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SEA.AI: Keeping You Safe on the Water with Machine Vision

SEA.AI Can Guide You Through the Future With Artificial Intelligence at the Helm
Make a commitment to something. Entrepreneur Raphael Biancale was not afraid to take the jump when he established the startup SEA.AI, which is a partner of NVIDIA Metropolis. The company’s goal was to develop a system that would utilise artificial intelligence to scan the seas in order to improve maritime safety. In order to survive, he put on a life jacket and dove into the water.

This action exemplifies Biancale’s remarkable dedication and forward-thinking approach to the situation. In order to train an artificial intelligence to assist oceangoers of all kinds in scanning the oceans, the firm, which was established in 2018 and has its headquarters in Linz, Austria, as well as branches in France, Portugal, and the United States, had to construct its first-of-its-kind training data from the ground up.

And in order to accomplish this, the corporation need photographs that depicted the appearance of a person under water. It was at that moment when Biancale, who is now the head of research for the corporation, walked the plank.

Since then, the firm has made significant progress, and it now offers a comprehensive product line that is powered by NVIDIA’s artificial intelligence technology. This technology enables commercial and recreational sailors to detect objects on the seas, whether they are potential risks or people who require rescue.

Biancale’s experience on a night sail served as the motivating factor for her endeavour. Because of the absence of visibility and situational awareness, it became clear that there is an urgent requirement for new safety solutions in the maritime environment, which artificial intelligence is bringing to the automobile industry.

Naturally, artificial intelligence is making its way into all things associated with water. The autonomous sailing boats built by Saildrone will facilitate data collecting for a variety of uses, including marine security, scientific study, fishing, and ocean mapping. Several other academics are employing artificial intelligence to decipher whale sounds and even to safeguard beachgoers from potentially hazardous rip currents.

SEA.AI, on the other hand, makes the promise of making the oceans safer for everyone who travels along them in a boat. The SEA was initially introduced for use in ocean racing sailboats.Almost immediately, the technology has developed into a situational awareness system that is powered by artificial intelligence and can be installed on a wide variety of vessels, ranging from leisure sailboats and powerboats to large shipping vessels.

Accidents are one of the most important threats that any of these vessels face, and SEA.AI takes immediate action to mitigate this danger. Because with SEA.AI, ocean travellers all around the world, whether they are doing so for business or pleasure, may travel with greater assurance.

How SEA.AI Works

This is the core of the SEA. The method utilised by AI is a proprietary database that has more than 9 million marine objects that have been annotated and is always expanding.
When paired with the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies from NVIDIA and high-tech optical sensors, It is possible for the systems developed by SEA.AI to recognise and categorise items in real time, which dramatically improves maritime safety.

If a human is in the water, SEA.AI technology can detect them up to 700 metres away, which is almost half a mile. Motorboats can be detected up to 7,500 yards away and a dinghy up to 3,000 metres away.

This knowledge is the reason why marine operators can spot possible risks before they become a problem. These earlier marine safety systems, which rely on radar and satellite signals, are supplemented by this technology.

The solutions offered by SEA.AI are compatible with central marine display units manufactured by industry-leading companies such as Raymarine, B&G, Garmin, and Furuno, in addition to mobile devices that are based on the Android and iOS operating systems. This has a wide range of applications in the maritime industry, including leisure vessels, commercial ships, and ships belonging to the government departments.
Because of the NVIDIA Jetson edge AI platform, SEA.AI has been able to achieve great success.

The ability of SEA.AI products to reach exceptional processing power and efficiency is made possible by the platform for robotics and embedded computer applications. This enables SEA.AI products to establish a new standard in maritime safety by rapidly detecting, analysing, and notifying operators upon the presence of objects.

Combining Artificial Intelligence with Real-Time Object Detection

SEA.AI is able to provide maritime operators with quick identification of potential risks by utilising the artificial intelligence and machine vision technology developed by NVIDIA. This technology allows for real-time object detection and classification.By offering three different product lines, SEA.AI is making their methodology available to oceangoers of all different kinds.

The first application, known as SEA.AI Sentry, offers commercial vessels and motor yachts a comprehensive 360-degree situational awareness system that includes functions such as collision avoidance, object tracking, and perimeter surveillance.

SEA.AI Offshore is yet another option that offers bluewater sailors high-tech safety and convenience, as well as easier installation across multiple editions that can cater to a variety of detection and technological requirements.

For those who compete in ocean racing and performance boat sailing, the third option, SEA.AI Competition, provides dependable object detecting functions. Due to its extremely lightweight construction, it is able to provide optimal performance even when travelling at high speeds.

SEA.AI is currently in the process of charting a route to assist in making every travel on the waves safer. The company has a growing workforce of more than sixty people and a distribution network that will span over forty nations.

Since June 2023, Drakshi has been writing articles of Artificial Intelligence for govindhtech. She was a postgraduate in business administration. She was an enthusiast of Artificial Intelligence.


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