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2TB Corsair MP600 Core Mini SSD: Big Storage Zero Impact

Never has it been so easy to pack so much storage into a small space. Compact but powerful M.2 2230 SSDs like the Corsair MP600 Core Mini are now available due to the rise of mobile PC gaming platforms. Corsair’s 1TB TLC-based MP600 Mini was impressive, but the Core Mini increases capacity to 2TB. It’s fast and efficient, making it the perfect Steam Deck or Deck OLED upgrade to fit more games. Each under Corsair.

This drive works well with your Asus ROG Ally and many other platforms by itself or with an extender. The Lenovo Legion Go owner can avoid that with Corsair’s M.2 2242 MP600 Micro. You can get 2TB of TLC with the WD Black SN770M, but the Core Mini will do for the Deck. Another QLC option that works. Simply wait for the right price to strike.

The Core Mini has 1TB, but competition is higher. Our mid- to long-term forecast includes more TLC and QLC drive competition at 2TB. Technology advances. The Deck and Ally base models have 512GB or larger internal drives, making upgrades harder to sell. If you need 2TB, this is a good option, and your old drive won’t be wasted with a little work.

Corsair MP600 Core Mini SSD Specifications

Form FactorM.2 2230M.2 2230
Interface / ProtocolPCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe 1.4PCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe 1.4
ControllerPhison E21TPhison E21T
MemoryMicron 176-Layer QLCMicron 176-Layer QLC
Sequential Read5,000 MB/s5,000 MB/s
Sequential Write3,800 MB/s3,800 MB/s
Random Read650K550K
Random WriteN/AN/A
Endurance (TBW)250TB450TB

Although the MP600 Core Mini offers nothing new, it provides a reliable alternative like the Corsair MP600 Core Mini. The Corsair MP600 Core Mini 1TB and 2TB cost $94.99 and $199.99, respectively. These prices are higher than competitors at one or both capacities. Other QLC drives include the Sabrent Rocket Q4 2230, Addlink S91, Silicon Power UD90 2230, Teamgroup MP44S, and Inland QN446. The MP600 Core Mini is cheaper than the TLC-based 2TB WD Black SN770M. With Corsair’s MP600 Mini, 1TB TLC costs the same or less. The MP600 Core Mini will likely drop in price.

The Corsair MP600 Core drive can read and write sequentially at 5,000 / 3,800 MB/s and randomly at 650K IOPS and more. Corsair guarantees 250TB and 450TB writes at 1TB and 2TB, matching QLC competition. The TLC-based SN770M writes 600TB per TB. However, the MP600 Core Mini QLC is internally rated for 1000 program/erase cycles. If you write enough to wear out the flash, the drive can enter failsafe read-only mode.

Accessories, software

Download Corsair SSD toolbox for Corsair MP600 Core which has all the usual features. This app displays system, drive, and SMART status. Change overprovisioning, optimize with TRIM, clone, and secure erase the drive.

The single-sided Corsair MP600 Core Mini Meets M.2 2230 form factor requirements for maximum device compatibility. Since the Steam Deck launched, 2TB has become more accessible. The Steam Deck now has an OLED version with 512GB or 1TB internal SSD. The other 2230 system, the Asus ROG Ally, has 512GB. This pressures manufacturers to deliver a 2TB drive to justify upgrades, hence Corsair’s new model.

PCIe 3.0 is fine for the Deck, but the ROG Ally and other similar systems support 4.0. Newer drives are more efficient, so avoid the 2230. However, there are other issues. Lenovo Legion Go and other devices need intermediate-length M.2 2242 SSDs. M.2 extenders can be used on 2230 drives, older 2242 drives like the Sabrent Rocket 2242; double-sided drives fit, or native 2242 solutions. The final case has been difficult for retail, but Corsair’s 2242 MP600 Micro is coming.

The 2TB Corsair MP600 Core Mini has no DRAM, an SSD controller, and one NAND flash package. This compacts the solution. At 2TB, random read IOPS is lower than at 1TB. Also true for Addlink S91. This does not affect drive performance but shows QLC’s diminishing returns as 1TB 2230 TLC drives like the Sabrent Rocket 2230 can get more with sixteen dies.

A single package (HDP) is addressed with only eight chips enable (CE) in both cases. The flash controller can switch dies for active operations while the other die is engaged using a chip enable signal. With its four flash channels, the Phison E21T SSD controller can manage up to sixteen CEs, but this configuration is more common with multiple packages due to the flash layout. The full sixteen could be used with 1TB or 2TB of Micron’s 176-Layer TLC for higher peak random read IOPS, but the MP600 Core Mini’s configuration is better for its application.

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