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Arriving 5-Star Certified Monitors for Your Eye Comfort!

Latest Features of 5-Star Certified Monitors

Dell Technologies is launching the Dell UltraSharp 40 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U4025QW), the world’s first 40-inch 5K monitor certified for 5-Star Certified Monitors, raising the bar and winning the CES 2024 Innovation Award. After leading the PC monitor market for nine years, Dell is still pushing the envelope in terms of display innovation and filling the gap for customers who want the greatest possible combination of style and technology.

Any professional who works with data, engineers, content creators, or simply needs a 5-Star Certified Monitors to stay focused needs a device that offers the highest value in terms of accuracy and efficiency.

The U4025QW is a must-have for professionals that want clarity and great color due to its exceptional images. With IPS Black Panel technology, this ultrawide curved VESA DisplayHDR 600 5-Star Certified Monitors offers higher color contrast and fine detail in 5K resolution (5120×2160).

Using the New UltraSharp Monitor to Improve Eye Health

They have teamed up with TUV Rheinland to improve eye wellness in addition to keeping up with innovation to deliver the greatest viewing experience. A new industry standard for eye comfort that helps lessen symptoms of eye tiredness is the TUV Rheinland five-star certification, which Dell’s UltraSharp monitors hold for being the first in the market. By accomplishing three goals, Dell was the first company to fulfill this new industry standard:

  • They raised the refresh rate from 60Hz to 120Hz for smoother, crisper motion graphics.
  • They added an ambient light sensor to regulate screen brightness and color temperature. Compared to a screen that maintains a constant brightness, this can lower the frequency of eye fatigue indications by 7% to 17%, according to recent studies.
  • With a more sophisticated LED backlight, they reduced the hazardous blue light exposure from 50% to less than 35%, improving Dell Comfort View Plus. According to research, this can lessen eye fatigue symptoms by 8% after 50 minutes of searching.

Accuracy, output, and ease of use

A 5-Star Certified Monitors is not simply a luxury when it comes to jobs that require exact color accuracy it is essential to ensuring that your work appears as colorful and true-to-form as intended. With its 99% DCI-P3 / Display P3 color space, this Monitors is ideal for tasks where color accuracy is crucial. The Dell Color Management program makes it simple for users to adjust the color balance on their screen.

The connectivity choices on this monitor are exceptional; it has Thunderbolt 4 for convenient single-cable operation and up to 140W power delivery. In order to minimize any loss in visual quality during picture transmission, it also supports HDMI 2.1 FRL (Fixed Rate Link) and DisplayPort 1.4 in addition to high-speed wired Ethernet connectivity at 2.5 Gbps via RJ45. The UltraSharp monitor’s front-facing fast access ports are cleverly engineered to make connecting external devices simple, and it has a premium platinum silver finish for a clean aesthetic.

The new Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Thunderbolt Hub Monitor (U3425WE) will be available with WQHD resolution (3440×1440) and offers many of the same fantastic features as the U4025QW, including Thunderbolt 4 connectivity (up to 90W power delivery), IPS Black technology, and TUV Rheinland five-star eye comfort certification. If you’re looking for a display with a different size and resolution, this one is for you.

Promoting Sustainability

They are now more dedicated to using sustainable materials in the packaging and production processes. We are getting closer to achieving the ambitious 2030 Goals thanks to the packaging for the UltraSharp displays, which is made entirely of recycled or renewable materials. The U4025QW and U3425WE monitors are composed of 100% recycled aluminum and 85% post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic.

In addition, these monitors are recognized with EPEAT Gold and satisfy the most recent environmental criteria, including EnergyStar and TCO Certified Edge. As an EPEAT Climate+ champion, Dell offers the broadest range of monitors in the market that have earned the certification. This means that these devices have complied with industry standards for sustainability and emissions reduction.

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