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ROG Strix LC III Series and Ryujin III WB Launched at CES

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) unveiled the ROG Ryujin III WB and the ROG Strix LC III series, two CPU liquid-cooling options catered to a variety of customer demands. The ROG Strix LC III AIO cooler series comes in a range of models that are appropriate for various situations, great cooling performance, and ease of installation. For those seeking maximum customization and exceptional cooling capabilities, the ROG Ryujin III WB offers a unique gaming PC experience.

The ROG Ryujin III WB is now available

Even if all-in-one coolers make liquid cooling easily accessible to casual gamers, manufacturers are aware that certain aficionados will always choose a bespoke loop. Because of this, they provide the ROG Maximus Formula line of motherboards, which are designed to be seamlessly incorporated into upscale liquid-cooled systems. They are thrilled to present another part designed for display rigs today: the adored ROG Ryujin III can now be purchased as a stand-alone water block that comes with an LCD panel that can be adjusted for a very personalized appearance.

Image Credit to ASUS

The Ryujin series, which has a 3.5-inch full-color LCD screen on the water block that can display system statistics, personalized animations, and more, is well-known to fans of AIO coolers. All of the same characteristics as the ROG Ryujin II water block are included, including Asetek’s cutting-edge cold plate technology.

However, this version does not include an integrated pump, allowing you to incorporate it into a completely customized water cooling system. There are two 90° hard-tube fittings (with G1/4″ threads) provided. You may connect these to the inlet and outlet located at the bottom. Regardless of your chosen color scheme, the ROG Ryujin III water block, which comes in black and white, is the ideal addition to a totally bespoke setup.

The ROG Strix LC III series is now available

You’re losing out if you’re still utilizing the stock cooler that comes with your CPU. Better cooling is not just more effective than conventional air cooling, which means your computer will run quieter and look much nicer, but it may also provide you greater temperature headroom for overclocking and high performance gaming. With its excellent performance and customizable appearance, the newest ROG Strix LC III series all-in-one CPU coolers make liquid cooling simple and match well with custom-built PCs.

The RGB and an enhanced pump AIO cooler design are introduced in the ROG Strix LC III Aura Sync series

The third generation of ROG Strix liquid coolers, like the previous AIOs, come with everything you need in one unit, saving you the trouble of constructing a whole water cooling loop from the ground up. The water block, which holds a brand-new Asetek multiple fin array copper coldplate that targets the CPU die’s hottest spot, is where it all begins. The heated liquid then enters Asetek’s New Gen7 v2 pump, which is built within the water block, and pumps the fluid into a series of very durable reinforced sleeved tubes that feed into a 240mm or 360mm radiator.

In order to keep your CPU cool during intense combat, two or three 120mm fans, mounted to the radiator, are placed there to continuously draw hot air out of the system. An integrated sensor keeps an eye on the temperature of the liquid, automatically increasing the pump’s speed when needed and decreasing it for more silent and effective operation when the CPU is not being used much.

Image Credit to ASUS

Because an AIO cooler should be as beautiful to look at as it is functional, they made sure it was worthy of being the focal point of your setup. The water block has the ARGB logo on it, which works with their own Aura Sync environment. You may synchronize them with other ROG components in your PC, or you can design your own unique lighting scheme. With the Armoury Crate program, temperature data can also be obtained from the RGB lights.

No matter how the cooler is mounted, the water block’s 360-degree rotation ensures that the logo always faces up. The most recent ARGB fans which feature a ring-shaped blade design to deliver maximum airflow with improved acoustics and are compatible with Aura Sync are also offered with the 240mm and 360mm variants. For more affordable or simple configurations, they will also sell a non-ARGB version of the ROG Strix LC III 360, which retains the RGB branding on the water block but has black fans.

Additionally offered in white, the ROG Strix LC III 240 ARGB and ROG Strix LC III 360 ARGB may be precisely coordinated with the other snow-colored parts of your vehicle.

System monitoring that is adjustable is centrally located in the ROG Strix LC III LCD series

They are pleased to present the ROG Strix LC III LCD series, a new addition to the Strix LC family that places a 2.1″ IPS LCD screen directly on the CPU water block, if you would want to monitor system statistics more closely or display anything different than a static logo on your block. The system clock, CPU temps, or a custom graphic of your choice may all be shown on this screen.

The ROG Strix LC III 360 ARGB LCD, like the Aura Sync model, makes use of Asetek’s New Gen7 v2 pump, which has an enhanced copper coldplate, strengthened sleeved tubing, and premium ROG ARGB fans that are tuned for maximum airflow and silent operation. It may be found in variations that are either black or white to fit your preferred color scheme.

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