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WigiDash PC Command Panel from G.SKILL!

G.SKILL WigiDash PC Command Panel

The most popular performance overclock memory and PC component brand in the world is thrilled to present WigiDash, a flexible and adaptable widget dashboard gadget. With the 7-inch IPS touch panel display with 1024×600 resolution, users can monitor system performance, control media playback, trigger actions through customized hotkey shortcuts, display useful information, and more with the WigiDash PC Command Panel.

Up to 20 on-screen buttons or widgets can be displayed in a 5×4 grid. For streamers, content creators, gamers, and PC enthusiasts, WigiDash is poised to redefine the ease of PC control and interaction with its highly customizable interface and assortment of widget functions.

Utilize Widgets and Hotkeys to Control and Monitor

With widget and hotkey support, WigiDash is a flexible and adaptable command panel for the PC that maximizes workflow and displays system information on a touch panel display. In the Windows operating system, hotkeys can be configured to launch applications, files, links, and initiate actions. This allows users to personalize which of their most frequently used shortcuts are accessible at all times and to have them alternate based on the application that is currently in focus.

Additionally, widgets can be added to the mix to show useful information while working or gaming, such as clock, timer/stopwatch, weather, and audio visualizer, or to display system performance information through third-party software integration, like HWiNFO and AIDA64 SensorPanel.

Utilizing WigiDash PC Manager Software for Simple Customization

The highly configurable WigiDash PC Manager software makes the system simple to use while maintaining a high level of power. The WigiDash Manager lets you create an infinite number of pages that can be customized to your own needs by simply dragging and dropping widgets into the 5×4 grid on the virtual screen. It also offers advanced options that let you change the icons, colors, and fonts to suit your taste.

The “Actions” menu enables the creation of rules and triggers to automate actions on your system or in WigiDash, further streamlining workflow and improving usability. In addition, the WigiDash PC Manager allows you to manage multiple WigiDash devices on a single PC system and export and import profiles to share or backup your pages and configurations.

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