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Generative AI: Introducing your customer service partner

Applying Generative AI in Customer Support

Excellent customer experience delivering brands will always be more resilient than those that aren’t. It has been shown that providing our clients with individualized care at every step of their journey encourages their long-term loyalty and prevents them from moving to a rival. The issue is that many teams work in silos, making it difficult for them to use their consumer insights in useful ways. Additionally, a lot of brand managers still see CX as a cost rather than an investment.

Intelligent brands are increasingly enhancing their capabilities and enhancing experiences in light of the emergence of artificial intelligence. If your group adopts AI slowly, you offer your rivals a chance to catch up. To provide the tailored experiences that clients want, AI implementation is increasingly essential. With more and more clients using your company’s services, generative AI is more and more essential. Take Salesforce, whose customer relationship management technology is used by more than 150,000 businesses. These clients are utilizing AI to their advantage in some really amazing ways.

Three ways that generative AI might enhance customer service

Knowing where to begin with AI and how to demonstrate its worth might seem difficult. One area that offers immediate opportunity for AI to significantly improve your client experience is customer support. Let’s examine what to think about and how to begin.

CEOs place a high premium on generative AI, with 75% of them predicting that the businesses with the most sophisticated generative AI would outperform their rivals. The secret is to pinpoint particular issues that AI can resolve and begin testing use cases so you can start to understand its constraints, difficulties, and undeniable benefits.

Once your CX mission statement has been established, you can use it to determine if AI activities across departments are supporting the commitments you’ve made to your consumers. I often suggest that businesses begin with customer service since there are several tried and true approaches to include AI and provide demonstrable results:

  • Tools for Agents: Generative AI is crucial to fast delivering tailored services when your customer care personnel interact with clients. AI solutions enhance your understanding of your customers to provide customized services based on their particular requirements and conditions. Ask your staff members often about the difficulties they have while interacting with consumers, and think about how AI may be able to assist. Thanks to AI, you should ideally observe an increase in your post service call satisfaction surveys and a shorter turnaround time for client requests!
  • Streams of automated email nurturing: Your customers’ experiences may often be made or broken by communications, or a lack thereof. AI may assist in automating communications at crucial times, such as when clients initially buy your product or when they investigate features or extra services. Customers may be welcomed and given instructions on how to utilize your product through your customer support team’s email nurturing streams.
    • You may write them a few days or weeks later to inquire about their experience and to provide further resources. In order to provide these messages based on the unique client experience at the right time, AI is crucial. Your sales representatives may use generative AI to create the ideal message, and your system will handle the rest! Monitor your email open rates to determine which resources your subscribers are using, then assess your results to figure out what works best (and maybe change the frequency of your outreach).
  • Dynamic Customer Onboarding: Difficult implementations may aggravate your clients and keep them from reaping the full rewards of your product. With AI, it’s easy to guide clients through the onboarding process and provide them with assistance that’s specific to their needs and past experiences. Instead of mailing complex “getting started” kits or user manuals, I advise you to look at how AI can provide dynamic help at any time. Your CSAT ratings should improve, and client implementation times should decrease. Win-win situation!

Encourage Your Representatives to Provide Personalized Services

Tools for generative AI considerably improve our capacity to respond to the shifting demands of our clients. Delivering real and intimate experiences will always be a human responsibility, and AI enhances this capacity.

A practical location to begin experimenting with AI and reaping its advantages is in customer service. Before testing a use case, make sure you have a specific issue in mind for AI to address. Be transparent throughout the process and ask for input from your staff and clients on how you can keep making their experience better.

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