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HP’s Index: AI Potential Tips for Employment Growth

AI Potential in Future Work Trends

At today’s HP Amplify Partner Conference, the company made an announcement on the latest results from its job Relationship Index, which is an extensive research that investigates the ties that people have with their job all around the globe. According to the findings of the research, which polled more than 15,600 individuals from 12 different countries, AI Potential is considered as a key to unlocking better connections with work. This is despite the fact that the link between work and the world is becoming more strained and employee expectations are continuously increasing.

It was said by Dave Shull, President of HP Workforce Solutions at HP Inc., that AI Potential provides a huge potential to shift the dynamics of the workplace and create a more positive and productive atmosphere for everyone. Business leaders need to take the initiative to educate workers on the possibilities of artificial intelligence and to spearhead its successful integration in order to develop a broader knowledge and acceptance of AI Potential and to guarantee that staff are aware of how to reap the advantages of AI.

The relationship between the world and work is strained; artificial intelligence may help

There is a significant strain in the link between people and work in today’s global economy, with just 27% of knowledge workers having a positive work relationship. This stresses the interaction between individuals and their job. While this is happening, the expectations that knowledge workers have about their connection with their job have skyrocketed. Across the world, 58% of workers have said that their expectations have grown over the course of the last three years. When compared to the percentage of workers in mature economies, which is equal to fifty percent, this is more obvious in economies that are rising.

The workforce has a solid understanding of the AI potential to build healthy connections with work, with corporate executives and IT administrators leading the way in this particular direction. 54% of educated workers, 72% of company executives, and 70% of IT administrators are aware of the potential role that AI Potential might play in enhancing the work-life balance of their employees. Similarly, workers feel that artificial intelligence has the potential to simplify their work and make their jobs more efficient.

A significant number of knowledge workers in economies that are expanding believe that AI Potential will make their jobs “easier” and “more interesting.”

The incorporation of AI must be guided by business leaders

In order to help drive improved company results while simultaneously strengthening individuals’ relationships with work, it is necessary for business leaders to communicate clearly the benefits of AI Potential and guide employees on how they can implement it into their work processes. This is demonstrated by the gap that exists between ITDMs, knowledge workers, and business leaders. There is still a lot of doubt about how to make the most of AI Potential and how to make the most of it, according to the survey:

  • 42% of people are uncertain about when it is appropriate to employ AI Potential in the workplace.
  • 41% of respondents believe they are not well prepared to fully use the AI Potential in their profession.

A strong call has been made for enterprises to prioritize upskilling projects in order to empower their staff in the process of adopting artificial intelligence technology. This demand comes from the fact that 73% of business executives and 66% of knowledge workers advocate for effective AI training.

Stella Low, Chief Communications Officer at HP Inc., stated that the strategic integration of AI Potential emerges as a potent force for transformation in the context of an evolving work landscape. In this context, businesses are striving to unlock increased engagement, retention, and productivity, as well as to keep their employees inspired. Knowledge workers all over the globe are turning to senior leadership to demonstrate to them how to successfully traverse the AI Potential landscape. The scene is now set for corporate leaders to grab the opportunity to both empower their staff and drive success.

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