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Samsung galaxy book 3 pro 360 case Laptop Features

Samsung Galaxy book 3 pro 360 2 in 1

You can stay on top of your to-do list with the most recent Intel Core CPU, which is the 13th generation. It provides exceptional performance across several cores, giving it the ability to blast through applications at astonishing rates.

Samsung Galaxy book 3 pro 14 or 16 inch

When you are given an experience to watch that feels simultaneously cinematic and fluid, that you will definitely be able to lose themselves in the sharp 3 thousand dollars (2880×1800) brightness and the amazing sharpness of 120Hz. When seen displayed on a 35.56cm (14″) or 40.64cm (16″) screen, each component is brought to life.

Portable and easy to operate from any location

This powerful laptop is meant to travel wherever you go, with a small aluminum shell that weighs just under 1.6 kilograms and a slimmer design that allows it to fit into your briefcase more easily. You may choose between Graphite and Beige.

Even more touch pad and More potential outcomes

You may get the connectors and flexibility you’ve been looking for, including an extended touch pad and a broad choice of built-in ports. These involve HDMI, USB-A, a memory slot, and even eight Thunderbolt 4 Ethernet ports, which let you perform extremely fast data transfer about up to 40 gigabits per second. Some of you are not required to use a modem.

A device with a touch the pad determining 35.56 kilometers (14 inches) in size has been contrasted to the Samsung scheduling The contractor measuring 33.78 centimeters (13.3 inches), the Galaxy Book2 Pro measuring 40.64 centimeters (16 inches), and the Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 measuring 39.62 centimeters (15.6 inches).

Take a break, that sounds fantastic Catch everything with the depth and clarity of the quad-speaker system on the Galaxy Book3 Pro. This includes everything from the launch of a project to the kickoff of a match. Every win is heard more clearly than it ever has before because to the four immersive speakers that have been calibrated with AKG and Dolby Atmos.

Studio Mode Smart features, such as increased artificial intelligence noise cancellation, auto framing, and backdrop effects, combine with the wide-angle camera and studio-quality microphones to guarantee that you seem and sound professional on every video chat. For example, Studio Mode Smart features include enhanced AI Noise Cancelling.

Utilize Secured-Core PC to ensure the safety of your data. The hardware is protected from assaults by many levels of sophisticated security, which also protect the operating system and the firmware. You can operate securely from any location if you secure your identification and biometric information.

When it comes to enabling the maximum possible degree of security against assaults, secured-core personal computers need the user to perform specified configurations.

You will need specific hardware in order to utilize Windows Hello. This gear may include a fingerprint reader, an illuminated infrared sensor, or other biometric sensors and devices that are capable of using them.

Samsung galaxy book 3 pro in 5G network

By using the lightning-fast rates of Wi-Fi 6E, you can effortlessly go from exchanging project updates to hopping on an online call. Alternatively, you may instantly connect to your phone’s connection with Instant Hotspot in order to utilize its data network instead.

The availability of Wi-Fi 6E may vary depending on the operating system version, the nation, the location, the network circumstances, and other variables.

It is necessary to have a Wi-Fi 6E wireless network router, which may be purchased separately.

Activating Instant Hotspot on the Galaxy Book3 Pro is accomplished via the use of the Phone Link application.

Details of the Specifications for the Operating System

  • Home version of Windows 11.
  • Processor and/or Microchip
  • Processor is an Intel Core i7-1360P with 2.2 GHz to 5.0 GHz and 18 MB of L3 cache.
  • Iris Xe Graphics Graphics and Intel Graphics
  • WQXGA+ AMOLED Display has a resolution of 2880 x 1800 pixels, measuring 40.62 centimeters (16 inches).
  • There is 16 gigabytes of LPDDR5 memory on the motherboard.
  • One terabyte of NVMe solid-state storage
  • A total of two solid-state drive slots are available.
  • The absence of color, graphite, and multimedia
  • The AKG Quad Speakers include a tweeter that is 2 W x 2 and a woofer that is 5 W x 4

Smart Amp Dolby Atmos Internal Dual Array Digital Mic 1080p Full High Definition Camera Network Bluetooth v5.1 Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+), 802.11 ax 2×2 Ports 1080p Full High Definition Camera

There are two Thunderbolt 4 ports,

1.One USB 3.2 port, and

2.One MicroSD Multi-media Card Reader.

Combination Headphone out/Mic-in Cable

Input Professional keyboard with a numeric key (keyboard with backlighting)

A Fingerprint Reader,

A Clickpad Security TPM, and others

Power average of 76 watt hours

USB Type-C Adapter with 65 Watts of Power

It weighs 1.56 kilograms and has dimensions of 355.4 millimeters in width, 250.4 millimeters in depth, and 12.5 millimeters in height.

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Cheekuru Bhargav
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