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IBM and Adobe improve content supply with generative AI

We are thrilled to announce the groundbreaking partnership between IBM and Adobe, aimed at empowering brands to expedite their content supply chains through the utilization of generative AI. With our longstanding collaboration with Adobe, we offer an unparalleled range of services that cater to the evolving needs of the marketing and creative community.

So, what does this groundbreaking partnership entail? Let’s explore the three fundamental elements that IBM iX®, the experience design group within IBM Consulting, brings to Adobe customers. These elements enable them to confidently launch campaigns, experiences, and products with precision, while reaching customers faster through the power of generative AI.

Enhancing Content Production and Digital Images

Content production often consumes hundreds of human hours, diverting focus from the creative and personalization processes. By leveraging Adobe Firefly, brands can elevate their content production capabilities with the support of IBM Consulting experts. These experts possess the expertise to effectively implement design and creative generative AI models. The integration of AI enhancements not only saves time but also unlocks a realm of limitless creative possibilities.

Optimizing End-to-End Content Workflows

Optimizing the content supply chain and workflow is paramount for realizing the full potential of generative AI. When brands generate brilliant ideas, the end-to-end process can become unwieldy. Here, IBM Consulting steps in, assisting customers in leveraging Adobe’s Workfront technology to optimize the entire process flow. By streamlining their marketing and creative teams’ efforts, brands can swiftly launch impactful campaigns, maximizing their business’s influence.

Building an Enhanced Personalized Experience

Crafting rich customer personas and customized journeys is the cornerstone of creating differentiated experiences. Brands achieve this by actioning these personas through well-designed systems, targeted visual content, and relevant messaging. To facilitate this, IBM Consulting seamlessly integrates Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution with each client’s customer data, brand guidelines, and intellectual property. This integration ensures enterprises have the necessary security to create and utilize highly personalized content consistently aligned with their company’s brand.

Establishing Guardrails for AI Adoption: Trust, Transparency, and Brand Consistency

Organizations looking to implement AI models must establish robust guardrails encompassing trust, transparency, and brand consistency. The AI utilized must be transparent, governed, and trusted. Moreover, the underlying data foundation must be carefully curated to address bias and maintain consistency in brand voice. Embracing generative AI holistically necessitates considering people, processes, and technology. It is not solely about the technology itself, but also about empowering individuals with the right AI skills and fostering a culture where they feel empowered to ask challenging questions about the data.

IBM as Client Zero and our Center of Excellence

Our extensive knowledge of the Adobe technology suite is derived from our own transformative marketing journey. We deployed the Adobe suite utilizing the IBM Garage™ methodology, which enabled us to optimize processes and envision new marketing skills and roles to support transformation. IBM iX design experts worked alongside the technical team to ensure seamless integration and a holistic approach to marketing.

Our Center of Excellence for Generative AI comprises over 1,000 consultants who possess specialized expertise in generative AI. It operates in conjunction with our larger AI and analytics practice, which draws from a wealth of experience gained through numerous client engagements.

Unlock the Power of Generative AI with Adobe and IBM

Connect with your dedicated Adobe or IBM customer success partner today to discuss how we can assist you in implementing generative AI across your enterprise successfully. Experience faster time-to-market, reduced costs, and increased productivity by envisioning a content supply chain that seamlessly delivers high-quality content to your audience faster than ever before. Together, Adobe and IBM are transforming the possibilities of content creation through generative AI.


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