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Transforming 5G Uplink: Samsung and MediaTek Partnership

Samsung Electronics and MediaTek have achieved a significant milestone in wireless mobile capabilities by successfully testing 5G Uplink (UL) 2CC Carrier Aggregation (CA) with C-Band UL MIMO. This groundbreaking achievement involved using three transmit (3Tx) antennas to improve upload speeds, which will lead to enhanced connectivity for consumers worldwide.

The demand for uplink performance is increasing due to activities such as live streaming, multiplayer gaming, and video conferences. Upload speeds play a crucial role in determining how quickly devices can send data to gaming servers or transmit high-resolution videos to the cloud. As more consumers aim to share their experiences in real-time, improved uplink experiences provide opportunities for better navigation, online gaming experiences, and seamless sharing of videos and selfies with friends and followers.

Traditionally, smartphones and customer premise equipment (CPEs) support only 2Tx antennas. However, this industry-first demonstration validated the superior mobile capability of 3Tx antenna support. This approach not only enhances upload speeds but also improves spectrum and data transmission efficiency, as well as overall network performance.

The test was conducted at Samsung’s lab in Suwon, Korea, where Samsung provided its industry-leading 5G network solutions, including C-Band Massive MIMO radios, virtualized Distributed Unit (vDU), and core. MediaTek contributed its test device featuring the M80-based CPE chipset. The initial test involved one uplink channel each at 1,900MHz and 3.7GHz, but an extra uplink flow was added using MIMO on 3.7GHz. The peak throughput rate achieved during the test was 363Mbps, which is close to the theoretical peak using 3Tx antennas.

Dongwoo Lee, the Head of Technology Solution Group, Networks Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed excitement about the industry breakthrough achieved with MediaTek and highlighted the potential for faster uplink speeds to transform user experiences. HC Hwang, the General Manager of Wireless Communication System and Partnership at MediaTek, emphasized the enhancement of network performance and efficiency, enabling faster and more reliable 5G data connectivity for service providers and consumers.

Industry analyst Will Townsend, VP & Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, acknowledged the importance of enhancing upload performance to improve consumer and enterprise connectivity and application experiences. He praised Samsung and MediaTek for achieving a significant 5G Standalone milestone that provides tangible network benefits and helps operators maximize efficiency.

Samsung has been at the forefront of delivering comprehensive 5G solutions, including chipsets, radios, and core components. The company continues to drive the advancement of 5G networks through ongoing research and development, offering market-leading product portfolios that include virtualized RAN and Core, private network solutions, and AI-powered automation tools. Samsung’s network solutions currently provide connectivity to hundreds of millions of users worldwide through mobile operators.

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