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Vivo launches Android 15 Beta for X100 & iQOO 12 developers

Android 15 Beta

Vivo today declared that the Android 15 Beta Programme is now available for the X100 and iQOO 12 smartphones in a few different nations and areas. Starting May 15, 2024, Vivo developers can test and change their apps for the future Android version. Android 15 adds innovations to improve user experience, privacy, security, and battery life.

Improved application efficiency and more seamless interactions

A new method of processing media files, enhanced database operations, and enhanced PDF rendering capabilities are just a few of the new features and enhancements that Android 15 Beta brings to boost application performance.

With major enhancements, the Pdf Renderer API in Android 15 Beta enables developers to include sophisticated functionalities including rendering password-protected files, annotations, form editing, search, and selection with copy. Additionally, the update supports linear PDF optimisation, which uses less resources and accelerates native PDF viewing. With these improvements, developers will be able to produce applications that provide quick and easy ways to read, modify, and search PDF files.

Additionally, Android 15 Beta brings mediaProcessing, a brand-new foreground service type created especially for tasks like transcoding media files. To make sure that the conversion keeps going even when the programme is running in the background, developers can create a media Processing foreground service. For example, an audio file downloaded by a media programme might need to be converted to a different format in order to be played. This service can provide a flawless user experience by ensuring the conversion process continues even when the app is not in use.

New SQLite APIs that offer sophisticated features to handle particular performance concerns that may arise in applications are also introduced in Android 15.

With tools for troubleshooting performance issues, these high-performance APIs will assist developers in maintaining optimal performance as app data develops.

Strong privacy protection and security

With the introduction of new APIs designed to protect data from corruption and tampering, Android 15 places a high priority on user privacy and security while also bolstering system security.

New APIs that take advantage of the Linux kernel’s fs-verity capability are brought about by the File Integrity Manager with Android 15. Developers can now use unique cryptographic signatures to secure data.

Through the prevention of malicious software or unapproved changes to files, the system improves data integrity and application functionality. Users may rest easy knowing that their apps and data are well-defended against potential threats thanks to these security measures.

Enhanced performance and longevity of batteries

With Android 15, apps may now better connect with the device’s power and thermal systems, resulting in longer battery life and better performance for apps that require a lot of processing power, such as games.

The Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), a collection of APIs that enable games and other performance-intensive apps to communicate directly with the power and thermal systems of the devices, is being improved in Android 15.

New ADPF features, such as a power-efficiency mode that puts energy conservation ahead of performance and is perfect for lengthy background work, will be available on the X100 and iQOO 12 in Android 15 Beta. In order to efficiently fulfil workload requirements, the update also permits the system to report GPU and CPU runtimes in a prompt session.

This allows the system to simultaneously modify CPU and GPU frequencies. Through optimisation, the gadget is guaranteed to give the required performance while utilising as little energy as feasible.

Additionally, Android 15 now has thermal headroom criteria to understand potential thermal throttling status depending on headroom forecast.

Under order to maintain a consistent user experience even under high-stress situations, this aids the programme in anticipating and managing thermal restrictions.

Collaborating to provide an improved customer experience

In order to guarantee a seamless upgrade to Android 15 and an uninterrupted experience for vivo customers, vivo continues to collaborate with and assist developers. The Android 15 Beta Programme will be accessible on the vivo X100 in the nations and regions of India, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan, as well as on iQOO 12 in the nations and regions of Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and India, as of May 15, 2024.

Visit the vivo Developers page to learn more about the Android 15 Beta Programme and how to sign up.

Android 15 Beta provides a glimpse of the future version. Developers and consumers can try the beta program’s exciting new features and functions for a few months before the official release. The following features are confirmed or expected for the Android 15 Beta:

Improved User Experience

Optimising Edge-to-Edge Displays

Android 15 is anticipated to make better use of bezel-less displays. Apps may be able to make full use of the screen, which would make the user experience more engaging.

More seamless NFC transactions

Tap-to-pay and other Near Field Communication (NFC) interactions are expected to become more dependable and seamless. This could entail enhanced interoperability between various NFC-enabled apps and quicker transaction processing.

Accurate Screen Exchange

It may be possible to share particular areas of your screen. This might be useful in situations where you want to share highlights from a game or show off an app’s functionality without showing off everything on your screen.

Enhanced Interconnectivity

Increased Support for Satellite Networks

Improved communication in remote locations or during emergencies could result from integration with satellite networks. This would enable users, even in the absence of conventional cellular coverage, to make calls, send texts, and access a small amount of the internet.

Camera and Personalisation

Fine-grained Camera Controls

With Android 15, photography fans may be happy to learn that there will be more precise camera controls. This could include more precise ISO, shutter speed, and other parameter tweaks, enabling professional-caliber mobile photography.

Adaptable Elements of the User Interface

A rumoured feature is increased control over the user interface. It is possible for users to customise system typefaces, colour schemes, and app icons, making their phone experience genuinely one-of-a-kind.

Improvements in Security and Privacy

Archiving Apps

It is anticipated that Android 15 will bring system-wide app archiving. This would enable users to temporarily remove rarely used apps while keeping their data, freeing up storage space. Then, restoring archived apps is a simple process when required.

Added Security Elements

Although specifics are yet unknown, Android 15 is probably going to have enhancements in areas like permission management and data encryption, which will support user security and privacy even more.

Features Dedicated to Developers

Better Tools for Profiling

New profiling tools that assist app developers in finding and fixing performance bottlenecks in their applications may prove beneficial. For the user, this may result in apps that operate more fluidly and effectively.

Reasoning for Text Between Characters

It might be possible to offer more control over text justification in apps. Developers might then produce text layouts that are easier to read and more aesthetically pleasing.

These are some expected Android 15 Beta features. Remember that the beta programme is for testing, thus certain features may be changed or removed before the official release.

Consider these other points

  • As most beta programmes are restricted to particular phone models, make sure to find out if yours is one of them.
  • Installing the beta programme may cause stability problems or glitches. Back up your files before joining.
  • Android 15 will likely be finalised in 2024.

You may influence the development process and get a first look at mobile technology by signing up for the Android 15 Beta programme.

For IT aficionados and consumers who like to keep on the cutting edge, this is an amazing opportunity.

Gowri Priya
Gowri Priya
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