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AI Collaboration Between Microsoft Office and SAP Production

Microsoft Office and SAP and have worked together for over 30 years to develop breakthrough business solutions and accelerate business transformation for thousands of clients. Microsoft Cloud leads the market for SAP workloads on the cloud, including RISE with SAP. At SAP Sapphire 2024, Microsoft are pleased to present more incredible innovation to their collaborative customers.

SAP and Microsoft

  • This blog discusses Microsoft Office and SAP latest announcements and how they assist customers accelerate business transformation.
  • Microsoft 365 Copilot and SAP Joule announce AI integration.
  • Microsoft Office and SAP are expanding our partnership at SAP Sapphire by combining Joule and Microsoft Copilot into a unified experience that lets employees get more done in the flow of their work by seamlessly accessing SAP and Microsoft 365 business applications.

Customers want AI assistants to complete queries regardless of data location or system. The generative AI solutions Joule and Copilot for Microsoft 365 will integrate intuitively to let users locate information faster and complete activities without leaving the site.

Copilot for Microsoft 365 users can use SAP Joule to access SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Success Factors, and Concur data. Someone utilizing SAP Joule in a SAP application can use Copilot for Microsoft 365 without context switching.

Microsoft AI and SAP RISE enable business change

SAP systems store mission-critical data that powers fundamental business processes and can benefit from AI insights, automation, and efficiencies. Microsoft Cloud, the most reliable, complete, and integrated cloud, may help you attain these benefits. SAP may improve RISE with a variety of Microsoft AI services to maximize business results tailored to your needs:

image 16
Credit to Microsoft Azure

Collaboration with SAP and Microsoft Azure on AI innovation: SAP’s BTP platform enhances RISE with SAP. We announced SAP AI Core, an essential aspect of BTP, including Generative AI Hub and Joule on Microsoft Azure in West Europe, US East, and Sydney, alongside SAP.

Azure makes it easy for BTP users to add insight to their financial, supply chain, and order-to-cash processes. SAP users can use the most popular large language models like GPT-4o in SAP Generative AI Hub, available only on Azure through Azure OpenAI Service.

Microsoft Copilot unlocks end-user productivity: SAP clients may utilize Copilot for Microsoft 365 in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PowerBI to unlock insights and complete tasks faster. The SAP plugin in Microsoft Copilot Studio lets you customize Copilot with your data, processes, and policies. You can customize Copilot to link to SAP systems and retrieve expenditure, inventory, etc. data. New Copilot connectors and agent features unveiled at Microsoft Build last week enable this.

Microsoft azure and SAP

Enabling AI transformation with Azure AI services: SAP customers utilizing Azure may quickly construct generative AI applications using the Azure OpenAI Service and SAP data. Azure AI offers over 1,600 frontier and open models, including the latest from OpenAI, Meta, and others, giving you the flexibility to choose the best model for your use case. Today, over 50,000 customers use Azure AI, demonstrating its rapid growth.

Microsoft Office and SAP

  • OpenAI combined with business process automation solutions like Microsoft Power Platform, which offers SAP connectors, can boost productivity by making SAP data interaction easier and task completion faster.
  • Cloud Application programming model (CAP) and SAP BTP, AI Core allow RISE with SAP clients to use OpenAI services.
  • Automated SAP attack disruption with AI: Microsoft Security Copilot helps security and IT professionals discover and manage SAP-related cyberthreats quickly.
  • Microsoft Sentinel for SAP, certified for RISE with SAP, automatically detects financial fraud and disables the native SAP and Microsoft Extra account to prevent the cyberattacked from transferring funds without additional intervention.
  • Greater SAP BTP on Azure availability increases choice and flexibility.
  • SAP and Microsoft recently announced the expansion of SAP BTP to six new Azure regions (Brazil, Canada, India, the UK, Germany, and one to be announced) and additional BTP services in seven public Microsoft Azure regions. After completion, SAP Business Technology Platform will run in 13 Microsoft Azure regions and offer all the most requested BTP services.

The expanded service availability, based on customer demand, allows customers to integrate SAP Cloud ERP and SAP BTP services with Microsoft Azure services, including AI services from both companies, in the same data Centre region, making AI innovation and business transformation easier.

New and powerful Azure SAP HANA infrastructure choices

The Azure M-Series Mv3 family of memory-optimized virtual machines, announced last year, provides faster insights, more uptime, a lower total cost of ownership, and better price-performance for SAP HANA workloads with Azure IaaS and SAP RISE. These VMs, which enable up to 32 TB of memory, use 4th-generation Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs and Azure Boost, Azure’s latest infrastructure innovation.

They are glad to build on this investment and announce that the Mv3 Very High Memory (up to 32TB) offering is generally available and the Mv3 High Memory offering (up to 16TB) is under preview.

SAP Signavio and Microsoft collaborate to accelerate transformation

Microsoft Office and SAP collaborate to help customers adopt S/4HANA and RISE on Azure. SAP Signavio Process Insights, part of SAP’s cloud-based process transformation suite, helps firms quickly identify SAP business process improvements and automation opportunities. SAP Signavio Process Insights on Microsoft Azure accelerates S/4HANA for ECC customers, unlocking innovation with Microsoft.

New Microsoft Teams connectors simplify business collaboration. For years, Microsoft Office and SAP have collaborated to boost productivity by combining SAP mission-critical data with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

Upcoming Microsoft Teams S/4HANA app features

S/4HANA Copilot plugin: Using natural language, users may retrieve S/4HANA sales information, order status, sales quotes, and more using Copilot for Microsoft 365.

Card Loop Modifiable Components: Exchange intelligent cards with Outlook and Teams (restricted pre-release).

image 22
Credit to Microsoft Azure

Message extension for Teams based on search: Users can quickly look up and add S/4HANA data without ever leaving Teams.

Search SAP Community and share content : Search SAP Community and share content with coworkers in Microsoft Teams without leaving the app. Click the three dots below the text box, open the SAP S/4HANA app, and input your search phrase in the popup window while speaking with a colleague or group. Select a topic from the results list and email your peers.

Share Card to MS Teams: Microsoft Teams provides a collaborative view that opens application content in a new window for meaningful conversations with coworkers.
S/4HANA is available in Outlook and Microsoft 365 Home.

New release: SuccessFactors for Microsoft Teams Chatbot-based HR task reminders A private message from the SuccessFactors Teams chatbot can assist you execute HR activities in Teams or direct you to SuccessFactors online for more sophisticated tasks.

Command-Based Quick Actions: Request and give feedback to coworkers, manage time entries, view learning assignments and approvals, access employee and management self-services, and more!

Microsoft and SAP partnership clients modernize identification

They stated earlier this year that they are working with SAP to develop a solution to convert identity management scenarios from SAP Identity Management (IDM) to Microsoft Entrap ID. Very thrilled to share that migration guidance will be available soon.

Microsoft Office and SAP partnership for customer success

Product innovation that drives customer success and business outcomes is thrilling. Microsoft was an early adopter of RISE with SAP internally and is happy to have helped thousands of clients speed their business transformation using the Microsoft Cloud.

To spur continuous innovation, Hilti Group, a construction provider, transformed its massive SAP landscape to RISE with SAP on Microsoft Azure. It also changed its SAP S/4HANA ERP application from 12 to 24 terabytes, closing its on-premises datacenter to utilize Azure only. Using RISE with SAP, which combines project management, technical migration, and premium engagement services, Hilti aimed to be among the first.

The company’s massive Microsoft Office and SAPlandscape, which underpins its transactional operations, proved to be the perfect platform for evolving its business transformation solution an expedited, on-demand solution.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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