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SAP Datasphere now available on Google Cloud Marketplace

SAP Datasphere

According to Google Cloud and SAP, the cloud should provide more than just incredibly dependable, secure, and performant infrastructure. Additionally, it must to offer a multi-cloud, open, and comprehensive platform that lets your company leverage generative AI and analytics to extract the most value from its data. This is particularly relevant to important data that is kept on SAP systems, which include supply chains, finance, human resources, and more.

The Google Cloud alliance enables your company realise the full potential of its information to create continuous innovation, take on your most difficult business challenges, and make more informed decisions by combining Google Cloud’s generative AI and analytics capabilities with SAP data.

Google Cloud is thrilled to present new developments in AI and infrastructure at the SAP Sapphire conference today, enabling SAP clients to innovate and handle data more efficiently. These developments include:

  1. A solution driven by AI to make supply networks more robust. The system combines SAP Joule and Integrated Business Planning (IBP) for Supply Planning with Google Cloud Cortex Framework and Gemini models.
  2. A combined analytics solution with SAP Datasphere is currently offered on the Google Cloud Marketplace.
  3. The release of memory-optimized X4 instances from Google Cloud, which offer the biggest SAP-certified compute instances available in the cloud and can support workloads up to 32TB SAP HANA.
  4. Regional RISE extensions utilising SAP, SAP BTP, and SAP Datasphere in addition to assistance with RISE’s EU access.
  5. Multiple Gemini updates that let SAP users use SAP GenAI Hub to leverage Google Cloud’s big language models and provide more gen AI capabilities to SAP workloads.

Accelerating resilient supply chains enabled by AI

Google Cloud is delving further into business-critical use cases that will provide clients a competitive edge as they collaborate with SAP on new innovations. It makes sense to use Google Cloud’s combined data and AI technologies to improve supply chain management and lower supply chain risks.

Organisations may accelerate insights from sensed events, threats, and opportunities to allow faster, more intelligent supply chain reactions by combining Cortex Framework and Gemini models with SAP’s generative AI assistant Joule and Integral Business Planning (IBP) for Supply Planning.

You may also assist in improving demand forecasting and supply chain risk mitigation using an AI-powered resilient supply chain, including use cases such as:

  • Improved demand forecasting with the incorporation of many data sources, including advertising efforts.
  • Supply chain risk mitigation using proactive disruption detection and alarms, supported by other data sources including meteorological and event data.
  • Enhanced productivity through options for automation, the capacity to manage ideal inventory levels, and more accurate planning.

You can now get SAP Datasphere on the Google Cloud Marketplace

Real-time access to your SAP and non-SAP data is still made possible by the SAP Datasphere integration with BigQuery. This includes access to publically accessible datasets within BigQuery as well as additional integrated data, such as Google Ads, that is accelerated by the Cortex Framework. Bidirectional replication and federation with BigQuery are now possible with SAP Datasphere’s Replication Flow, allowing for a petabyte-scale analytics and data science platform in addition to providing a basis for machine learning and gen AI with Vertex AI and Gemini. With SAP Datasphere for Google Cloud, which is offered on the Google Cloud Marketplace, all of this is accessible “out of the box.”

Customers using SAP Datasphere for Google Cloud have already produced impressive outcomes; one such customer was a large consumer electronics company that updated its sales reporting procedure. In order to replace their outdated PDF reports and update their entire reporting process, they developed a real-time sales reporting dashboard using SAP Datasphere, BigQuery, and Google Dataform for sales pipeline automation. They have consequently enhanced operating speed, saved a substantial amount of money, and produced greater business insights on business sales.

Presenting X4

More memory- and compute-intensive systems are needed to handle massive workloads as more multinational corporations move to SAP S/4HANA on the cloud. With 16TB, 24TB, and 32TB instances created especially for SAP HANA OLTP and OLAP workloads to run with optimal performance and dependability, Google Cloud is excited to present the X4 machine family. The X4 family leads the industry in several areas, including:

  1. 32TB instances certified by SAP HANA initially
  2. Due to Google Cloud’s Titanium off-load technology, it offers 1920 vCPUs, more than double the amount of other approved hyperscalers, and industry-leading compute and Hyperdisk block storage speed (up to 10,000 MBps throughput).
  3. With the industry-highest Compute Engine Memory-Optimized Single Instance SLA of 99.95%, the X4 Instance family guarantees outstanding dependability for SAP applications.

These systems also gain from the infrastructure differentiators offered by Google Cloud, which include the widest network footprint that provides low latency for SAP workloads and strong security features like proactive threat detection and inbuilt encryption.

According to Deloitte’s US Chief Technology Officer Shawn Lund, “our SAP HANA systems have seen significant data growth in the past few years with an increasing need for higher performance.” Google Cloud’s 24TB X4 servers and Hyperdisk storage have raised the bar for our data growth and performance. Also, Google’s X4 machines are cloud native, allowing system management and operations automation.”

Developing with SAP Clients for RISE

One example of how Google Cloud is investing to be the most dependable and scalable cloud provider for RISE with SAP workloads is the new high-performance X4 Instance family.

“SAP and Google Cloud have a deep co-innovation partnership, and Google Cloud is continuously launching new, differentiated solutions to benefit RISE with SAP customers,” says Lalit Patil, CTO of RISE with SAP.

Google Cloud is pleased to introduce two new products at SAP Sapphire:

New X4 Systems for SAP RISE

The most recent 16, 24, and 32TB X4 systems from Google Cloud are now supported by SAP RISE. This co-engineered solution will provide the performance and dependability required for even the biggest and most demanding SAP workloads, as proven by Google Cloud’s extensive testing through customer POCs.

Enhanced Compliance for Users in the EU

Google Cloud is happy to announce that EU Access for RISE is now available on Google Cloud. This takes care of Google Cloud’s European customers’ regulatory and compliance needs.

Asian Paints is a new RISE customer on Google Cloud that works with SAP. Aashish Kshetry, CIO of Asian Paints, states, “We chose Google Cloud for RISE with SAP because of their strong partnerships with SAP and their ability to manage large installations in the region.” “We are eager to implement SAP S/4HANA on their most recent platforms and infrastructure on Google Cloud in order to support our business innovations and long-term growth.”

Other recent developments that further establish Google Cloud’s standing as the best cloud partner for RISE with SAP clients are as follows:

  • The extension of SAP BTP and SAP Datasphere, with new launch areas scheduled for this quarter in Israel and Japan and later this year in Saudi Arabia, Australia, and Brazil.
  • The addition of SAP BTP to the ABAP SDK for Google Cloud. With the release of a fully supported version of the ABAP SDK on SAP BTP, Google Cloud becomes the first hyperscaler to assist customers in integrating AI, analytics, and automation into their SAP business processes through the use of 55 Google Cloud APIs.
  • Through SAP’s Customer Database Platform (CDP), organisations can directly integrate Vertex AI, bringing predictability to business operations, enhancing customer experiences, and spurring growth.
  • With the help of a natural language interface, SAP administrators may manage SAP deployments with the help of Gemini Assist for SAP, a part of Google Cloud Workload Manager (WLM).
  • Google Gemini LLMs are available in SAP GenAI Hub to enable SAP Joule and embedded generative AI capabilities across SAP’s product line. Ariba, SuccessFactors, S/4, and other workloads can all be improved by Google Cloud models. The most recent models from Google Cloud, such as Gemini Flash, which was unveiled at Google I/O in May, will remain available to SAP clients.
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