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Amazon Titan Image Generator: Future of Image Creation

Amazon Titan Image Generator AWS

Watermark detection API and Amazon Titan Image Generator are now accessible in Amazon Bedrock

Amazon unveiled the preview of Amazon Titan Image Generator at AWS re: Invent 2023. With English natural language cues, you can use our generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) foundation model (FM) to rapidly produce and modify realistic, studio-quality photos.

With additional image creation and editing features, including instantaneous image customization, Amazon Titan Image Generator is now widely available in Amazon Bedrock, making it simple to develop and scale generative AI applications.

Amazon also stated that by default, all photos created by Titan Image Generator come with an invisible watermark. This watermark serves as a means of identifying photographs created by artificial intelligence, thereby preventing the dissemination of false information.

The Titan Image Generator watermark detection feature is now widely accessible in the Amazon Bedrock console, as Amazon Bedrock is happy to announce. Additionally, they are launching a new Detect Generated Content API (preview) in Amazon Bedrock today that assists you in determining whether an image was created using Titan Image Generator by looking for the presence of this watermark.

Amazon Titan Advantages

A wide variety of uses

  • Strong text, picture, and multimodal models can drive a wide range of generative AI applications, including recommendation and search functions, content production, and image generation.
  • Provide pertinent search results.
  • Improve personalized recommendations and search accuracy.

Integrated assistance for conscientious AI

By screening model outputs, rejecting unsuitable user inputs, and identifying and eliminating harmful content from the data, all Amazon Titan FMs provide built-in support for the responsible use of AI. By default, every image produced by the Amazon Titan Image Generator model has an invisible watermark to assist prevent the creation of dangerous content and stop the dissemination of false information. One of the first major cloud providers to extensively offer built-in watermarks for AI picture outputs is AWS. Watermark detection is an innovative technology.

Simple personalization

Utilize your own data to fine-tune Amazon Titan models so they may be customized to carry out tasks unique to your organization.

Introducing Amazon Titan

The Amazon Titan family of models, available only on Amazon Bedrock, leverages the company’s twenty-five years of experience in utilizing AI and machine learning to innovate throughout its business. Through a fully managed API, Amazon Titan foundation models (FMs) offer a wide range of high-performing image, multimodal, and text model options to customers.

Amazon Titan models are robust, all-purpose models designed to serve a range of use cases and the responsible use of artificial intelligence. They are developed by AWS and pretrained on sizable datasets. Utilize them as-is or covertly alter them using your personal information.

Amazon Titan Image Generator AI

Text production

For a wide range of text-related operations, including writing material for web sites and blogs, categorizing articles, conducting open-ended Q&A, conversational chat, information extraction, and more, use Titan Text models to increase productivity and efficiency.


To swiftly and efficiently extract crucial information from lengthy publications like articles, reports, research papers, technical documentation, and more, use Titan Text models to generate succinct summaries of the content.

Search semantics

To give end users more precise and contextually relevant multimodal search, recommendation, and personalization experiences, leverage Titan Multimodal Embeddings and Titan Text Embeddings.

Creation of images

Give content producers the tools they need to quickly generate ideas and refine them into highly effective image creation. Using natural language cues, clients in the media and entertainment, e-commerce, and advertising sectors can produce realistic, studio-quality photographs in big quantities and at a reasonable cost.

Generation Augmented for Retrieval (RAG)

By linking FMs to your data sources, you may provide users with more accurate and up-to-date responses for their queries. Increase the Titan models’ already formidable powers and give them additional domain and organisation expertise.

Model Variations

Titan Text Express LLM model variations provide a good mix between performance and cost.

Titan Text Express

Maximum tokens: 8,000

Languages: 100+ languages available (preview), English (GA)

Adjustment support: Indeed.

Retrieval augmented generation, open-ended text generation, brainstorming, summarization, code generation, table creation, data formatting, paraphrase, rewriting, extraction, Q&A, and chat are among the use cases that are supported.

Titan Text Lite

Titan Text Lite is an extremely customizable and reasonably priced LLM. Appropriate in size for particular applications, perfect for text creation and optimization jobs.

Maximum tokens: 4,000

Languages Spoken: English

Adjustment support: Indeed.

Copywriting and summarization are supported use cases.

Titan Text Embeddings

Text to numerical representations is translated by Titan Text Embeddings LLM.

Maximum tokens: 8,000

More than 25 languages are spoken.

No fine-tuning is supported.
1,536 embeddings

Semantic similarity, grouping, and text retrieval are supported use cases.

Titan Text Embeddings V2 (Coming Soon)

Titan Text Embeddings V2 (Coming Soon) LLM optimized for low latency and high accuracy retrieval performance at lower dimensions.

Maximum tokens: 8,000

In pre-training, more than 100 languages

Supported fine tuning: None

Supported normalization: yes

Embeds: 1024, 512, and 256

Supported use cases include using semantic similarity search to locate documents (e.g., for plagiarism detection), classifying labels into learnt representations based on data (e.g., for genre classification of movies), and enhancing the relevancy and quality of search results that are generated or retrieved.

Titan Multimodal Embeddings

Accurate multimodal search and recommendation experiences are powered by Titan Multimodal Embeddings.

Maximum tokens: 128

Maximum picture size: 25 MB

Languages Spoken: English

Supported fine tuning: Yes
Embeddings: 384, 256, 1,024 (default),
Search, recommendation, and personalization are supported use cases.

Titan Picture Maker

Using text prompts, create realistic, studio-quality photographs.

Maximum tokens: 77

Maximum file size for input: 25 MB

Languages Spoken: English

Adjustment support: Indeed.

Image manipulation, text to image generation, and picture variants are supported use cases.


In the AWS Regions US East (North Virginia) and US West (Oregon), Amazon Titan Image Generator, the new immediate customization features, and watermark detection in the Amazon Bedrock console are now accessible. See the complete list of regions for upcoming changes. AWS Regions US East (North Virginia) and US West (Oregon) are now offering a public preview of the new DetectGeneratedContent API in Amazon Bedrock.

PartyRock has added the Amazon Titan Image Generator to its offerings

The Amazon Bedrock playground PartyRock now offers Titan Image Generator. PartyRock offers a credit card-free, no-code, AI-powered app development experience. Using PartyRock, you can design apps that produce photos in a matter of seconds by choosing from a variety of image production models available from Stability AI and Amazon.

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