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Vivo X Fold3 Pro and X Fold3: Launch Expected in Late March

Rumors About Vivo X Fold3 and Pro Features

Vivo X Fold3 Pro and X Fold3: Launch Expected in Late March

For the impending Vivo X Fold3 and Vivo X Fold3 Pro, there have been several leaks and teases released. We now have comprehensive specifications from an official-looking poster for the foldables, which are anticipated to arrive later this month.

The X Fold3 series is going to be very light and thin. According to the poster, the X Fold3 and X Fold3 Pro will be smaller when unfolded than the Vivo X5 Max from 2015, which is now the thinnest phone in the world with a thickness of 5.1mm.

We also learn that the two forthcoming foldable phones will weigh less than a standard bar phone, however we aren’t given the precise weight of the gadgets. It is confirmed that the two Vivo X Fold3 versions will have an IPX8 rating.

The first foldable phone to employ the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset will be the X Fold3 Pro.

The Vivo X Fold 3 and Vivo X Fold3 Pro will include OIS-equipped 50MP primary, 50MP ultrawide, and 64MP periscope cameras. The foldables will utilize Vivo’s V3 imaging chip.

The 5,500 mAh battery supports 120W wired and 50W wireless charging, and OriginOS 4, based on Android 14, will run.

Later this month, Vivo plans to introduce the highly anticipated X Fold 3 series in China. The X Fold 3 and X Fold 3 Pro are rumored to be the two phones in the series, while the company hasn’t formally acknowledged this. But before to their official release, a few leaked images of the X Fold 3 Pro together with its AnTuTu score appeared online, providing important details about its anticipated release date.

  • Processor: Unverified Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
  • Displays: Large, foldable main display (exact size unknown)
  • Cover display: Using LTPO technology, it is smaller (precise size unknown), perhaps around 6.5 inches.
  • Cameras: Unverified triple-lens rear system
  • 50MP primary sensor (unverified)
  • 50 Megapixel ultrawide sensor (unverified)
  • 64MP periscope telephoto sensor (unverified)
  • 5500 mAh (unverified) battery
  • Charging: 120W (unverified) via wired charging
  • 50W of wireless charging (not confirmed)
  • Software: OriginOS 4 with Android 14 (unverified)

When will the Vivo X Fold 3 Pro launch?

The X Fold 3 Pro is reportedly scheduled for an unveiling on March 27th, according to tipster Digital Chat Station on Weibo, which supports a recent rumor. However, Vivo has not yet disclosed the official dates. However, the insider also revealed some information regarding the Pro model, including its storage and camera specifications.

  • The main camera on the X Fold 3 Pro, according to DCS, will include an OV50H OmniVision 50MP lens with an f/1.68 aperture.
  • An OV64B 64MP periscope telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom, a 70mm focal length, and telephoto macro features will be available alongside.
  • It is predicted that the Vivo V3 ISP would be used by the future Vivo X Fold 3 Pro to improve photography.
  • The foldable phone will come in black and white color variants, according to the source.
  • Furthermore, DCS said that the white version’s fiberglass construction would make it stand out.


ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 (rumored)
Main DisplayLarge, foldable (size unknown)
Cover DisplaySmaller (size unknown)
Rear CameraTriple-lens system (rumored)
Main Sensor50MP (rumored)
Ultrawide Sensor50MP (rumored)
Telephoto Sensor64MP periscope (rumored)
Battery5,500mAh (rumored)
Wired Charging120W (rumored)
Wireless Charging50W (rumored)
Operating SystemAndroid 14 with OriginOS 4 (rumored)
Starting PriceCNY 9,999 (around $1,391, rumored)
According to rumors specifications for X Fold3 and X Fold3 Pro are similar but vary in some features.


What is the price of vivo x3 fold?

The anticipated starting price of the Vivo X Fold 3 in India is ₹1,14,990.

Is vivo x fold waterproof?

Extra seals shield the gadget against damages brought on by water splashes, rain, and dust.

Will there be a standard Vivo X Fold3 alongside the Pro version?

There may be two models: the affordable X Fold3 and the higher-end X Fold3 Pro, according to leaks.

Is there anything else confirmed about the Vivo X Fold3 and Vivo X Fold3 Pro design?

At this point, not much is verified. For the most precise information, it is advisable to wait for an official statement from Vivo.
While details are few, it seems that it will include a huge folding primary display and a smaller cover display, much like the regular X Fold3.

What are the rumored differences between the X Fold3 and X Fold3 Pro?

Charging: According to leaks, the Pro model may offer quicker wired charging than the ordinary model (potentially up to 100W vs 120W).
Additional possible changes include different storage choices (Pro models have larger basic capacity) or even camera upgrades (Pro models include a unique lens or features).

Is the release date for the X Fold3 Pro the same as the standard X Fold3?

Although there has been no official confirmation, there are reports that both phones will be on sale in late March 2024.

How much more expensive is the X Fold3 Pro expected to be?

Although exact price information is not yet available, the Pro model may cost several hundred dollars more than the base X Fold3 due to the expected enhancements.

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