period of three years. The TCS team successfully migrated the client’s data and application solutions to IBM Cloud by establishing a new environment (IBM i, Windows, Citrix, Network) there in collaboration with IBM.

The client’s business has been significantly impacted by the project. The customer significantly enhanced their disaster-recovery (DR) posture, which comprised a new active DR capability, in addition to better system and application performance compared to the prior on-premises environment. Additionally, the client was able to reduce the capacity of their IBM iSeries by 40% while also reducing their annual infrastructure spending by approximately USD 300,000.

Additionally, they acquired additional ability to scale up and down their development, test, and DR environments in accordance with fluctuating demand. Additionally, they surpassed or fulfilled all current standards for high availability and latency performance for their users. When the customer migrated their workloads to IBM Power Virtual Server, it saw improvements in security, resilience, capacity, and energy efficiency.

By converting on-premises physical tape stores to virtual tape, the TCS team was also able to manage incoming and outbound networking using IBM Direct Link and enhance the client’s storage and archive retrieval posture.

Retailer in North America saves 450,000 dollars per year

Another successful example of the partnership in action was when TCS and IBM successfully worked together to migrate the client’s AS400 infrastructure to IBM Power Virtual Server when a North American retailer wanted to move their applications to the cloud and benefit from a more adaptable and responsive infrastructure.

For the customer, this had considerable advantages, including a $450,000 annual cost savings and a 30% reduction in iSeries capacity by switching from Power 7 to Power 9. The biggest benefit was in the storage alternatives, since IBM Power Virtual Server offered better performance overall by offering quicker, more affordable, and limitless storage capacity on demand as compared to the outdated on-premises storage that was going to be replaced.

Unquestionably, the team from the major North American retailer and TCS played a key role in one of the largest migrations of the customer’s AS400 system from on-premises to IBM Power Virtual Server, which contributed to the successful adoption and growth of IBM Cloud. The transition went smoothly, and by utilizing Power 9, the AS400 cores were used more effectively while also saving money. — Sureshkumar J, TCS’s chief architect for the iSeries platform for a significant North American retailer that used Power Virtual Server.

starting up

In order to be on the cutting edge of technology, innovation, and cloud engineering services, IBM and TCS have a strong and effective collaboration that brings expertise, dedication, and collaborative experience. This results in excellent results for clients. Contact IBM and TCS to begin your transformation journey immediately if your organization is having trouble with an old infrastructure, rigid applications, excessive IT expenses, rising complexity, or a failure to satisfy consumer demands.


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