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Genio 700: A Technical Breakdown of the Next-Gen IoT Chipset

Genio 700

Edge-AI IoT platform with high performance for commercial, industrial, and smart home applications. offers multitasking OS, sophisticated multimedia, extremely rapid edge processing, and more.

Intended for goods that work well with off-grid power systems and fanless enclosure designs.

  • Smart Retail: PC POS and digital signage
  • Industrial: HMI, IoT gateway, and edge AI
  • Smart Home: Smart appliances and fitness

Highlights of the Platform

  • Top-tier 6nm chip design
  • Eight-core CPU with two ARM Cortex-A78 Super Cores and six ARM Cortex-A55 Efficiency Cores
  • Quad-channel memory up to 8GB
  • Mali-G57 GPU integrated for Dual Display and AV1/H.265/H.264 codec support
  • Strong multi-core AI processors embedded for Edge AI applications
  • Support an inbuilt ISP and a 32MP@30fps camera
  • Adaptable, fast I/O interface that supports 5G Sub-6 and WiFi Modules
  • I/O assistance 1 Giga Ethernet MAC, 1 PCIe Gen2, 1 USB3.1, 2 USB2.0 OTG/Host, and
  • Support Yocto Linux, Ubuntu, and Android

MediaTek Genio 700

A high-performance edge-Al Internet of things platform, the MediaTek Genio 700 (MT8390) is intended for use in commercial, industrial, and smart home applications. It offers sophisticated multimedia features, extremely quick edge processing, and multitasking OS with an extensive range of sensors and connectivity choices.

Perfect Uses

Product designers can employ fanless enclosures or even off-grid power solutions for more application opportunities thanks to high performance and great power economy.

  • Smart Retail: PC POS and digital signage
  • Industrial: HMI, IoT gateway, Edge Al
  • Smart Home: Smart appliances and fitness

Excellent Cutting Performance, Outstanding Power Economy

A very efficient system-on-a-chip (SoC) with a dedicated multi-core Al processor, an octa-core CPU and graphics engine, and ultrafast memory support.

  • Two Cortex-A78 Arm CPUs
  • 6 Cortex-A55 Processors
  • Mali-G57 Arm GPU MC3
  • LPDDR4X quad-channel memory
  • Chip TSMC 6N (6nm class)

Al’s performance

Applications in Computer Vision (CV), Deep Learning (DL), and Neural Network (NN) acceleration can benefit from the great efficiency of the in-chip Al multi-processor (APU).

  • 4 STARS
  • VP6 + MediaTek DLA
  • SDK for MediaTek NeuroPilot
  • Capable of INT8, INT16, and FP16

Superior Multimedia

Utilise high definition cameras, high performance video codecs, and 4K or multiple displays all of which are perfect for interactive apps, streaming video services, and video conferences.

  • Ready for 4K displays
  • Support for two displays
  • HEVC video encoding at up to 4K 30 frames per second
  • Up to 4K 75fps video decoding
  • Hardware AV1 with decoding engine
  • 32MP 30 frames per second camera ISP

Safe, Durable Platform Dedication

Device manufacturers can employ MediaTek’s enterprise-grade, industrial-ready, and secure platforms for the next generation of industry 4.0 applications.

  • Arm SystemReady accreditation
  • Arm PSA certification in order to ensure security
  • Operation at wide temperatures (-40 to 105 C)
  • Ten-year dedication

Interfaces & Connectivity

Device manufacturers can add connectivity using MediaTek’s extensive selection of industry-ready wireless connectivity add-in solutions, or they can customise the platform based on application and situational needs using standard interfaces.

  • Express PCI
  • USB
  • Ethernet Gigabit
  • Wi-Fi and 5G optional

AI SDK & multitasking OS ready

The multitasking OS supported by this high-performance platform makes it simple to create and implement demanding edge processing applications.

  • Android
  • Linux Yocto
  • Ubuntu
  • The SDK for NeuroPilot.

Media Tek Genio700 featurs

Superior processing speed

With two high-performance ARM Cortex-A78 cores and six energy-efficient ARM Cortex-A55 cores, the Genio 700 has an octa-core CPU. Excellent responsiveness is offered by this combination for demanding applications and multitasking.

Enhanced AI capabilities

MediaTek APU and Deep Learning Accelerator VP6 are in the Genio 700. This lets edge devices have voice assistants, facial recognition, and object detection.

Outstanding multi-media

High-resolution monitors up to 4K60 and FHD60 can be used with the Genio 700. Additionally, it has a robust Arm Mali-G57 GPU for fluid graphics processing.

OS support for multitasking

Numerous operating systems, including as Yocto Linux, Ubuntu Linux, and Android, are compatible with the Genio 700. It is hence adaptable to a range of edge applications.

Economical use of electricity

Because of its low power consumption and 6nm chip architecture, the Genio 700 is appropriate for battery-powered devices.

Many alternatives for connecting

The Genio 700 supports Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 (with add-on modules), and 5G. Therefore, edge devices can simply link to other devices and the cloud.

In general, the MediaTek Genio 700 is an effective and adaptable processor for edge artificial intelligence uses. It is an excellent option for a number of smart home, commercial, and industrial applications due to its mix of high performance, cutting-edge AI capabilities, and efficient power usage.

MediaTek Genio 700 Specs

Application Processor (CPU)


2 x ARM Cortex A78, 2.2 GHZ


6 x ARM Cortex A55, 2.0 GHz


(Memory Speed/Type/RAM)

4-channel LPDDR4X 3733Mbps up to 8GB


eMMC 5.1

AI Engine

Tensilica VP6 MediaTek APU3.0, support multi-core model computing



Tensilica HiFi5 DSP



GPU ARM Mali-G57 MC3, support OpenGL/CL/Vulkan

Display Support

Display support up to one 4K and one 2k

Internal display interface


External display interface


Video Encode & Decode

Video Encode

4K30, H.265/H.264

Video Decode

4K75, AV1/VP9/H.265/H.264

Peripheral Interfaces (IO)


1x PCIe Gen2 1-Lane

Host/Host Device

1x USB 3.1 (Host), 2x USB 2.0 (Host/Device)


1x Giga Ethernet MAC; 1x SD/SHDC/MMC and SDIO3.0/3.0 4xUART, 6xSPI; 4xI2C


3xPWM, 2x I2S for Audio

Wireless Connectivity (Wi-Fi/Bluetooth)


Through PCIe/USB2.0 interface


ISP/Recording Resolution

Internal ISP for 32MP@30fps 2x MIPI CSI-2 4-Lane

Package (Size)


VFBGA, 15*15*0.9mm

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