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SQBM+ Optimization from Toshiba Facilitates Success on Azure

SQBM+: An Optimization Solution Inspired by Quantum Theory

Toshiba Corporation created SQBM+, a software-based optimization tool for handling challenging combinatorial issues. It is based on the ideas of quantum computing but is easily accessible without the need for specialist gear.

SQBM+ for Azure, a version of Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation’s SQBM+ software tailored for Microsoft Corporation’s Azure Marketplace, was released today. Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation is a pioneer in the industry when it comes to implementing quantum-inspired solutions to challenging real-world challenges.

SQBM+ for Azure complements the version already offered on Amazon Web Services, demonstrating Toshiba Digital Solutions’ commitment to providing SQBM+ to clients operating in various IT environments.

Software for optimization swiftly selects the best selections from a vast array of possibilities. The Simulated Bifurcation Machine, a combinatorial optimization solution based on Toshiba Corporation’s quantum-inspired Simulated Bifurcation Algorithm, is the source of SQBM+. It finds high-precision, approximate (high-quality) solutions quickly to complicated, large-scale problems running on conventional machines.

Toshiba Group and its partners were able to confirm the viability of quasi-quantum computing and its application to high-frequency, high-speed stock trading, computational drug discovery, energy management, and materials research via the commercial introduction of SQBM+. Toshiba Digital Solutions wants to help solve challenging issues by using SQBM+ in a variety of domains.

Important characteristics of SQBM+ for Azure

Offered as an Azure Virtual Machine

  • Utilizing SQBM+ is simple and fast since an instance of the program is launched by the preconfigured Azure virtual machine. SQBM+ does not need installation.
  • All queries are processed rapidly by the user-only SQBM+ instance. Users have complete control over the resource and all of its features, including auto-scale, redundancy, and start/stop, since it is a unique copy.
  • May be integrated into the system of the client to cut down on network overhead.

SQBM+ Version 2 increases scalability, speed, and accuracy and supports 10 million variables

  1. A quadratic unconstrained binary optimization (QUBO) solution that can handle QUBO problems with up to 10 million variables is supported by SQBM+ Version 2.
  2. An enhanced method increases accuracy and expedites the search for an approximative answer.
  3. In order to increase usability and overall performance, Toshiba Digital Solutions has expanded the functionalities and solvers available in SQBM+.

->A solution for cubic and quartic problems is called a PUBO solver.

->QPLIB solver: For quadratic binary programming problems with linear constraints.

SQBM+ applications:

  • Finance: Risk management, fraud detection, portfolio optimization.
  • Drug development involves two key processes: identifying potential therapeutic options and streamlining clinical trials.
  • Logistics: scheduling, inventory control, and route planning.
  • Enhancement of AI: Neural network training, machine learning algorithm improvement.
  • Genetic engineering: enhancing gene editing procedures, creating artificial proteins.

Gaining from the use of SQBM+

  1. Problem-solving more quickly: Obtain ideal solutions more quickly than with conventional techniques.
  2. Better decision-making: Acquire a deeper understanding of intricate issues and make more knowledgeable choices.
  3. Lower expenses: Get rid of pricey gear and streamline the process of correcting problems.
  4. Enhanced effectiveness may be attained by optimizing operations and resource allocation.

All things considered, SQBM+ proves to be an effective tool for solving difficult optimization issues in a variety of domains. Its software-based methodology, together with its accuracy, speed, and scalability, make it a desirable choice for businesses looking to maximize their productivity and decision-making.

Accessible via the Azure Marketplace

Azure Marketplace is an online marketplace designed for developers and IT professionals that offers certified, optimized solutions developed on or for Azure. The best location to get certified and Azure-optimized software for your requirements is the Azure Marketplace.

SQBM+: What is it?

Quantum-inspired: The Simulated Bifurcation Machine (SBM), a device originating from quantum computing research, serves as the model for SQBM+. It uses ideas from quantum physics to approach optimization issues in a novel way, even if it is not a real quantum solution.

Optimization solver: SQBM+ is useful for a variety of applications since it is excellent at identifying the best answers in situations when there are many options.

Software-based: SQBM+ doesn’t need specific hardware since it can operate on regular computers that include GPUs or FPGAs, unlike quantum computers. It becomes more affordable and accessible as a result.

How is SQBM+ operated?

Distinctive hardware is not needed for SQBM+, unlike real quantum computers. Rather, it functions as a cloud service or on regular PCs equipped with GPUs and FPGAs. The SB Algorithm finds the best solutions by effectively navigating through large solution spaces using the simulation of quantum events.

Is SQBM+ a replacement for quantum computing?

SQBM+ is not a straight substitute, sorry. It is a supplementary tool that uses conventional hardware to accomplish its goals while using ideas derived from quantum computing. Although it has benefits in certain domains, genuine quantum computers might eventually be able to solve problems much more effectively.

SQBM+ pricing on Azure

There are two SQBM+ for Azure plans available: While company Standard is intended for company operations, Learn & Development is intended for learning, assessment, and development.

Pricing of SQBM+ for Azure
Image Credit to Toshiba

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