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Experience Superiority: Realme Narzo 70 Takes the Stage

Realme Narzo 70

Supercharged from the inside out

With a 2.6GHz CPU, A78 core, 6nm technology, and MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G chipset, you can expect reliable, seamless 5G performance.

Over 590,000 Benchmark for AnTuTu

  • CPU4 (34.7%)
  • GPU4 + 82.7%

Bluetooth & WiFi Acceleration

Reduces Bluetooth and Wi-Fi interference when supported by WiFi 6.

Accelerating 5G Speed

  • Realme gadget is future-proof since it guarantees your access to 5G internet.
  • Up to 2.77Gbps of potential download speeds on 5G with Dual CA Tech support

The VC Cooling System

By using a 4356mm VC Cooling System to cover the motherboard’s primary heat sources, you may significantly increase the effectiveness of heat dissipation and have a more enjoyable gaming experience while remaining cool under pressure.

Super AMOLED 120Hz Display in Realme Narzo 70

Huge meets elegant

Take advantage of sharper visuals, brighter screen, and smoother scrolling. With its amazing 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and fast refresh rate of 120Hz, the Samsung Super AMOLED display raises the bar for screen quality and provides an upscale viewing experience with integrated eye protection.

  • 120 hertz refresh rate
  • A screen brightness of 1200 nits
  • Touch Sampling Rate at 2200Hz
  • Screen-to-body Ratio: 92.65%; 2400 x 1080
  • 5,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio in FHD+ Resolution

Rainwater Intelligent Touch in Realme Narzo 70

Dependable touch engagement, even when using damp palms or a damp screen. In the downpour, unlock your phone, take calls, and input your password.

3D fingerprint scanner on-display

Faster, safer, and more dependable fingerprint unlocking. The In-display 3D Fingerprint Scanner outperforms standard fingerprint unlocking in terms of reliability, especially in conditions where fingers are dry, intense light is present, and low temperatures. You can also use it to make safe payments because of the extra security features.

Charge per minute or hour


45W rapid charge opens up next-level charging speeds. And use the large 5000mAh battery to enjoy all of your favourite entertainment.

Encourage Reverse Charging
  • Large 5000mAh Battery
  • In ten minutes, charge from 0% to 21%
  • Two textures, one body. Horizontal Design

Motivated by the dusk-time horizon

A pure manifestation of beauty seen in nature. With a pattern that perfectly reflects the splendour of the sun’s golden hour above the horizon, captivate the imagination. A view of nature caught with mathematical perfection is created when the mellow glow of the sun combines with a perfectly positioned horizon.

Flawless feel in the hand

A huge 5000mAh battery is housed inside a phone that fits flawlessly in the hand thanks to its ultra-thin 7.97mm frame and C-angled side design.The 8GB+8GB dynamic RAM’s efficiency.

128GB of storage freedom

There’s enough power for a seamless gaming experience with up to 8GB of RAM built in and an additional 8GB of dynamic memory made available with DRE technology. Additionally, having 128GB of RAM gives you extreme piece of mind and lets you store all of your most treasured images, movies, and games on your phone.

Smooth and silky multitasking

Designed for Gaming

  • Designed to endure
  • IP54 Water and Dust Resistance
  • 48-month certification for fluency

Two stereo speakers

You can immerse yourself in the action with dual speakers, which provide a richer and more immersive gaming and music experience.

System of Antenna Array Matrix

Wireless Burst 2.0 DAT Smart Antenna Technology on the New E-Game Network

50 Megapixel Colour Al Camera

The 50MP Mode dramatically improves image quality, allowing for the accurate capture of minute details in intricate landscapes and structures. Your moments will be vividly brought to life with its segment-leading Al-powered photography software, which guarantees brilliant colours and perfectly balanced lighting.

A 2 Megapixel Portrait Lens

For better portraiture, the bokeh effect is enhanced by the portrait camera.

16 Megapixel Selfie Lens

Dependable picture quality front to back. Savour crisper selfies and video conversations with enhanced details to maintain your attractive appearance.

Realme UI Version 5.0

Intelligent Code Reader

Scan codes with greater ease than before. Just pressing the back cover of your phone will activate Smart Code Scan and use your rear camera to quickly scan codes. Scan QR codes with merely a tap thanks to they algorithms for knock detection and QR code identification.

Personalised Brightness

Depending on your tastes, choose your own minimum screen brightness. You can have a more aesthetically pleasing viewing experience in low light conditions with an auto-brightness level as low as 1 nit.

Smooth communication.2.0 Mini Capsule

The next generation of interactivity is the Mini Capsule 2.0. You may now engage directly with your notifications, offering next-level management for genuinely seamless operation, thanks to new and improved capabilities.

Realme Narzo 70 features

  • The Fastest Phone Under $15,000 is the Realme NARZO 70 .
  • Chipset Dimensity: 7050
  • 7050 Dimensity 6nm Chipset
  • AMOLED Display with MediaTek Dimensity 7050 at 120 Hz
  • 8GB + 8GB Dynamic RAM at max.
  • 50 Megapixel Colour Al Camera
  • Horizon Design Light Body, 188g
  • 5000mAh Large Capacity 45W SUPERVOOC Charge Battery

iQoo Z9


MediaTek 7200 5G

For multitaskers who wish to stand out, MediaTek Dimensity 7200 chipset offers the best performance and power efficiency at 2.8 GHz. Exceptional gaming and multitasking performance from a powerful and speedy CPU.

  • Next generation TSMC 4 nm process
  • 734,924 AnTuTu Score
  • 2.8 GHz Clock Speed
  • 5G Dual SIM | WiFi 6 Incredible 5G Speed

Extended RA Demonstrates Multitasking

Display your A game with up to 27 active apps in the background with 8 GB Extended RAM.
Large Storage: 256 GB

Extra Memory Space

With 256 GB storage, iQOO Z9 lets you keep more memories because they know how important they are.

Big 5000 mAh battery

All-day Charge

Life moves quickly, and taking a break can cause FOMO. A massive 5000 mAh3 battery powers you all day.

  • 67.78 hrs 5
  • Music Playback: 5.94 hrs(5)
  • Gameplay: 17.52 hours 5
  • Social Media
    17.37 hrs 5


120 Hz Ultra-Bright AMOLED Display

Bright, Clear Display

With SGS certified Eye Care Display, the gorgeous AMOLED display provides 1800 nits of local peak brightness for clear outdoor visibility in bright daylight or at night.

  • 1800 nits Local Peak Brightness
  • 6.67″ large screen
  • 6000000 : 1 in contrast ratio
  • SGS Eye Care Display
  • 91.9 % Screen-to-Body Ratio
  • Video Playback with HDR Support
  • DT-Star2 Plus: Glass Protection, 120Hz, High Refresh Rate.

Gaming Immersion

1200 Hz instant touch sampling

Increase your gaming experience with faster touch responsiveness and reduced latency, giving you an edge in battle.

4D Game Vibration

Experience lifelike gaming with 4D Game Vibration. Experience greater joy with each kill shot thanks to the vibration motor and algorithm.

Motion control

With motion control, formerly impossible actions can now be performed with two or four fingers.In Ultra Game Mode, there are 6 motion control options.

Dual stereo speakers

With Hi-Res audio compatibility, twin stereo speakers provide a cinematic experience with enhanced sound quality and a more dimensional and robust effect. Experience the movie’s ambiance, emotions, and subtle movements and emotional transformations of each character.

Design to Stand Out

Brushed Green

Brushed Metallic combines premium aesthetics and great performance, making it a symbol of distinction in design and technology.

Graphene Blue

The name Graphene Blue represents power, elegance, and a commitment to remaining ahead of the curve.

Gowri Priya
Gowri Priya
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