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How PowerScale F210 and F710 Can Transform Your Storage

The Dell team made the announcement in December that they are working on significant storage advances to enable AI-optimized infrastructure as part of Dell strategy for artificial intelligence when they made the announcement. With the introduction of two new nodes to the Dell all-flash range, the Dell PowerScale F210 and PowerScale F710, they are pleased to announce today that they are fulfilling the promise that Dell made.

Using the most powerful PowerEdge servers available, this release provides clients with the most recent generation of high-performance file storage systems from Dell. These systems are designed to support the most compute-intensive applications. With its integration with the most recent version of OneFS software, the PowerScale is the full data platform that is ready for artificial intelligence. It provides unparalleled performance and scalability, excellent efficiency, federal-grade security, and the multicloud agility.

Introducing the PowerScale F210 and F710, the most recent all-flash nodes from Dell

PowerScale F210 and F710
Image Credit to Dell

Customers demand solutions that are not just quicker but also more cost efficient because of the sheer data gravity that is brought about by workloads with next-generation capabilities. With the debut of the PowerScale F210 and PowerScale F710, PowerScale is bringing improved performance and efficiency, expanding on the features that have been tried and proven and that have made it a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for eight years in a row. While the PowerScale F710 provides a blend of high performance and tremendous capacity in 1RU, the PowerScale F210 is the best platform for performance with modest capacity needs. The F710 is the best platform for smaller capacity requirements.

PowerScale : The World’s Most Flexible, Secure and Efficient File Storage…Continues to become better and better.

Performance That Is Unrivaled

When compared to the previous generation, customers will see up to double the performance gain in streaming readings. This is due to the fact that software optimization has been carried out over the course of the past year. This will significantly expedite the process of feeding GPUs for the purpose of model training and fine-tuning. In a similar vein, customers may anticipate that the model checkpointing step of the AI pipeline will be optimized, resulting in up to double the speed of streaming writes.

In addition, PowerScale will assist in reducing the risk of tape-out delays and bringing about faster turnaround times. It will also help bring about a 2.6x improvement in high concurrency and latency sensitive workloads, such as high frequency trading (HFT) and electronic design automation (EDA), with software and hardware upgrades performed over the course of the past year.

Enhancement of Productivity

In addition to this, they have made tremendous progress in minimizing the total cost of ownership for Dell clients. In order to increase energy efficiency, the most recent platform from Dell makes use of a Smart Flow chassis to optimize airflow. This allows the appropriate quantity of air to be sent to the areas that need it. Within the period of only one year, we were able to give up to 90 percent more performance per watt because to the ongoing improvement that comes from this kind of invention.

Compared to the F600, the PowerScale F710 can hold up to ten drives in a 1U arrangement, 25% more nodes. Similarly, they are enhancing storage use in a form-fitting format with the PowerScale F210 by introducing the 15TB QLC drive, which boosts capacity by a factor of two in comparison to the F200.

PowerScale is Dell’s data platform that is ready for artificial intelligence

The team that is responsible for delivering these PowerScale OneFS software and platform advancements is quite pleased of themselves, and they are anxious to see how customers will use them to accelerate the development of artificial intelligence. Expanding on PowerScale’s NVMe all-flash line up with GPU direct and other embedded features such as non-disruptive scaling, multi-tenant capabilities, universal data access with multi-protocol support, federal-grade security, and seamless interoperability with flexible public clouds, the PowerScale F210 and PowerScale F710 are changing the game for high-speed storage and enabling the most demanding file workloads, including artificial intelligence and generative artificial intelligence (GenAI).

By using these most recent PowerScale all-flash nodes, they are prepared to unleash the potential of your data and accelerate the journey of your artificial intelligence innovation. On this page, as well as on the Dell PowerScale website, you can discover further information on the most recent generation of nodes manufactured by Dell.

A Full-Stack Portfolio of Validated Design Solutions for Artificial Intelligence from Dell

The team at Dell Technologies is prepared to apply artificial intelligence to your data wherever it may be stored since they are a part of the world’s most comprehensive GenAI infrastructure portfolio, which includes everything from client devices to the cloud. Reach out to your dedicated Dell or partner representative in order to take the next step on your road toward artificial intelligence. Additionally, make use of the skilled professional services offered by Dell in order to be guided through each and every stage of the process.

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