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MSI Alpha 17 Review: The Best Gaming Laptop

The Best AMD MSI Alpha 17 Gaming Laptop

Hello everyone, today we’ll discuss why our new Alpha 17 is the greatest AMD gaming laptop. It has good keyboard, cooling, performance, connection, and upgradability. After discussing those benefits on Alpha 17, we’ll provide some user recommendations to improve your experience.

Let’s start with the Alpha 17’s best gaming laptop features. Alpha 17’s performance is its biggest benefit. It has the most powerful AMD mobile CPU, the 16-core, 32-thread Ryzen 9 7945HX, which delivers excellent single-core performance for gaming and multi-core performance for multi-threaded applications.

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image credit to msi

It has full-powered NVIDIA RTX 4070 or 4060 graphics. Along with DLSS 3 and frame generation technology, games may enhance FPS for buttery-smooth gameplay with super graphics.

Alpha 17’s newest Cooler Boost 5 innovation, with two fans and 6 heat pipes, promises reduced temperatures during competitive gaming. The CPU and GPU share two pipes, making the thermal more dynamic for CPU or GPU-intensive applications like rendering or testing.

cooler boost
image credit to msi

The Alpha 17 leads performance benchmarks because to its robust cooling. Compared to the 6900HX processor, it can give 24% greater single-core and 2.25x higher multi-core CPU performance. Alpha 17 guarantees FPS above 60 or 144 with QHD resolution and extreme graphics settings in most AAA games with the newest RTX 40 series graphics.

It’s the most versatile AMD gaming laptop, with considerable performance gains in 3D rendering and video editing.

Alpha 17’s keyboard is another highlight. Per-key RGB lighting and adequate travel gave it a nice keypress sensation and interesting light effects. STEM or office workers will like the numpad, which is helpful when using MATLAB or Excel.

Alpha 17 has all the connections consumers need. The left side has a USB Type-A, USB Type-C with DP output and PD charging, and audio combo jack. The right side has two more USB Type-A connectors. We also relocated power-in, HDMI, RJ-45 Lan, and miniDP ports with stout cables to the rear.

Alpha 17 is the first gaming laptop with WIFI 7. Alpha 17 has 5.8 Gbps bandwidth, 2 ms latency, and 6Hz spectrum for more isolated network traffic, resulting in the lowest network ping.

Long-lasting laptops need decent upgradability, which Alpha 17 does. With twin memory slots and M.2 slots, it supports 64GB of DDR5 memory and 4TB of PCIe gen4 SSD. These will be turned into a powerful, long-lasting laptop for immersive gaming and multitasking.

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Now that you know why Alpha 17 is the finest AMD gaming laptop, let us give some advice to help you explore this gorgeous and powerful laptop.

Alpha 17 supports the MUX switch, separate graphics mode. It’s been shown that discrete graphics mode improves gaming performance and compatibility. To switch between graphics modes, start the MSI Centre, locate Features, and click GPU Switch. For greater battery life when doing lightweight chores, switch to MS Hybrid or integrated graphics mode.

Alpha 17 supports PD charging through the left USB-C connector. There are various things to know before utilising it. First, you need a PD charger with PD 3.0 protocol that can give at least 100W of power to charge your laptop while it’s on.

If you simply charge it while it’s off or in sleep mode, you only need a 65W charger. Check your Type-C cable for 65W or 100W power transmission. If everything is ready, you may enjoy PD charging.

To easily access a succession of functions, we have included several shortcuts to function keys row

For instance, press Fn + F7 to switch to Extreme Performance for more raw performance or Balanced for balancing performance and noise; press Fn + F8 to launch the Cooler Boost, which will increase the fan speed to the highest, cooling the laptop as quickly as possible; To change keyboard backlight colour, press Fn + F9 to swap illumination profiles.

The new Alpha 17 has powerful performance, cooling, a wonderful keyboard, diverse connections, and reasonable upgradability. The new Alpha 17 is the greatest AMD gaming laptop with a superb keyboard and reasonable upgradability.

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