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Benefits of AI Transformation

AI Transformation Adoption

After generative AI emerged, CEOs worldwide examined its potential for their enterprises, making this year one of technology’s most exciting. Many see its worth and want to keep inventing, while others are excited by what it has unlocked and want to embrace it. Microsoft is committed to responsible AI initiatives based on pragmatic innovation and client AI transformation.

After talking to customers and partners about the results they’re seeing and rationalizing them against Microsoft’s generative AI capabilities, we’ve identified four areas for organizations to empower their AI Transformation: enriching employee experiences, reinventing customer engagement, reshaping business processes, and bending the innovation curve. Based on this, pragmatic AI innovation is simpler to implement, and I am proud of our global influence with clients and partners. From building customer-focused AI and cloud services for millions throughout Europe and Africa with Vodafone to empowering consumers and workers with generative AI with Walmart.

Copilot technology improves employee experiences and shapes work

Bayer employees are cooperating better on global research projects and saving time on everyday chores using Copilot for Microsoft 365, while Finnish business Elisa is helping finance, sales, and customer service knowledge workers optimize mundane operations. Cathay and MTR, Hong Kong’s leading transportation corporations, are optimizing processes, boosting communications, and decreasing administrative responsibilities.

Banreservas is increasing staff efficiency and decision-making. KPMG has witnessed a 50% increase in staff productivity, Dentsu is saving hundreds of workers up to 30 minutes per day on creative visualization, and EY’s Copilot for Microsoft 365 makes it simpler to produce reports and access insights in near real-time. Malaysian financial services company PNB saves workers time going through papers and emails, and AmBank staff improves their performance. Financial advisors at Hargreaves Lansdown use Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Teams to boost efficiency and engage attendees. Copilot for Dynamics 365 from Avanade saves sellers time updating contact information and summarizing email conversations, while HSO Group, Vixxo, and 9altitudes streamline field and support team operations.

Reimagining consumer interaction using generative AI to boost value and pleasure

On their Power Pages webpage, MECOMS allows utility customers to ask questions and obtain power usage reduction advice using Microsoft Fabric and copilot. Schneider Electric’s Resource Advisor copilot improves data analysis, visualization, decision assistance, and performance optimization. Dynamics 365 Customer Insights and Copilot for Dynamics 365 help California State University San Marcos customize the student experience and engage parents and alumni.

Adecco Group is strengthening its services and solutions with Azure OpenAI Service to prepare workers for generative AI, UiPath has helped one of its insurance customers save over 90,000 hours through more efficient operations, and Providence has developed a solution for clinicians to respond to patient messages up to 35% faster. Domino’s, LAQO, and OCBC are constructing generative AI assistants to save time, enhance customer service, and concentrate on more sophisticated jobs.

Atento has increased customer satisfaction by 30% and reduced operational errors by nearly 20% in a few weeks after introducing its copilot to personalize customer service, and Turkey-based Setur is personalizing travel planning with a chatbot to customize responses in multiple languages for its 60,000 daily users. In six weeks, apparel company Coats Digital built an AI assistant to simplify client onboarding. Greece-based ERGO Insurance collaborated with EBO to provide 24/7 virtual agent support, while H&R Block created AI Tax Assist to help individuals and small business owners file and manage their taxes confidently and save money.

Redesigning corporate procedures to boost developer creativity, AI innovation, and efficiency

Siemens created an industrial copilot to streamline design engineer-front-line worker virtual communication, simulation timeframes, and job completion from weeks to minutes. Hanover Research created an AI-powered research tool with Neudesic to optimize operations and find insights 10 times quicker. The London Stock Exchange Group and Milliman are using Microsoft Fabric to generate greater value from data insights, while Zeiss is optimizing analytics processes to help teams make customer-centric choices.

A unique Azure AI-based document processing solution saved Volvo Group over 10,000 manual hours. Carlsberg has increased development team efficiency by integrating GitHub Copilot, while Hover, SPH Media, Doctolib, and CloudZero have improved processes in an agile and secure environment. Mastery Logistics Systems and Novo Nordisk use GitHub Copilot to automate repetitive coding work for engineers, while Intertech uses it with Azure OpenAI Service to improve coding correctness and cut daily emails by 50%. Unique AG, a Swiss AI-driven startup, helps financial sector customers decrease administrative labor, speed up procedures, and enhance IT support.

Azure OpenAI Service helps PwC streamline its audit process and increase transparency for clients.  Epiq streamlined staff procedures using Power Platform, including AI and Copilot, saving over $500,000 annually and 2,000 hours each month. PGE is resolving 40% of support desk requests to save over $1 million annually, while Nsure is automating manual processing to save expenses by 50% and processing times by 60%. WTW is using Microsoft Copilot for Security to accelerate threat-hunting by allowing cyber teams to ask questions in natural language, while LTIMindtree plans to use it to reduce training time and improve security analyst skills.

Innovating across sectors with unique AI

Copilot for Dynamics 365 helps charity Team Rubicon swiftly finds and engages the appropriate volunteers in the right places to improve disaster response. Tom Tom, located in the Netherlands, is creating an AI-powered voice assistant to aid drivers with navigation and temperature management. VinBrain has created one of Vietnam’s first AI-powered copilots to help doctors improve screening and detection and improve doctor-patient relations. To speed up industrial automation system development, Rockwell Automation is introducing Azure OpenAI Service industry-first features.

Perplexity.AI developed their conversational response engine in six months using Azure AI Studio to democratize AI and reach millions of users. Generative AI is helping Myntra, India’s largest online apparel store, solve the open-ended search issue by helping buyers choose occasion-appropriate outfits. Aisin Corp. in Japan has created a generative AI app to help deaf and hard of hearing people navigate, communicate, and translate, and Natural Reader in Canada is using Azure AI to improve AI voice quality to make education more accessible for students with learning differences. Synopsys is using generative AI to speed up semiconductor design, one of the most difficult technical issues.

As businesses embrace AI Transformation, they must clarify how to use AI to solve their most important business demands. Microsoft is dedicated to helping customers and partners accelerate pragmatic AI innovation. As your technology partner of choice, Microsoft innovative copilot capabilities, exceptional partner ecosystem, and unique co-innovation activities with clients support your success. They also value the trust they have earned via their partnership approach, ethical AI solutions, and data, privacy, and IP protection. We think AI innovation enables us to live closer to our goal than ever before.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.

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