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Discover Google Pixel 9, 8a, Watch 3’s Wonders in 2024!

Google Pixel 2024 Google Pixel 9, 8a, Watch 3, and more

What to expect from Google Pixel devices in 12 months

2023 was a big year for Pixel. New products like the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet were released alongside the annual upgrades to existing products. Moreover, the Google Pixel 8 and Pixel Watch 2 gained battery life improvements.

However 2023 has become over, so let’s go see what 2024 could offer. You have some understanding as to what Google has in hand for us over the next year, even though the are scarce and some products may not appear.

The Google Pixel 9 and Pixel Fold 2 are among the 2024 Google Pixel launch possibilities.

Google must release the mid-range Pixel 8a, the last Pixel 8, before anything else. While flagship Pixels are inconsistent, A-series phones are often year-end highlights.

Given Samsung’s success with the Galaxy A54, mid-range competition is fierce. With the iPhone SE 4 not expected until 2025, Google can dig in and cement its position as a cheaper phone leader.

The phone’s design may not change much from last year, The Pixel 8’s Tensor G3 chipset and AI features should be on the phone. Similar to the Pixel 8, the Pixel 8a won’t win benchmarking contests.What you will expect the 8a to receive updates first like any Pixel and have 7-year support like its older siblings.

Top flagship features like great photography and battery life are also available in the Pixel A series. With bigger bezels, plastic frames, and no optical zoom, don’t expect premium features like the flagship. It’s not a dealbreaker if Google keeps the price under $500.

Pixel 9 and 9 Pro

Google will likely release two flagship Pixels in October. However, one leak suggests thay may get three Google Pixel 9 devices, the standard and two Pro models.

Apparently, these two variants will have the same performance and camera improvements but different sizes. One with a 6.7-inch screen and one with 6.3.say will get the usual pair of phones, but both could have larger screens. It was unclear how big they could get.

Regardless, the Google Pixel 9 series will have a Tensor G4 chipset. They don’t expect this chip to be powerful, but Google could improve efficiency. Instead, this will power the Pixel 9’s AI features, which will likely emphasize photo quality and editing.

Google to rely heavily on its AI models. Gemini Pro and Ultra will be added to Google Bard, accessible through Google Assistant, later this year. These features have only improved Pixel AI features, but expect new and more powerful ones.

Beyond AI, the Google Pixel 9 camera and display should improve, and they hope Google can avoid the battery life issues of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series.

Android 15: 2024 Pixel updates

Google Pixel 9 wouldn’t exist without Android, and Android 15 should be released soon. The first Android 15 developer preview may launch soon (Android 14 debuted in February).

Public viewing of the software is likely at Google I/O in May. The first public beta may arrive that day, but Android 14 arrived in April.

The stable release is expected in Fall. Android 14 was released in early October, a week before the Pixel 8 launch event, instead of in late summer.

Either situation could happen this year, and if it does, it could mean Google is taking an Apple-like approach to Android releases. The latest iOS version usually releases shortly before the next iPhone.

Regardless of beta status, Pixel owners will get all Android updates first. The Google Pixel 9 and 9 Pro will ship with the new software and some exclusive features. Due to Google’s monthly feature drops, expect the Pixel to get most Android updates.

They don’t know much about Android 15, but it’s likely to include new protections against phishing scams and other “deceptive behavior” from apps. Another option is a battery health indicator like those on iPhones to track how much capacity your phone’s battery has lost over time.

The software will likely have many more features, but will have to wait.

Google Pixel Watch 3

You haven’t seen much about the Pixel Watch as of yet , but whenever the last two years of silence are any indication, it will be released in October with the Google Pixel 9. In May, see I/O again, but not always. Who knows what the watch could improve.

The Pixel Watch 3 may have no buttons, A Google patent suggests that gestures, but not wand-waving, could control the watch. Instead, it swipes, presses, and squeezes the watch case. Could the Pixel Watch 3 benefit from a rotating bezel without moving parts that could break?

If the Pixel Watch 2 is any indication, health and safety features will improve, blurring the lines between the Pixel Watch and a Fitbit. you hope Google fixes basic design features like slimming the chunky bezels and offering a smaller watch face for people with smaller hands.

Will Pixel Fold 2 or Tablet 2 appear?

You biggest Pixel range question for 2024 is whether the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet will be updated. you haven’t heard anything about follow-ups, other than Google doesn’t want them to be “one and done” products.

Remember that the Pixel Tablet was announced at Google I/O 2022 but didn’t hit shelves for 13 months. It took until last summer for the Pixel Fold to be confirmed after years of rumors. Which bodes ill for a 2024 second-generation device.

You could have said the same about the Pixel Watch 2 last year. Google’s second-generation smartwatch debuted alongside the Pixel 8 series, ending speculation that it would skip the annual upgrade cycle.


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