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IBM Expands Partnership with Adobe to Deliver Content Supply Chain Solution Using Generative AI

In a move to revolutionize content supply chains, IBM has announced an expansion of its long-standing partnership with Adobe. This collaboration aims to assist brands in accelerating their content creation processes through the utilization of cutting-edge generative AI technologies. By leveraging Adobe Sensei GenAI services and Adobe Firefly (currently in beta), Adobe’s family of creative generative AI models, IBM is set to provide innovative solutions that will transform customer interactions in the digital space.

Navigating the Generative AI Landscape

With its extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence, IBM Consulting is introducing a comprehensive portfolio of Adobe consulting services. These services are designed to guide clients through the intricate landscape of generative AI. By combining innovation, technology, and design, IBM Consulting aims to digitally reinvent customer interactions and navigate the complexities of generative AI effectively.

Building an Integrated Content Supply Chain Ecosystem

Through the collaboration of Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution and IBM Consulting services, clients will gain the ability to establish a cohesive content supply chain ecosystem. This ecosystem will foster collaboration, optimize creativity, increase speed, automate tasks, and enhance stakeholders’ visibility across design and creative projects. By offering access to IBM Consulting experts, including 21,000 data, AI, and experience consultants, Adobe’s enterprise customers will receive invaluable support in implementing generative AI models for their design and creative processes.

Streamlining Marketing Workflows

Adobe’s enterprise customers can now leverage IBM Consulting’s expertise to streamline their marketing workflows. This includes the implementation of Firefly, which focuses on generating images and text effects, as well as Sensei GenAI services. The latter acts as a co-pilot for marketers, seamlessly integrated across Adobe’s enterprise applications. By simplifying marketing workflows, these services enhance productivity, allowing marketers to unlock the full potential of generative AI.

Trust and Transparency in AI

Matt Candy, the global managing partner of IBM iX Customer & Experience Transformation, emphasizes the growing momentum in AI adoption. Brands are increasingly utilizing generative AI to create personalized customer experiences and drive growth. However, it is crucial to establish trust and transparency in AI implementation. By expanding the strategic partnership with Adobe, IBM aims to ensure that AI-powered experiences are designed with appropriate guardrails, promoting brand consistency and integrity.

Innovations on the Horizon

The new suite of services offered by IBM Consulting is built upon IBM’s own marketing transformation journey. With over 20 years of collaboration, IBM and Adobe share a strategic partnership encompassing technology and services. This includes Adobe’s adoption of Red Hat Open Shift, IBM AI, and Sterling software. Moreover, IBM Consulting leads the market for Adobe technology certifications, solidifying their commitment to delivering high-quality solutions.

Unlocking Creative Possibilities

Justin Merickel, the vice president of Digital Experience Business at Adobe, expresses excitement about expanding the partnership with IBM. Together, they aim to enable brands to deliver more personalized experiences to their customers. By combining Adobe’s AI-accelerated Content Supply Chain solution with IBM’s human-centered experience design, the partnership unlocks new levels of creative possibilities. These possibilities delight both employees and customers, accelerate adoption, and drive better business decisions.

IBM Consulting’s AI Capabilities

IBM Consulting has recently unveiled its Center of Excellence for generative AI. This center comprises more than 1,000 consultants with specialized expertise in generative AI. These experts are prepared to assist clients in their business transformations by leveraging enterprise-grade AI technologies, including those offered by Adobe, IBM, and other ecosystem partners.

Alongside the Center of Excellence, IBM Consulting boasts a global AI and Automation practice, which has successfully engaged with over 40,000 enterprise clients. Their approach includes the IBM Garage for Generative AI, where consultants follow a collaborative method to expedite innovation in foundation models for generative AI. This involves ideating and prioritizing use cases, adopting an open and multi-model approach to architecture selection and training, as well as fine-tuning and scaling models to align with specific business needs.

Empowering Business Transformation

With deep industry expertise spanning strategy, experience design, technology, and operations, IBM Consulting serves as a catalyst for business transformation. Trusted by over 3,000 of the world’s most innovative and valuable companies, IBM Consulting’s 160,000 consultants embrace an open way of working. They bring together diverse voices, experiences, and technologies such as Hybrid Cloud and AI to accelerate business transformation. Supported by the IBM Garage, their proven co-creation method, they deliver solutions to tackle some of the world’s most complex challenges.

IBM’s expanded partnership with Adobe signifies a significant step forward in the realm of content supply chains. Through the utilization of generative AI technologies, brands can enhance collaboration, optimize creativity, automate tasks, and drive efficiency in their content creation processes. With IBM Consulting’s expertise and Adobe’s innovative solutions, businesses are well-equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of generative AI and unlock unprecedented levels of creativity and productivity.

Agarapu Ramesh was founder of the Govindhtech and Computer Hardware enthusiast. He interested in writing Technews articles. Working as an Editor of Govindhtech for one Year and previously working as a Computer Assembling Technician in G Traders from 2018 in India. His Education Qualification MSc.


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