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Huawei Band 9: Fashion-Forward Fitness Tracker

Huawei Band 9

Cosily Wear All Day

Two Weeks or More of Battery Life

Forward-thinking Design Flair in Fashion

The exquisitely crafted glossy gilded bezel, which features laser engraving and a complex 10-layer spray coating, is sure to dazzle.

Raise your wrist to the maximum and let us handle the rest!

If you want a classic look, go for Starry Black or White. The exquisitely crafted glossy gilded bezel, which features laser engraving and a complex 10-layer spray coating, is sure to dazzle. To explore your wild side, try Charm Pink, Lemon Yellow, or Blue. The matte-surfaced watch body has a fine-grained feel and an irresistible metallic spray paint finish.

Light-Weight and Airy Clothing

Put on this 14-gram, 8.99-mm slim band, and revel in the brightness of a completely transformed self. It’s ideal for every setting, including the gym, the office, or casual strolls.

Breathable Cosiness

A new and enhanced fluoroelastomer belt

Long-lasting, gentle on the skin Perforated sweat-wicking design. Two buckles provide a neat appearance and a secure fit.

Unique nylon strap woven by hand

Antibacterial nylon yarn was used in the weaving for maximum comfort day and night.
Jacquard weaving featuring a pattern of colours
Adaptable length to fit all wrist sizes

Fascinating Watch Faces that You Can Combine

Always on Display (AOD) watch faces that are themed offer fresh perspectives and transform your band into a classic timepiece. The recently improved Gallery watch face offers customisable styles. You can peruse and select from an endless array of designs in the Watch Face Store7, giving yourself a fresh look every day!

Everything is OK at all times

The ambient light sensor on the band automatically modifies the screen brightness to ensure a comfortable viewing experience in a variety of lighting scenarios.

Expert-level Health Surveillance

Improved Life, Better Sleep HUAWEI TruSleep 4.0: Sleep Tracking Based on Science

Nothing compares to bedtime.

To get a good night’s sleep every night, use a special sleep mode, white noise, soothing music, and natural soundscapes.

Extensive sleep observation

For peace of mind, monitor your heart rate, SpO2, breathing rate, and any irregular breathing while you’re asleep.

Awaken to fresh perspectives

You can also give the personalised sleep hygiene advice a try to improve your quality of sleep immediately and balance your life with science-based health and fitness advice.

The enhanced vital sign tracker, Huawei Band 9’s Huawei TruSeen 5.5

With the help of our smart fusion algorithm and best-in-house multi-channel module, you can get better heart rate readings and stay on top of the beat while exercising or running. Because of the new and improved HUAWEI TruSeen 5.5 system’s increased performance and stability, SpO2 measurements are also faster.

Analysis of Pulse Wave Arrhythmias

With timely alerts about potential A-fib and premature beat risks, powered by the PPG sensor, stay on top of your heart health.

Dashboard of Health

To view your heart rate, SpO2, amount of sleep, stress level, and much more, simply raise your wrist.

Many positive aspects of women’s health

Easily monitor your cycles with a monthly calendar that provides predictions for the fertile window and period reminders.

Huawei Relaxing

With the always-available HUAWEI TruRelax monitor, you can monitor and manage your everyday struggles and practise relaxing breathing techniques to help you relax.

All of the family’s medical records

To keep track of your loved ones’ heart rate, SpO2, daily step count, and sleep quality in one convenient location, create a health community for them.

Data-Driven Exercises: Your Home Gym on a Leash for a Day-by-Day Healthy Lifestyle

Personalised exercise regimens

To make healthy living a daily reality, set daily goals for Move, Exercise, and Stand in next-generation Activity Rings.

Astute prompts

You’ll get real-time reminders to help you stay motivated as you go about your day and work towards your goals.

Enlightening reports

Weekly reports that highlight all of your well-earned accomplishments will help you stay in shape.

Gets Along Easily

With a brand-new nine-axis sensor and an innovative algorithm that accurately detects each of the four strokes, swim to win while keeping an eye on your heart rate, stroke count, lap count, and SWOLF in real time.

Focused on fitness, Huawei Trusports

With 100 workout modes to choose from and auto-detection for four popular exercises, you can lose yourself in your favourite activities while reaping the benefits of data-driven workout evaluations (including Indicators include running ability, VOMax, heart rate recovery, and recovery time.

For the naturally athletic

Turn on the Sporty card to see how many steps you’ve taken and how many calories you’ve burned. You can also make personalised workout cards that will direct you to your favourite exercises.

Reimagined Smart Life: Handy Reminders

With new messages, calendar events, and incoming calls sent directly to your wrist, you can stay informed.

Huawei Band 9 Practical Tools

  • Alert the torch
  • Set the timer
  • Alarm Clock
  • Remote shutter
  • Controlled music
  • Locate your phone
  • Keep Quiet
  • Climate 2.0
  • Moonset and rising phases
  • Stopwatch
  • phase of the moon
  • broadcasts of HR data
  • Locate the band
  • Password-protected lock screen

Boost Your Power Quickly with Huawei Band 9

You can either charge your band for five minutes and use it for two days, or for 45 minutes to fully charge it and wear it for up to two weeks at a time.

Constructed to Resist the Elements

Thanks to its eight rigorous durability tests, 50 m water resistance, and numerous features, this band can withstand some of the most difficult situations you may ever face.

Widely Compatible

For increased usability, the Huawei Band 9 is compatible with both iOS and Android 6.

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Gowri Priya
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